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May 6, 1997

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The Ascension of Our Lord
Information Service in Honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IDU)
German Resources: Institutum Marianum Regensburg e.V.

The Ascension of Our Lord

The Roman Catholic Church celebrates the Holy Day of Obligation, the Ascension, on May 8 this year. It has long been a custom in iconography depicting the Ascension to show Mary in the midst of the Apostles at the moment when Jesus Christ ascended into heaven. Today, Mary Page shares with you two images in our Marian Library prints:

Ascension]The Ascension
[The Ascension]The Ascension
Fra Angelico

Information Service in Honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IDU)

Do you read German and want a quick overview of Marian events and sermon excerpts in Europe? We recommend to you the work of the Salterrae Schriftenapostolat. The apostolate produces three periodicals in simple format that is packed with information that is interesting and useful:

  • The weekly Information Service
    Informationsdienst zu Ehren der Unbefleckten Gottesmutter Maria "idu"
  • the monthly Information Pamphlet
    "Der Ruf"
  • The monthly pamphlet for children
You can order them at:

Salterrae Schriftenapostolat
A-2041 Maria Roggendorf/Wullersdorf
fax: Austria's code plus: (0)2953-2518-13

German Resources: Institutum Marianum Regensburg e.V.

If you read German and are looking for scholarly materials in Marian Theology, we recommend the work of the Marian Institute in Regensburg, Institutum Marianum. The institute has produced the excellent five volume Marienlexikon and other significant Marian studies.

For more information, write:

Institutum Marianum Regensburg e.V.
Schwarze-Bären-Strasse 2
D-8400 RegensburgGermany
fax: Germany's code plus (0)941-57565
[Our Lady of the

Our Lady of the Mantle
Dominican Church
after 1500

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