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Marian Library News

We have received a number of emails from readers commending our institute and its website, The Mary Page.  Thank you all for your encouragement and support.  The following is a typical example.

Thank you and bless you!


In order to improve performance, the University of Dayton will upgrade the server on which our website resides on Wednesday, September 19, 2012.  As a result, The Mary Page will not be available from 8-10 am.  Please report any problems noticed after that time by calling Michael Duricy at 937-229-1474.

It is with great sadness that we inform you that John Bach passed away on September 10, 2012.  He was a long-time supporter of the Marian Library.  A commercial artist, for many years he produced the wonderful posters announcing each of the Marian Library art exhibits.  The Dayton Daily News posted his obituary online.


IMRI and the MSA were well represented at the twenty-third Mariological Marian Congress held in Rome September 4-9, 2012!

On the international level, Dr. Deyanira Flores was a moderator for September 6, and Father Johann Roten was the final presentator on September 9 with his presentation: "The Multicultural Challenges," as you can see in the program:  Sister Celia Chua was not named in the program but was one of the Round Table participants on September 8.

On the national levels: Sister Celia presented "Responses to the Emerging Challenges of Multicuturality in Mariology after Vatican II" in the English-speaking Asian section on September 6, while moderating on September 7; Sister Isabell Naumann (IMRI alumna, former faculty) moderated on September 5 and presented "Vatican II, Mary and the lay faithful."

At the Latin American Mariological Soceity, Dr. Deyanira Flores moderated on September 5, while Father Antonio Larocca, smc (IMRI alumnus), presented "Hacia una mariología eclesiológica de comunión, participación y consumación."  On September 6, Father Javier Alson, smc (IMRI alumnus), presented "María, Palabra y Comunidad, ambas en perspectiva latinoamericana,".  On September 7, he moderated the session when Dr. Deyanira Flores presented "La Maternidad Espiritual de María en perspectiva Trinitaria y eclesial."

At the Brazilian group, Father Alexandre Awi Mello, ISch, (IMRI student) moderated on September 5, and then on September 7, he presented "Religiosidade popular e santuários marianos a partir do Concílio Vaticano II."

For the Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Dr. Virginia Kimball (IMRI alumna) presented on September 6:  "Understanding the biblical Mary as the woman who totally 'trusted' God:  the key to Marian ecumenical dialogue."  On September 7, Sister Mary Catherine Nolan, O.P. (IMRI alumna and former faculty), gave a paper on "Mary and Islam."

At the Mariological Society of America workshops,on September 5, Father James Phalan, president of the MSA, presented:  "Mariology since Vatican: What does Lumen Gentium Chapter VIII say? What does it tell us to do?" and Father Luigi Gambero, SM, presented "The Answer of the Church to the Word of God Was Anticipated by the Answer of Mary," while Dr. Gloria Falcão Dodd moderated.  On September 6, Dr. Dodd, presented " The Mariologies of Some American Feminists--in the spirit of John Paul II's "new feminism" and Mr. Richard Lenar (IMRI student and graduate assistant), gave his presentation on "Mary and American Evangelical Christians since Vatican II."

Sister Danielle Peters (IMRI alumna and former faculty), Father R. K. Samy (IMRI student), Mrs. Brenda Lenar (wife of Richard) and Mr. Ennis Dodd (husband of Gloria) also attended the Congress.

Father Jim Phalan gave an interview for the Catholic News Service: and Zenit:  Dr. Gloria Dodd also gave an interview with Zenit that you can read online:

At the papal audience, the presidents of the national Mariological Societies got to meet with the pope!  Father Jim Phalan, president of the Mariological Society of America, Dr. Deyanira Flores, president of the Latin American Society, and Father Alexandre Awi Mello, ISch, president of the Brazilian Mariological Society, got to greet the pope personally and receive a Rosary.  Dr. Gloria Dodd also appeared in this video in the front row from seconds 11-16.

Thus, IMRI had a total of five faculty, five students, four alumni, and two spouses present--a total of sixten people attending the Congress as a result of the institute.

