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We have received a number of emails from readers commending our website, The Mary Page.  Thank you all for your encouragement and support.  The following are typical examples.

Say a simple prayer along with your own prayers for the staff of this Prayer corner.  I am especially grateful for their good intentions of bringing us all together and for allowing us to help each other through prayer.  May the good Lord shine on them all.

Ray C.

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Staff Update

Father Thomas A. Thompson, S.M., Director of Library Operations at The Marian Library, presided over the Mass for Ash Wednesday (3/9/2011) in the Immaculate Conception Chapel on the University of Dayton campus.  Click here for pictures of the service (which include Father Thompson) from the Dayton Daily News.

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Mary in Books, Films and Music

Marian Educational and Devotional Website

A Catholic and ecumenical devotional society based in Los Angeles has established the Queen of Angels Foundation:  It is now active, but still under construction.

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Radio Maria from the Marian Library

Francesca Franchina, MS Ed., a long-time member of the Marianist Family, will be doing a series of Marian broadcasts through the local stations for Radio Maria WHJM (FM 88.7) in Anna, Ohio and WULM (AM 1600) in Springfield, Ohio.  Called "Francesca and Friends: Why Mary?," the program airs every Wednesday from 12:00 - 1:00 PM EST focusing on what is going on in the world about Mary, how to speak with others about Mary, and Mary in Scripture.

On Wednesday, March 9, 2011, Francesca Franchina speaks with Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) Kait Ereindel of Eaton, OH, Stacey Winterrowd, of Indianapolis, IN, and Jill Pitcher, FOCUS Team Director.  Curtis Martin (Denver, CO) is the Founder and President of FOCUS Catholic college evangelization and discipleship.  See more on their website,, about various campus ministries in liaison with Catholic Campus Ministry.  CALL IN TOLL-FREE; PARTICIPATE IN THE PROGRAM (during the live show); 1-866-333-6279.

Francesca and Friends with Francesca Franchina, National OSIA Trustee, is now being broadcast throughout the New York City metropolitan area at 11 pm on Friday nights on WSNR 620 AM, as well as on other local  Radio Maria USA frequencies,  and streaming on  This is the replay of the program originating on the preceding Wednesday at noon EST.  Give a listen every Friday at 11 PM; Mondays at 8:30 PM and LIVE on Wednesdays at noon EST.

The broadcast may also be heard on-line at  The website also provides access to some previous broadcasts.  We'll keep you informed about future programs.  An encore of each show is broadcast Monday night from 8:30-9:30 pm EST one week after the original.

Fran's series, Through the Tummy to the Heart, (T5H) airs every Tuesday from 5:00-5:45 PM on RADIO MARIA WHJM and also online. The series encores Saturdays from 3:00-3:45 pm.  Tune in 88.7 FM (WHJM) in the northern Archdiocese of Cincinnati and on line at from anywhere in the world. Send email to Francesca with questions, comments, suggestions at Send email while the programs are going on if you cannot get through or if you are listening outside of the USA. CALL IN TOLL-FREE; PARTICIPATE IN THE PROGRAM (during the live show); 1-866-333-6279.

On Tuesday, March 8, Francesca talks with Mary Rose Kelly, John Kelly, and Mary Knipfer about their ethnic heritage and Irish homeland, its history, traditions, culture, faith formation, spirituality and traditional Irish fare for holidays.  Today Francesca shares Mary Rose and Mary's favorite recipes for Soda Bread, and their traditional St. Patrick Day fare.  Some in the USA eat Corned Beef and Cabbage on St. Patrick's Day (March 17), but in Ireland they eat Leg of Lamb, Rutabaga, Parsnips and Carrots.  Call toll-free to take part in the program.  Share your thoughts and recipes! This program and all Francesca's programs are archived on-line.

The third Tuesday of each month will highlight a different ethnic culture, featuring their faith histories, cultures and traditions: March-Ireland; April-Poland.

Living with Mary Today! Live: Thursdays and Fridays 2:30-3:00 PM EST: From the Pontifical International Marian Research Institute (IMRI) at the University of Dayton Marian Library, internationally-known Mariologists Fathers Bertrand Buby, Francois Rossier, Johann Roten, and Thomas Thompson of the Society of Mary (Marianists), and other IMRI faculty; Michael Duricy, Jean Frisk, Danielle Peters, and others will discuss Marian themes such as The Blessed Mother and Ecumenism; Mary and The Family; Mary and Suffering, Marian Teachings and Writings of Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI; Mary and Scripture from the Founder of the Marianists, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade; Mary and Vatican II, Marian Apparitions, and others.  The Marian Library at the University of Dayton houses the largest collection of Marian books and artifacts in the world, and IMRI is the site of post-graduate studies in Mariology for the STL and STD. Find out more by visiting  The University of Dayton; The Marian Library, and IMRI are collaborators with the International Satellite Radio Maria Network and Radio Maria Ohio.  Click here for the tentative schedule of future programs planned to date.  Click here for the new audio archive!

