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January 1996

Surfing with Mary

If you surf like we do, you are going to find other sites that do honor to the Virgin Mary, Mother of God. Here are a few we discovered:

Christmas Long Gone?

Not at The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute. A number of nativity sets still fill our exhibit gallery and reference room. If you scanned your local papers this past holiday season you may have read interviews of our director, Rev. Johann G. Roten, S.M., explaining the history of the creche. Associated Press, New York Times, many local and state dailies, and a nationally known periodical have published Fr Roten's story thus far.

New Book: Mystical Rose

CRUX of the News (December 18, 1995) mentions a new publication showing Mary as a paradigm of the religious life by the "late French spiritual director, preacher, professor, Fr. Thomas Philippe, OP. There are 15 chapters in 4 parts: "Foundations (of Mary's Spirituality), The Annunciation (New Revelation of God), Mary's Place in Mystery of Christ, Mary and the Church. Brief appendices, extensive footnotes by editor. Emphasis on contemplative, mystical realities. 176 pgs, softcover. Cost: $7.95 plus s/h. From bookstores or: Our Sunday Visitor; 200 Noll Plaza; Huntington IN 46750. 800/348-2440.

Devotion to Mary has Many Expressions
Harley Davidson Pilgrimage to Our Lady of the Afflicted in Kevelaer, Germany

We received the following report of a pilgrimage which took place in summer of 1995 and have extracted sections of it to share it with you:

Saturday evening, July 15, 1995. Dusk slowly settles in the largest Marian pilgrimage center in northwest Germany. The square in front of the pilgrimage chapel is filled with thousands of spectators who wait expectantly in the stillness of the hour. At last, the basilica bells begin to peel. In the distance the roar of motors and honking of horns fills the evening air. One hour long, the bikers enter the pilgrim square in a unique "procession of lights:" Harley Davidsons, BMWs and Hondas. Some 3000 bikes in all sizes and makes drown the peeling church bells.

At the head of this earsplitting procession are two drives: one carries a cross aloft; the other a large candle. Bike stickers highlight the motto (in English!) "Pray'n ride." Young and old, women and men alike have driven from every part of Germany to participate in this pilgrimage to Our Lady, Consolation of the Afflicted, to do reverence and to pray before the small 17th century image of Our Lady.

A candle is blessed in front of the pilgrim image. It shall be lit daily during devotions as a reminder to pray for all the intentions of the bikers and for those who have lost their lives because of "the great freedom on two wheels." The celebration comes to a close with a long drawn out blare of horns. The motors start, the drives steer their bikes to the outskirts of the town of Kevelaer, where a large tent city has been erected. There, a wide variety of programs begin: workshops, organized play for children, live musical entertainment, a prayer service, and more.

Two years ago, a survey of the bikers asked what made Kevelaer different than other biker gatherings. 65% admitted that they came to thank for accident free driving, ca. 50% came to pray for friends and relatives who were accident victims, and 37% declared that they had come to the Marian pilgrimage place for religious reasons. May Our Lady, Consoler of the Afflicted, continue to pray for the bikers. (Source: IDU Nr. 31/2.8.1995)

MARY-PAGE Readers, one of our future features will tell you about the miraculous image at Kevelaer. We hope you will continue to log in.

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