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Mary in Books, Films and Music

Bible Film on DVD

Son of Man, a recent film which won major awards while telling the life of Jesus [and Mary] in an African setting, will be available on DVD to UK residents in Region 2 PAL format starting November 3, 2008.  For more details, or to pre-order the film, click into

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Radio Maria from the Marian Library

Francesca Franchina, MS. Ed., a long-time member of the Marianist Family, will be doing a series of Marian broadcasts through the local stations for Radio Maria WHJM (FM 88.7) in Anna, Ohio and WULM (AM 1600) in Springfield, Ohio.  Called "Francesca and Friends: Why Mary?," the program airs every Wednesday from 11:30 AM-12:30 PM EST focusing on what is going on in the world about Mary, how to speak with others about Mary, and Mary in Scripture.

On Wednesday, October 22, 2008, Francesca Franchina speaks with author, missionary, priest: Father Ernie Ranly C.PPS., and Sister Martha Bertke, about the charism and spirituality of The Precious Blood; St. Gaspar del Bufalo; and The Precious Blood Missions where he developed the teachings for his forthcoming book: The Spirituality of The Precious Blood. Growing up in the very German Catholic area of rural Mercer County, he depicts family farm life and his early years on a farm with twelve siblings in Pick Up Stuff. To participate in the program call in (during the live show) with comments, experiences, questions 866-333-6279. Toll Free.

The broadcast may also be heard on-line at [Click on the BVMary photo ... Scroll down to RADIO MARIA USA (English) ... Click on the windows icon or whichever media program you have on your PC.].  The web site also provides access to some previous broadcasts.  We'll keep you informed about future programs.  An encore of each show is broadcast Monday night from 8:30-9:30 pm EST one week after the original.

On Tuesday, October 21, 2008, Francesca Franchina talks about Our Lady Star of Evangelization and the Four Marian Dogmas, and shares her recipe for a fast, inexpensive meal: Pasta With Broccoli, and a quick, refreshingly-delicious, meatless Antipasto.

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Alumni Update

IMRI student, Christ Padgett, sent us the following update on his recent projects.

I Just wanted to send along a link for the music video I recently did with Outside Da Box, for my song, I'm in Love. This is a song off of the new CD with Spirit and Song called, Impact ( The music video has an artist interview as well, and I think you'll like it. If possible, I wondered if you would send the link ( around to your friends and contacts. I think it has a great message and could be very encouraging to someone in your circle.

In other news, I found out I have been nominated for three Unity awards this year. This is a surprise to me; I'll let you know if something happens there. The info is:

Modern Rock Song of the Year: Be My Everything
Male Vocalist of the Year
Modern Rock Album of the Year: Impact

Please continue to keep us in prayer, and know that we are grateful for your collaboration in this ministry. Life is busy, but we are having a blast. God bless, Chris Padgett (

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From the Marian Treasure Chest

Christians Pray to Mary: Pope Leo XIII (by Brother John M. Samaha, S.M.)

Christians have always prayed to Mary. From the beginning they have called upon her in times of adversity, trial, persecutions, wars, as well as in times of minor difficulties. Pope Leo XIII explained why very simply in his encyclical The Supreme Apostolic Office (Supremi Apostolatus), September 1, 1883, n. 82.

It has always been the habit of Catholics in danger and in arduous times to fly for refuge to Mary and to seek peace in her maternal goodness, which shows the Catholic Church has always, and with justice, put all her hope and trust in the Mother of God.  She who is associated with her Son in the work of the salvation of the human race has favor and power with him greater than any other human or angelic creature has ever obtained or can obtain.

And, as it is her greatest pleasure to grant her help and comfort to those who seek her, it cannot be doubted that she will deign, even anxiously, to receive the aspirations of the Universal church.

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Current Exhibit

The Seasons of Our Lady

The Marian Library gallery will show works of Linda Schäpper of Orlando, Florida from September 15, 2008 through November 15, 2008.  Click to view a summary or virtual exhibit.

Visit also our year-long Crèche exhibit featuring paper nativities of Bill and Annie Baker and works of Malaika Favorite.