In additional to the members named above, the MSA was represented by Father Emery de Gaal. MSA also gained a new member, Ms. Laurie Olson, who presented "Beata quae credidit: The Development and Theological Interpretation of Mary as Typus Ecclesiae in Lumen Gentium" on September 6 for the MSA section. Other members may also have been present.  IMRI and MSA truly made a positive contribution to this international Congress.  God bless you!

Yours in Christ,
Dr. Gloria Dodd

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Mary in Books, Films, and Music

Silver Anniversary of Encyclical on Mary

To celebrate twenty-five years since John Paul II issued Redemptoris Mater, Pauline Books and Media is publishing an anniversary edition of Mother of the Redeemer with commentary by M. Jean Frisk, Assistant for Art and Special Projects at ML/IMRI.

Their twenty-fifth anniversary edition provides the complete text of the encyclical, accompanied by a commentary from M. Jean Frisk that makes the language of the papal document more accessible.  In three sections, readers are given a comprehensive overview of Mary's place in the mystery of Christ, the Church, and humanity through her "exceptional pilgrimage of faith."

Jean Frisk's commentary helps readers understand the encyclical not only with their minds but with their hearts.  With her warm and inviting style, she engages readers through reflection questions, ideas to ponder, and invitations to prayer and action.  Reading the encyclical becomes a way to encounter Mary and allow her to lead us to a closer relationship with her Son.

A member of the Secular Institute of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary, M. Jean Frisk holds a licentiate in sacred theology from the Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute.  Her research explores how we teach about Mary, the Mother of Jesus, in catechetical texts and media resources.  She has authored award-winning texts on various aspects of Marian spirituality, is a textbook consultant, and teaches Marian catechesis at the International Marian Research Institute where she also oversees the maintenance of Marian art and a vast collection of nativities.

This text [ISBN 0-8198-4902-2, 128 pages] will be available in paperback for $8.95.  To order, click here or call 1-800-876-4463.

Suggested A/V material

Dr. Gloria Falcão Dodd, emailed us the following text which informed us of several video clips showing the recent Marian Congress in Rome.

Listen to wonderful music and see Fathers Johann Roten, Luigi Gambero, Antonio Larocca, Javier Alson, and Alexandre Mello process in at one of the Masses at the Basilica of St. Anthony:

If you want to see Santa Maria Aracoeli and hear some of the beautiful concert that was the cultural part of the Congress, you can watch this seven-minute video:

My husband, Ennis, and I appear in the audience because we were in the second row on the right side (1:25-29 on the far side of the camera, and then on the near side of the camera 2:44-2:48, 3:43-3:45, 3:58-4:25).

Also, here is a Portuguese tv news clip that includes a quick image of Dr. Deyanira Flores and an interview with Father Alexandre Mello:

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Radio Maria from The Marian Library

Prayer of Blessed John Paul II for Radio Maria

Mary, guide us in our major decisions and give us strength in times of trial so that we may, with humble courage, follow the hidden ways of Heaven, keeping faith with God and mankind so that we can bring the joyful message of Christ, the Savior, to the hearts and minds of all.

Mary, guiding star of evangelization, be with us.  Be with Radio Maria as guide and be its protector.

Radio Maria needs YOU!!  Radio Maria is having its Fall Mariathon (on-air pledge drive) Tuesday, September 18 through Saturday, September 22.  You can help by calling in your pledge of support, comments, and prayer requests to 1-888-408-0201 or online at  Please consider either a one-time gift or joining ARMS21 (Association of Radio Maria Supporters donating $21/month).  If you're interested in contributing a Matching Gift or Grant, please contact our regional office at 937-425-8773.  Radio Maria features live broadcasts of several Masses, programs and events from Ohio--tune in for Holy Mass from Ohio parishes the third and fifth Sunday morning of each month.  Thank you in advance for your generous financial support and prayers for your local Catholic Radio Maria stations: 88.7 FM, Anna/West Central Ohio and 1600 AM, Springfield/Dayton.  You may also listen live by using our free mobile apps for Android, Blackberry and iPhone users or at where you'll also find podcasts of previous programs.  Radio Maria...a Christian voice in your home!
The title and theme for this Mariathon, is that of the Fifth World Conference of Radio Maria to be held this October in Italy: Walk of Faith, Mission of Love.

