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April 22, 1997

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9-Year Novena: Praised Be Jesus Christ!
Marie - A Beautiful Folder in French
50th Jubilee, Canonization of Louis de Monfort
Mary's Way of the Cross - News Release
The Holy Rosary: Gazing on the Mystery of Our Salvation

9-Year Novena: Praised Be Jesus Christ!

The Diocesan Marian Shrine Committee of the Shrine of Mary, Mother of the Church and Model of All Christians has published a 9-year novena, entitled:

Praised Be Jesus Christ!

The novena, a word meaning something "nine," consists of three elements:

The novena contains suggested readings for the next nine years and a checklist to make it practical. The novena is also written in large, easy to read script and offers a daily prayer suited to the next nine years. The first three years correspond to the preparation for the Year 2000, as proclaimed in the encyclical Third Millennium. The Year 2000 has been proclaimed a Holy Year. The remainder of the novena dedicates each year to Mary under a particular theme.

If you are interesting in obtaining this novena, please contact:

The Diocesan Marian Shrine Committee
434 Church Street
Bowling Green, KY 42101
(502) 842-2525

Marie - A Beautiful Folder in French

[Marie bookcover] Even if you cannot read French, this little pull-out folder is a treasure! Every child, and adults, too!, would like to flip its pages again and again. The text is by Sylvie Garoche. The sculptor is Yves Le Pape of Tours. Ask your bookstore for MARIE from Éditions MÉDIASPAUL, 8 rue Madame, 75006 Paris.

50th Jubilee: Canonization of Louis de Monfort

[Louis de Montfort]
St. Louis Maria Grignion de Montfort

God first, my Ransomer,
Then Mary ardently
I love. To win for her
One heart I'd gladly die.

Taken from God Alone: The Collected Writing of St. Louis Marie de Monfort

In June 1997, it will have been 50 years since St. Louis Grignion de Monfort was canonized. Louis Maria Grignion of Montfort was the founder of three religious communities in the Catholic Church, the Montfort Missionaries, Montfort Sisters and Montfort Brothers. Montfort is honored as one of the great teachers of Marian devotion in the history of the Church. For the past 150 years especially, Montfort's teachings about Marian devotion have contributed significantly to Marian devotion.

Montfort did not stress external practices. For him, it was the inner attitude of prayer and devotion that counted. He insisted on four interior practices:

  • openness to the Holy Spirit through Mary,
  • familiarity of mind with the model of life,
  • consciousness of the maternal love in Mary, and
  • total commitment to service for Mary, and through her to service for Christ.

One of the most famous personalities of our time to form his spiritual life according to the teachings of St. Louis Maria Grignion de Monfort is Pope John Paul II.

Mary's Way of the Cross - News Release

We received a newspaper clipping recently that features an annual tradition of the area: Mary's Way of the Cross. "Mary's Way of the Cross," is a pamphlet written in 1984 by Rev. Richard Furey of Baltimore. Rev. Furey meditates on what it must have been like for Mary to experience her Son's Way of the Cross.

Sister Grace Angelica, chairman of social concerns at Our Lady of Peace Church in New Providence, Betty Neals, and Sandra Brown cooperated to present "Mary's Way of the Cross" on Good Friday this year. The readings of the Stations were interspersed with spirituals such as "Calvary," "The Old Rugged Cross" and "Were Your There?"

Quoting the article:

"Mary's Way of the Cross" follows the mother of Jesus as she walks the road to Calvary, where Jeus was crucified, explained Neals. "Mary's perspective is the human perspective, and it makes it that much more meaningful."

Neals recalled her first reading of the pamphlet. "What impressed me most was Mary's sense of surrender," she said, quoting a passage: "I knew it had to be, so I walked on silently. You understand Mary's thought, knowing that with the Resurrection of the Lord (on Easter Sunday), she wouldn't have to be silent any longer."

From The Star-Ledger, Thursday, March 27, 1997. In an article written by Bill Nutt.

The Holy Rosary: Gazing on the Mystery of Our Salvation

The Dominican Nuns of the Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary have put together a flier for the mysteries of the Rosary based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Mary Page recommends this publication. To order a copy, please write:

Dominican Nuns
Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary
335 Doat Street
Buffalo, NY 14211-2199

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