The Marian Library Gallery is located on the seventh floor of Roesch Library.  Free and open to the public, hours are Mon-Fri, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm or by appointment.  Call 937-229-4214.

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Additional Web Addresses for The Mary Page

In order to make our web site more accessible, The Mary Page may now be reached at the following URLs:;;;;;; and  The original address on the University of Dayton site,, remains active as well.

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Web Collaborators

Two important Catholic websites have added The Mary Page to their list of Media Partners. highlights items from The Mary Page in their section on Catholic News. includes a Mary Channel on their navbar with articles from The Mary Page. Please visit these sites in return.  We expect continued collaboration with them in the future.

Radio Maria broadcasts from Milan Italy, heard in forty-nine countries; WHJM broadcasts out of Louisiana across USA [including FM 88.7, an affiliate station in Anna, Ohio (north of Dayton) and AM 1600, an affiliate in Springfield, Ohio, which air regular Marian talks from UD's Marian Library every Wednesday at 11:30 am EST.]

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International Marian Research Institute Course Schedule

IMRI courses for the Fall 2008 semester commenced on October 13. The course schedule is now available.

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In relation to the season, see the following pages: The Rosary in Images and Texts; Rosary Information Index; and October, month of the Holy Rosary.

We have updated Marian Thoughts of Benedict XVI through September 28, 2008 and also posted information about a Marian apparition recently reported in Burundi.

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Pontiff Puts World in Mary's Hands
Visits Our Lady of the Rosary in Pompeii
Source: Zenit (Pompeii, Italy), October 19, 2008

Benedict XVI placed the world in Mary's hands during his one-day visit to the shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary in Pompeii, near Naples.

The Pope's leading of the Supplication of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary, a prayer written by Blessed Bartolo Longo (1841-1926) was one of the high points of this twelfth pastoral trip in Italy.

"We implore you to have pity today on the nations that have gone astray, on all Europe, on the whole world, that they might repent and return to your heart," the text of the prayer reads.

With the words of Bartolo, the Pontiff turned to Mary, saying: "If you will not help us because we are ungrateful and unworthy children of your protection, we will not know to whom to turn."

In a gesture of filial love, the Pope then offered the Madonna a golden rose.

The Holy Father traveled by helicopter this morning to Pompeii, and was welcomed by fifty-thousand faithful. This is the third time a Pope has visited the shrine.

Pompeii was destroyed by the lava and ashes from the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D.

The new Pompeii arose 1,796 years later, when, in 1872, Bartolo Longo, a lawyer and lay Dominican, built a church dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary.

The shrine contains an image of Mary to which hundreds of miracles and healings are attributed.

God's face

In the homily delivered during Holy Mass today, the Pope evoked the figure of Bartolo Longo, who, like St. Paul, had persecuted the Church, "becoming militantly anticlerical and engaging in spiritualist and superstitious practices."

Longo was a Satanist priest who later repented when he encountered the "true face of God," the Holy Father said.

"Wherever God comes in this desert, flowers bloom," said Benedict XVI. "Even Blessed Bartolo Longo, with his personal conversion, bears witness to this spiritual power that transforms man from within and makes him capable of doing great things according to God's designs. This city, which he re-founded is thus a historical demonstration of how God transforms the world: filling man's heart with charity."

"Here in Pompeii," the Pope continued, "it is understood that love for God and love for neighbor are inseparable.

"Here at Mary's feet, families rediscover or reinforce the joy of love that keeps them united."

The secret of Pompeii, the Holy Father revealed, is the rosary: "This prayer leads us through Mary to Jesus."

"The rosary is a contemplative prayer that is accessible to all: great and small, lay people and clerics, cultured and uncultured," he said. "The rosary is a spiritual weapon in the struggle against evil, against all violence, for peace in hearts, in families, in society and in the world."

A Million Children to Ask God for Peace
Source: Zenit (Caracas, Venezuela), October 13, 2008

A million children will join in prayer Saturday, saying the rosary to ask God for peace in families and in the world.

The initiative by the Schoenstatt Movement, which began in Venezuela in 2005, has now spread around the world.

