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February 18, 1997

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Research on Medjugorje Healings

Research on Medjugorje Healings

Mary Page recently received a request from authors John and Debra Dinolfo who are researching material for a book about selected medical healings reported by Americans after prayer to Our Lady Queen of Peace in Medjugorje.

The authors write:

It is hoped the book will help spread the message of God's love as manifested by the Blessed Mother. We are writing to ask for any leads you may be able to provide about reported healings that have held up over time and can be documented according to medical standards established at Lourdes (i.e., with medical records that demonstrate a healing cannot be attributed to medical, surgical, or pharmacologic treatment alone).

Our proposed book will emphasize that the authority to determine that a healing is miraculous resides solely with the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. The book will also note that most healings reportedly associated with Medjugorje appear to be primarily spiritual, and a good number of those are reportedly accompanied by a partial or whole recovery from physical or psychological illness. Within this context, a number of undocumented healings may be discussed. The main focus of the work, however, is expected to be on healings that can be verified as much as possible according to Lourdes guidelines and within the context of Pope John II's comments on transempirical phenomenon (as discussed in Crossing the Threshold of Hope.)

In addition to benefiting immensely from our visits to Medjugorge, our preparation to write a book on Medjugorje-related healings includes freelance medical writing and editing for instructional TV and for various periodicals including Yale Medicine, Catholic Digest, and the Yale School of Medicine and others.

If you have information please write or telephone:

John and Debra Dinolfo
P.O. Box 321111
Fairfield, CT 06432
Phone: 203-259-7890
Fax: 203-259-9616

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