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June 17, 1997

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News About News

News about News: The Mary Page

The Mary Page has been listed in Catholics on the Web, a listing of 500 sites that have a special relevance for those interested in the Church. The Mary Page has been "hit" more than 73,000 times in its 18-month existence.

One-third of the national page of The New York Times of January 31 was devoted to a story about the Marian Library, written by the Gustav Niebuhr, the paper's religion editor. The story was picked up by papers in Los Angeles (CA), San Jose (CA), Cincinnati (OH), Barre (VT), Astoria (OR), Pittsburgh (PA), Rutland (VT), Tampa (FL) and Calcutta, India (thanks to Delmar Jorn, SM, for the clipping). In addition, reporters from Austrian National Radio the Tampa WFLA-TV came for stories. The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute becomes an extensive source of interest.

News about News: The Vatican

The Holy See inaugurated a Vatican presence on the World Wide Web on Easter Sunday, 1997. The Vatican site-- all new Church documents in six languages. The Vatican site is maintained through three powerful servers, who, as Dr. Navarro-Valls explained, are named "Raphael," which guards the content of the site, "Michael," which protects and acts as backup, and "Gabriel the messenger" which is the e-mail correspondence site.

Marian Anniversaries

Source: Marian Library Newsletter, Spring 1997.

Marian Update

Source: Marian Library Newsletter, Spring 1997.

Quotes for Reflection
"Two thousand years ago the Son of God was made man by the power of the Holy Spirit and was born of the Immaculate Virgin Mary. The Marian Year was as it were an anticipation of the Jubilee, and contained much of what will find fuller expression in the Year 2000" (John Paul II, The Coming Third Millennium, 26).
"The Year 2000 will be intensely Eucharistic: in the Sacrament of the Eucharist the Savior, who flesh in Mary's womb twenty centuries ago, continues to offer himself to humanity as the source of divine life" (John Paul II, The Coming Third Millennium, 55).
"Mary gave full expression to the longing of the poor of Yahweh and is a radiant model for those who entrust themselves with all their hearts to the promises of God" (John Paul II, The Coming Third Millennium, 48).
[Marian Devotional] "The devotional practice which, above all others, can easily be regenerated by being reconsidered in the light of the liturgy, is certainly the Rosary. Its simplicity, its pure and evangelical atmosphere of contemplation, when its "mysteries" are mediated on as being parts of a single whole: the passage of Christ and of ourselves with Him through death to life, make the Rosary an easy way of extending liturgical contemplation throughout the whole daily life, an easy way of bringing the whole of our life continually back to its heavenly source." Louis Bouyer, Liturgical Piety (University of Notre Dame, 1955) p. 251.
"For me the greatest introduction to having a deep and fulfilling prayerful life was the day I began the practice of saying my daily Rosary. It was through the Rosary that I learned to meditate even before I knew the meaning of the word. It was through the Rosary that I developed that habit of praying for more than fifteen minutes a day. It was through the Rosary that I truly came to love and appreciate prayer." Rev. Gerald Wright, O.M.V. "First Steps to Spiritual Progress," Soul, National Catholic Magazine, Jan-Feb 1997.

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