This week's program:

Carol Ramey, Thursday, March 10, 2:30 PM on Mary and the Chaminade Year

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From the Marian Treasure Chest

Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, Founder of the Marianist Family (by Brother John M. Samaha, S.M.)

This is the biographical notice about William Joseph Chaminade included in the booklet for the beatification ceremony at which Pope John Paul II presided at Vatican City on September 3, 2000.

William Joseph Chaminade was born in Perigueux, France, in 1761.  He was the fourteenth child of a profoundly Christian family. Besides William Joseph, three of his brothers were priests.  In 1771 he entered the minor seminary of Mussidan, where, four years later, he made private vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.  He was ordained a priest in 1785.

In 1790, after the French Revolution had begun, he moved to Bordeaux where he spent most of his life.  In 1791 he refused to take the oath of the so-called Civil Constitution of the Clergy, and clandestinely exercised priestly ministry, putting his life in continual danger.  During this period he came to know Venerable Marie-Therese Charlotte de Lamourous (1754-1836), who was one of his closest collaborators and whom he later helped to found the work of the Misericorde in Bordeaux for the protection of young women.  In 1795, he was given the delicate task of receiving back into the diocese priests who, having taken the constitutional oath, wanted to make their peace with the Church.  He exercised this ministry for two years, facilitating the reconciliation of some fifty priests.

In 1797, during the Reign of the Directorate, he was forced to immigrate to Zaragoza, Spain, where he resided for three years.  There, close to the Shrine of Our Lady of the Pillar, he forged his Marian apostolic convictions and was inspired to found a family of lay and religious members dedicated to Mary.  In November of 1800, he returned to Bordeaux and re-founded the old Marian Sodality on a new basis.  He made every effort to give his sodalists solid religious formation and directed them toward precise apostolic objectives, encouraging them to offer to an indifferent and de-Christianized society "the spectacle of a people of saints," as did the Christians of the primitive Church.  This Sodality would be the base of his untiring evangelizing activity, aimed at the re-Christianization of France.  Chaminade has rightly been considered the precursor of the active participation of the laity in the life of the Church in modern times.

During these years he was named Apostolic Administrator in order to reorganize the Diocese of Bazas.  In 1801 he received from the Holy See the title of Missionary Apostolic.  This title was the official confirmation of his intentions concerning the Church in this new era.

Father Chaminade viewed his own ministry and that of the Marian Sodalities as a permanent and stable mission, directed toward formation in the faith, using new methods and working in close alliance with Mary.  The Sodality of Bordeaux spread to other cities of the region and to the whole of France through groups that asked for affiliation because they desired to follow the inspiration and methods of Father Chaminade.  During these years Chaminade fostered some groups of young men and women who, desiring greater dedication, made private vows and dedicated themselves to the apostolate of the Sodality, without leaving their secular work.

In 1816, together with Venerable Adele de Batz de Trenqueleon (1789-1828), he founded at Agen the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate, and the following year at Bordeaux, the Society of Mary.  His first members, who, with time, would be called Marianists, were members of the Marian Sodality, women and men who wished to respond to the Lord with a more radical commitment, an extension of their baptismal consecration and of their devotion to the Virgin Mary.  They were to be "the person who never dies," ensuring that the sodalities would continue and bear witness to the Gospel in all its consequences.

The two religious institutes developed rapidly in France, and in 1839 received the decree of praise from Pope Gregory XVI.  Since teaching was a primary need at that time, both Marianist Institutes dedicated themselves to elementary and secondary schools and to trade schools, first in the southwest of France and then in Franche-Comte and Alsace.  They taught in order to educate and to form in the faith.  Chaminade also formed an ambitious project to establish a network of normal schools for the formation of Christian teachers.  Some of these schools were founded by men and women religious, but the revolution of 1830 made their continuation impossible.

During these years Father Chaminade gave priority to drafting the Constitution's rule of life), and he wrote important circular letters about consecration, alliance with Mary, and Marianist religious life.  The communities and works of the Society of Mary continued to grow in France, and then in Switzerland (1839) and the United States of America (1849).  After 1836 the Daughters of Mary Immaculate implemented the will of their Foundress, who had died in 1828, and created a number of rural schools in the southwest of France for the education of girls and the promotion of the condition of women.

The last ten years of his life were for William Joseph Chaminade a period of severe trial–-problems of health, financial difficulties, the departure of some disciples, misunderstandings and mistrust on the part of others, obstacles to the exercise of his mission as Founder.  Chaminade faced these difficulties with great confidence in Mary, faithful to his conscience and to the Church, filled with faith and charity.  He died in peace, surrounded by many of his religious sons, next to the Chapel of the Madeleine in Bordeaux, on January 22, 1850.

A comment of his written in 1825 to a group of young sodalists, sums up his life: "By the great mercy of God toward me and toward others, for a long time I have lived and breathed only to spread devotion to the august Virgin and thus to contribute each day to the growth and multiplication of her Family."  This Marianist Family remains vital today in his two religious institutes, in associations of consecrated life in the world, in various lay communities, and in other groups or movements inspired by the doctrine and insights of their blessed founder.

May the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit be glorified in all places through the Immaculate Virgin Mary.