On Thursday, June 7, the Board of Directors for the English-speaking Radio Maria in the U.S. met in New York City.  They would like to share some significant changes and new appointments that were made at that time.  For further details click here.

Francesca Franchina, MS Ed., a long-time member of the Marianist Family, will be doing a series of Marian broadcasts through the local stations for Radio Maria WHJM (FM 88.7) in Anna, Ohio and WULM (AM 1600) in Springfield, Ohio.  Called "Francesca and Friends: Why Mary?," the program airs every Wednesday from 12:00 - 1:00 PM EST focusing on what is going on in the world about Mary, how to speak with others about Mary, and Mary in Scripture.  CALL IN TOLL-FREE.  PARTICIPATE IN THE PROGRAM (during the live show) 1-866-333-6279.

On Wednesday, September 19, 2012, Francesca Franchina continues her discussion with physical therapist, Pam Bettner of Cincinnati, OH, Founder of All People First, a ministry to the elderly and infirm, from which derived Mary's Moms and Joe's Dads.  Pam is the mom of three daughters and has spoken throughout the USA in OH, AZ, IN, KY, VA, and TX, as well as in Ghana, Africa.  She will be ministering in Belize, and South America in the coming Year of Faith.  Pam shares about how she found Jesus and Mary, St. Louis de Montfort and the Total Consecration, how she got smitten with Our Lady of Fatima, and how she has been led to present talks, missions, and retreats in the far corners of familiar territory as well as how she was called to be a missionary in foreign lands.

Francesca and Friends with Francesca Franchina, National OSIA Trustee, is now being broadcast throughout the New York City metropolitan area at 11 pm on Friday nights on WSNR 620 AM, as well as on other local  Radio Maria USA frequencies,  and streaming on  This is the replay of the program originating on the preceding Wednesday at noon EST.  Give a listen every Friday at 11 PM; Mondays at 8:30 PM and LIVE on Wednesdays at noon EST.

The broadcast may also be heard on-line at  The website also provides access to some previous broadcasts.  We'll keep you informed about future programs.  An encore of each show is broadcast Monday night from 8:30-9:30 pm EST one week after the original.

Francesca is no longer doing her Tuesday program, Through the Tummy to the Heart on Radio Maria, but all programs and recipes are still posted in the Archives on the Radio Maria website at  She will inaugurate commentary and blog on in the near future.

Living with Mary Today! Live: Thursdays and Fridays 2:30-3:00 PM EST: From the Pontifical International Marian Research Institute (IMRI) at the University of Dayton Marian Library, internationally-known Mariologists Fathers Bertrand Buby, François Rossier, Johann Roten, and Thomas Thompson of the Society of Mary (Marianists), and other IMRI faculty; Michael Duricy, Jean Frisk, and others will discuss Marian themes such as The Blessed Mother and Ecumenism; Mary and The Family; Mary and Suffering, Marian Teachings and Writings of Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI; Mary and Scripture from the Founder of the Marianists, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade; Mary and Vatican II, Marian Apparitions, and others.  The Marian Library at the University of Dayton houses the largest collection of Marian books and artifacts in the world, and IMRI is one of the two sites of post-graduate studies in Mariology for the STL and STD.  Find out more by visiting  The University of Dayton; The Marian Library, and IMRI are collaborators with the International Satellite Radio Maria Network and Radio Maria Ohio.  Click here for the schedule of future programs planned to date.  Click here for the new audio archive!

This week's programs:

Dr. Gloria Falcão Dodd, Thursday, September 20, 2:30 PM on Introduction to Mariology I

Dr. Gloria Falcão Dodd, Friday, September 21, 2:30 PM on Introduction to Mariology II

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From the Marian Treasure Chest

Bishop John Carroll Consecrated the United States of America to Mary by Brother John M. Samaha, S.M.