It consists in "instilling in the hearts of children the idea of praying for the interior peace of every human being and the peace and unity of families, countries and the entire world," according to a statement from the National Council of Laypeople in Venezuela, which helps sponsor the event.

The activity, the statement explained, has no cost, since it consists simply in praying the rosary "next [Saturday], Oct. 18, at 9 a.m., in classrooms, playgrounds, chapels, children's hospitals, parishes, orphanages, care homes, preschools and homes"--wherever each volunteer is.

And to be a volunteer, the only requirement is to spread the word and motivate people to participate in the initiative--and of course, to pray the rosary Saturday.

For more details click into

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The director and editors of The Mary Page under the auspices of the International Marian Research Institute do not necessarily endorse or agree with the events and ideas expressed in this feature. Our sole purpose is to report on items about Mary gleaned from a myriad of papers representing the secular press.

Website Unites Millions Offering Daily Decades
Source: Patti Melvin, October 13, 2008

The Universal Living Rosary Association (ULRA) launches new Website today in the United States. "This day is especially fitting for the launch of our new site as this is the day Our Lady of the Rosary appeared in Fatima to warn the faithful to amend their lives and ask pardon for their sins and to pray the Rosary," said Patti Melvin, Director of the ULRA.

The new ULRA Website aims to inform visitors of the vital importance of the rosary in the lives of individuals, families, and nations. The site outlines the organization's history since its founding in 1986 and includes an informative news link to current ULRA news, mission activities worldwide and archived news of interest. According to Patti Melvin, the Director, "Initially we formed a group of fifteen souls to pray the Rosary for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and in honor of St. Philomena ... Twenty years later, we have over 11,042,872 members praying their Daily Decade, united the world over, and this association of members forms a prayer of infinite power before the throne of God."

The new Website will serve to keep members connected throughout the world; the site features helpful contact data of a number of the ULRA's official worldwide mission centers. Other valuable resources include detailed written and audio histories of the ULRA's patroness St. Philomena and ULRA Foundress Venerable Pauline Jaricot. Also available are past issues of the ULRA quarterly magazine Dedicated Decades. And, visitors now have the opportunity to subscribe to the free "ULRA NEWSFLASH" newsletter as well as conveniently register as members of "The Universal Living Rosary Association" online.

People everywhere are encouraged to visit the new ULRA Website and sign up to become a member. Your voices will be joined with the voices of more than eleven-million members worldwide who are already praying their assigned "Decade". "The intentions of the Universal Living Rosary Association are: The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and in honor of St. Philomena our patroness and Protectress. Let us unite with one purpose, spirit and prayer." says Melvin.

For additional information or a sample copy of the Dedicated Decades magazine, contact:

Patti Melvin, Director
Universal Living Rosary Association
P.O. Box 1303
Dickinson, Texas 77539

Telephone Number: (905) 985-3555 (Silvio Mattacchione-Spokesperson)

Fax Number: (281) 337-3722 / (281) 309-9821

Email Address:

Website address:

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You are invited to help us pray for our Prayer Corner intentions.  Please take a look! This site has been updated and enhanced and now allows users to directly submit prayer requests or to volunteer as a prayer partner for these intentions!

Please note that we recently celebrated a milestone, with over one-thousand individuals now signed up on our Prayer Circle!

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Liturgical Season

Marian Commemoration Days

To celebrate the month of October with Mary:

The Mary Page offers a variety of resources inviting study, reflection and meditation.  We also list important Marian dates for each month of the year.  Please see Marian Commemoration Days for the month of October.

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Marian Events

Father Mitchell Pacwa, S.J., from EWTN to Speak in Ohio

Title: Mary and the Eucharist: She Gave Milk to Our Bread

Date: Sunday, October 26, 2008 at 1-4 pm

Location: Spiritual Center of Maria Stein

Join Father Pacwa in this enlightening presentation on our Blessed Lady's relationship to the Eucharist.  He will also give a talk on Saint Paul.  The expected donation is $10 per person.  Walk-ins are welcome.  For more information call at 419-925-7625.

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The Mary Page web site is updated frequently. Please stop in again and see What's New.

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