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Current Exhibit

Song of Songs: In Memory of Henry Setter

The Marian Library Gallery is featuring the work of Henry Setter '51, a prolific illustrator, sculptor and art educator who died in 2009.  The exhibit runs through Friday, April 15, on the seventh floor of Roesch Library.  Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturday and Sunday by appointment.  Call 229-4214.  Click here for virtual exhibit.

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Web Collaborators

Two important Catholic websites have added The Mary Page to their list of Media Partners. highlights items from The Mary Page in their section on Catholic News. includes a Mary Channel on their navbar with articles from The Mary Page. Please visit these sites in return.  We expect continued collaboration with them in the future.

Radio Maria originated east of Milan, Italy in 1983, and is now heard in fifty-four countries.  The main USA station is in Alexandria, Louisiana with affiliate stations across the USA [including FM 88.7, WHJM,  in Anna, Ohio (north of Dayton) and AM 1600, WULM, in Springfield/Dayton, Ohio.  All USA Radio Maria stations regularly air live Marian talks from UD's Marian Library every Wednesday from 12:00-1:00 pm EST and on Thursday and Friday from 2:30-3:00 pm EST, as well as local programming originating from many other affiliated Radio Maria stations in the USA.

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International Marian Research Institute Course Schedule

IMRI courses for the Spring 2011 semester will conclude on March 11, 2011

The Pontifical Academic Program leading to STL and STD in theology with a specialization in Marian Studies offers courses in three year-round sessions.  See course offerings: Spring 2011 and Summer 2011.

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In keeping with the season, we recommend Lenten Poetic Meditations by Dr. Virginia M. Kimball, President of the ESBVM/USA.

We have revised and expanded our material in German and Chinese.  These are works in progress, so expect more content soon.  Feel free to let us know what you think of these sections.

We have reactivated a feature from our Research and Publications section which shows selected personal comments from our readers about the Virgin Mary.  Click here to see comments received within the past month.  From this page, feel free to submit your own personal thoughts on Mary.  Please email your comments to to receive a personal reply or try finding answers with the Search utility for The Mary Page.

We have posted a new article, Marian Apparition Approved in the USA!

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Charity Workers Gather Around Mary for Retreat
Cardinal Stresses Christian Patrimony of Aid to Others
Source: Zenit (Czestochowa, Poland) December 13, 2010

A retreat organized by the Pontifical Council Cor Unum was held at the Marian shrine of Jasna Gora in Czestochowa so participants could feel the closeness of Mary.

Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes, former president of the pontifical council, explained to ZENIT the choice of location for the retreat organized for diocesan leaders of Caritas and other ecclesial agencies throughout Europe.

"Czestochowa is a very important place for our meeting, a place where one can really engage in spiritual reflection," he said.  "One must remember that our activity, the practical and technical sphere, is carried out in Europe."

Click here for the complete article.

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The director and editors of The Mary Page under the auspices of the International Marian Research Institute do not necessarily endorse or agree with the events and ideas expressed in this feature. Our sole purpose is to report on items about Mary gleaned from a myriad of papers representing the secular press.

Shrines Rise Among Mysterious African Apparition
Source: December 10, 2010

An apparition site in deepest Africa is showing signs of developing into a major destination for pilgrimage--with a feeling that is surprisingly powerful (in my experience on a par with Medjugorje and the grotto at Lourdes).

The site is Kibeho in Rwanda, but set apart from many others because it has won full approval of the Roman Catholic Church.

Indeed, the letter declaring its supernatural nature was issued in 2001 by the local bishop, by Bishop Augustin Misago, of Gikongoro, from the Vatican itself.

Now, priests in the area are setting in place plans that may one day materialize into a major point of pilgrimage. In fact, a church that can seat at least 850 already has been constructed next to the spot of the first apparitions, and an architect has been designing a far bigger basilica that will be realized if funds are available....

Click here for the complete article.

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Prayer Corner Requests

You are invited to help us pray for our Prayer Corner intentions.  Please take a look!  This site has been updated and enhanced and now allows users to directly submit prayer requests or to volunteer as a prayer partner for these intentions!

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Liturgical Season

Marian Commemoration Days

To celebrate the month of March with Mary:

The Mary Page offers a variety of resources inviting study, reflection and meditation.  We also list important Marian dates for each month of the year.  Please see Marian Commemoration Days for the month of March.

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Marian Events

Eucharistic Marian Conference

Title: Jackson Hole Eucharistic Marian Conference

Date: October 21-23, 2011

Location: Snow King Resort (Jackson, Wyoming)

The Diocese of Cheyenne has a new Bishop, the Most Reverend Paul D. Etienne, and we are pleased to announce that he would like to see this Conference continue.  We are planning a 2011 Jackson Hole Eucharistic Marian Conference, October 21-23, at the Snow King Resort in Jackson, Wyoming.  Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm for this beautiful event.  We hope to see you in 2011!  Please continue to check our website for speaker information, registration, and the 2011 schedule.

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The Mary Page web site is updated frequently. Please stop in again and see What's New.

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