John Carroll (1735-1815), born in Maryland, was the first bishop of the USA with the establishment of the first diocese in Baltimore.  Bishop John Carroll was quick to consecrate our new country to Mary.  In the following prayer he asked God to safeguard the young nation because of the gracious protection of Our Lady.

Most Holy Trinity, our Father in heaven, who chose Mary as the fairest of your daughters; Holy Spirit, who chose Mary as your Spouse; God the Son, who chose Mary as your Mother, we adore your majesty and acknowledge your supreme, eternal dominion and authority.

Most Holy Trinity, we place the United States of America into the hands of Mary Immaculate in order that she may present the country to you.  Through her we wish to thank you for the great resources of this land and for the freedom which has been its heritage.

Through the intercession of Mary, have mercy on the Catholic Church in America.  Grant us peace.  Have mercy on our President and on all the officers of our government.

Grant us a fruitful economy, born of justice and labor.  Protect the family life of the nation.  Guard the precious gift of many religious vocations.  Through the intercession of Mary our Mother, have mercy on the sick, the tempted, sinners, and on all who are in need.

Grant us a fruitful economy, born of justice and labor.  Protect the family life of the nation.  Guard the precious gift of many religious vocations.  Through the intercession of Mary our Mother, have mercy on the sick, the tempted, sinners, and on all who are in need.

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Current Exhibit

Moved by the Spirit: Artist Interpretations on the Life of Jesus

The University of Dayton's Marian Library Gallery will feature a group exhibit, curated by Louise Tessier, featuring works from twelve artists working in clay, wood, textiles, paper, glass, painting, jewelry and iconography. Each artist has interpreted an event in the life of Jesus within his or her own artistic style and through his or her own faith experience. The exhibit will run from Tuesday, September 4, through Friday, September 28, in the gallery on the seventh floor of Roesch Library.  Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday or through special arrangement by calling 937-229-4214.  Click to see more information or here for a virtual exhibit.

We have a permanent crèche exhibit and a dedicated online giving page specifically for those who wish to support The Marian Library crèche collections.  There is also a general page to give to all areas of ML/IMRI and Roesch Library.

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Web Collaborators

Two important Catholic websites have added The Mary Page to their list of Media Partners. highlights items from The Mary Page in their section on Catholic News. includes a Mariology section on their navbar with articles from The Mary Page.  Please visit these sites in return.  We expect continued collaboration with them in the future.

Radio Maria originated east of Milan, Italy in 1983, and is now heard in fifty-four countries.  The main USA station is in Alexandria, Louisiana with affiliate stations across the USA [including FM 88.7, WHJM,  in Anna, Ohio (north of Dayton) and AM 1600, WULM, in Springfield/Dayton, Ohio.  All USA Radio Maria stations regularly air live Marian talks from UD's Marian Library every Wednesday from 12:00-1:00 pm EST and on Thursday and Friday from 2:30-3:00 pm EST, as well as local programming originating from many other affiliated Radio Maria stations in the USA.

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International Marian Research Institute Course Schedule

IMRI courses for the Fall 2012 semester will commence on October 8, 2012.

The Pontifical Academic Program leading to STL and STD in theology with a specialization in Marian Studies offers courses in three year-round sessions.  See our course offerings for Fall 2012.

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In keeping with the season, we suggest Describe the Origins of Mary's Title, Our Lady of Ransom.

Material on international stamps with images of Mary exists on The Mary Page (also available in French). The latest updates were Angola, Chad, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Niger, Rhodesia, and Rwanda.

We have revised and expanded our material in Chinese.  This is a work in progress, so expect more content soon.  Feel free to let us know what you think of this section.

We have posted the Call for Papers for the 2013 annual meeting of the Mariological Society of America (MSA) and Marian Thoughts of Benedict XVI through 8/27/2012.  We have also expanded our collection of Polish Poetry and revised our FAQ page and our Dictionary of Mary.

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Theology on Tap!

Title: Walking in the Light

Date: October 4, 2012, 7:30-9 pm

Location: Oregon Express, 336 E Fifth St, Dayton, OH

IMRI Professor, Dr. Gloria Dodd, will present A Sacramental Meditation on the Luminous Mysteries.  Click here for more information.

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Saying Yes to Life--Nineteen Times (Part 2)
Interview on Parenting a Large Catholic Family
Source: Zenit (Chicago, Illinois) January 13, 2009

Children can be obedient--and their obedience can be immediate and joyful, says a couple that has parented nineteen children.

In Better by the Dozen, Plus Two James and Kathleen Littleton tell about their experience of raising obedient children, as well as children who know how to think critically and are open to a vocation to the priesthood or consecrated life.

The Littletons also spoke with ZENIT about the tricks of raising such a large family successfully, and what their adult children say about the experience, now that they are out of the nest.

Q: Some of your children have participated in vocational discernment programs and one of your sons is in a minor seminary.  What did you do to foster openness to a vocation to the priesthood or consecrated life?

Kathleen: The virtues of generosity, service to others, selflessness and responsibility that are developed within a large family continue to manifest themselves in the choices of vocation and career that our older children have discerned to be God's will for them.  Since our book was published, one of our daughters has given her life completely to Christ in the lay consecrated state.  Our oldest daughter works full time for the Archdiocese of Chicago.  Our college-age daughters are choosing careers that will enable them to use their formation in the Catholic faith to serve others in the fields of education, law, medicine and psychology, as well as looking forward to raising children of their own.  Our son is in a minor seminary discerning a call to the priesthood while receiving an outstanding high school education and Catholic formation in the faith.  Each one of our oldest seven children have decided for themselves to attend schools of discernment during their high school years in order to give God the first chance with their young lives.

This has not happened by chance. From early on within our marriage, God has worked in his own mysterious way to lead us to make him the center of our family and our lives.  At first it started through simple spontaneous prayer to Our Lady, and she led us to her Son.  Then, more frequent recitation of the rosary led to daily Mass and weekly confession as an entire family unit, and to a growing love and knowledge of our faith and a complete embracing of the teachings of the Church.  The effect this has had on each member of the family is evident in the way they are now leading their lives and the choices they are making.  Their lives are centered on God as they know that is ultimately why He created us--to know, love, and serve Him, and to bring others to do the same.

Click here to read the complete article, and here to see Part I of the interview.

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The director and editors of The Mary Page under the auspices of the International Marian Research Institute do not necessarily endorse or agree with the events and ideas expressed in this feature.  Our sole purpose is to report on items about Mary gleaned from a myriad of papers representing the secular press.

A Blessed Life
Source: Religious Imagination (University of Dayton Magazine), Summer, 2012

Sister Angela Ann Zukuowski, M.H.S.H., a religious studies professor and director of the University's Institute for Pastoral Initiatives, received the 2012 Catechetical Award May 9 from the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership for her innovative, Internet-based learning initiatives in the areas of adult faith formation and catechesis....

The Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation is among Zukowski's most significant contributions to the church in the digital age. Alumni can participate through

N.B. The Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation (VLCFF) at the University of Dayton offers a course titled Mary in Scripture and Tradition.  Fathers Johann Roten, S.M., and Bert Buby, S.M., two professors at the International Marian Research Institute, and Sister Jean Frisk, an expert in catechesis, designed this course on Mary to foster an appreciation of the place which the Virgin Mary occupies in the history of salvation and in the life of the Church.  They also hope to build awareness of the Marian dimension of Catholic life.  This advanced level course is enhanced by its link to the Mary Page of the Marian Library at the University of Dayton that contains ecclesial documents, iconography, a listing of apparitions, and practical answers to questions raised about the role of Mary in the Church today.  To learn more about this course call 1-888-300-8436.

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Liturgical Season

Marian Commemoration Days

To celebrate the month of September with Mary:

The Mary Page offers a variety of resources inviting study, reflection and meditation.  We also list important Marian dates for each month of the year.  Please see Marian Commemoration Days for the month of September.

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Prayer Corner

You are invited to help us pray for our Prayer Corner intentions.  Please take a look!  This site has been updated and enhanced and now allows users to submit prayer requests directly or to volunteer as a prayer partner for these intentions!

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The Mary Page website is updated frequently. Please stop in again and see what's in the news.

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