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The Mary Page News items give insight into our interest areas, our outreach, and the many ways people honor Our Lady. We welcome your input and your comments.


  News from the Marian Library

We have received a number of emails from readers commending our Mary Page web site.  Thank you all for your encouragement and support.  The following comment is a typical example:

Thank you for this wonderful overview of Walsingham and of Marian devotion ... I am an Anglican from Texas who may make this pilgrimage this year.


We also received the following request for aid Father Roten wanted to facilitate.

Two days ago, I arrived into Al-Asad/Iraq, and I am traveling with the army to help the Iraqi people. I know your words have a great power and influence on people because you try to help everyone. Please, if you can help my unit, that will be very appreciated.

My unit is running a program for kids to help them get into schools. Would you please help (if you can), to mail me school supplies--we are really in a big need--with your help, we can build a great program for kids.

The address is:
Lucy Toma
APO, AE 09808

Please, pass this message to whoever you know and you think can help the Iraqi kids to move on and have a good education. The Americans soldiers are doing a great job in Iraq, a lot of stuff, we do not see it on the T.V. This evening, I traveled with six cars, from one place to another, and I realized how difficult, it was our mission--every single one of us, his/ mine (I was the only female with them) life was in danger, but all of us traveled with great spirit and one purpose to help. Please, I need your help if you can.  Thanks for everything and all.

Lucy Toma

Call For Papers

Meeting of the Mariological Society of America
May 20-23, 2008
Stonehill College
North Easton, Massachusetts
"Maryís Cooperation in the Redemption"

Papers are sought related to the theme, "Maryís Cooperation in Redemption." Some possible topics:

1) Human Participation in Christís Work of Redemption
2) Scriptural Foundations for Maryís Cooperation in Redemption
3) Maryís Cooperation in Redemption According to St. Bonaventure and St. Thomas Aquinas
4) The Role of the Holy Spirit, Mary, and the Church in Redemption
5) Maryís Cooperation in Redemption at Vatican II and in Pope John Paul IIís Writings.
6) The "Coredemption Movement" Today
7) Maryís Cooperation in the Ecumenical Dialogue
8) Praying to Mary and Its Salvific Influence
9) Maryís Cooperation Presented in Popular Devotions, Shrines, and Pilgrimage.

If interested in making a presentation, please send the title and a brief synopsis of the presentation, by February 15, 2008, to Father Thomas A. Thompson, S.M., Marian Library, University of Dayton; Dayton, OH 45469.(

Mary in Books, Films and Music

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Mary of Nazareth by Maria Ruiz Scaperlanda, Alpha Books, Penguin Group, 2006, 345 pages, paperbound, $18.95.  This is a reverent exploration of the life and world of the Mother of Jesus and her continuing impact in the modern world.

The Catholic Companion to Mary by Mary Kathleen Glavich, S.N.D., Acta Publications, 2007, 176 pages, paperbound, $9.95.  The book integrates Marian doctrine and devotion to bring Mary into sharper focus.

Ask for these books at your local bookstore and at your library.  They are virtual treasure troves of information and inspiration, and are interestingly written.

Radio Maria From The Marian Library

Francesca Franchina, MS. Ed., a long-time member of the Marianist Family, will be doing a series of Marian broadcasts through the local station for Radio Maria WHJM (FM 88.7) in Anna, Ohio.  Called "Francesca and Friends: Why Mary?", the program airs every Wednesday from 11:30 AM-12:30 PM EST focusing on what is going on in the world about Mary, how to speak with others about Mary, and Mary in Scripture.

On Wednesday, January 30, 2008, Francesca Franchina continues the dialogue with Jack Davis about The Blessed Virgin Mary and The Birth of Jesus. Past segments have concentrated on the heavenly preparation of the Blessed Mother for the Birth of Jesus from Mystical City of God, dictated by the Blessed Mother to Mary of Agreda. This is Part V of a Five-part Series.

The broadcast may also be heard on-line at [Click on the BVMary photo ... Scroll down to RADIO MARIA USA (English) ... Click on the windows icon or whichever media program you have on your PC.].  The web site also provides access to some previous broadcasts.  We'll keep you informed about future programs.  An encore of each show is broadcast Monday night from 8:30-9:30 pm EST one week after the original.

Her series, Through the Tummy to the Heart, airs every Tuesday except the first Tuesday from 5:00-5:45 PM on RADIO MARIA WHJM and also online. The series encores Saturdays from 3:00-3:45 pm.  Tune in 88.7 FM (WHJM) in the northern Archdiocese of Cincinnati and on line at from anywhere in the world. Send email to Francesca with questions, comments, suggestions at Send email while the programs are going on if you cannot get through or if you are listening outside of the USA. CALL IN TOLL FREE; PARTICIPATE IN THE PROGRAM (during the live show); 1-866-333-6279.

On Tuesday, January 29, 2008, Francesca continues her discussion of the importance and way of Intercessory Prayer; Prayer of the Heart, St. Teresa of Avilaís Prayer, Prayer of Reparation, Prayer Language of the Holy Spirit, Prayer of Thanksgiving and Adoration. Francesca will share her recipes for Tortellini Soup, Italian Breaded Steak, and Italian Green Bean Salad.

Fran has informed us about a new program on Radio Maria. Thy Kingdom Come, will air on Thursdays from 3:00-4:00 pm EST (2:00-3:00 Central Time).

Father Ed Wade CC (Companion of The Cross) Associate Director of The Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston Texas, Founding Member and First Director of The Fraternity of Priests headquartered in Steubenville, Ohio, hosts a weekly hour program on Radio Maria addressing the fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit and Marian Teaching in the Roman Catholic Church. Father Ed shares how people of all ages are experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit and utilizing the gifts of the Holy Spirit in personal and Church ministries and how lapsed Catholics are returning to the faith in great numbers and being empowered with the grace of the Holy Spirit. Informative and inspiring teachings, lively discussion, engaging talk and more!

Father Ed Wade CC was born in Pennsylvania; Former US Marine; Attended Saint Francis Seminary and participated in the M. Div program. Ordained in 1972 for the diocese of Camden, New Jersey, where he was a parish priest for seven years. He was released from Archdiocesan parish ministry in 1979 to work full time in evangelization giving parish missions and speaking at Catholic Charismatic Conferences at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Gibraltar, Germany, England, Wales, Scotland, Prague, Ireland, Canada and the USA.

Father Ed also worked at the University of Steubenville in student life and evangelization and spent three years in Belfast, North Ireland working with an ecumenical community for reconciliation. He joined the Companions of the Cross Community in 1993. His mission is Marian, magisterial, Eucharistic and charismatic evangelization. Father Ed is the Associate Director of The Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston, Texas, the largest Catholic Charismatic Center in the World built at the request of the Bishop of Houston. Marsha Morthland Radio Maria Presenter (Family Spirit Alive! Mondays 11:30-12:30 PM EST) also teaches at the CCC. Radio Maria also broadcasts Hispanic programming in Spanish at the Center to the Houston, Texas area.

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From the Marian Treasure Chest

Chaminade Day--January 22 (by Brother John Samaha, S.M.)

Click to enlarge

Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, S.M. (1761-1850), Founder of the Marianist Family (Society of Mary, Daughters of Mary Immaculate, and Marianist lay communities/sodalities) was a leading Church protagonist in the French Revolution in and around Bordeaux. Returning from exile in Zaragoza, Spain, he was inspired with a pastoral plan to engage laity and religious in the re-Christianization of France by participating in the apostolic mission of the Blessed Virgin Mary to bring Jesus Christ to all ages and areas of humanity. The challenge of his Marianist spirituality is:

"You are all missionaries of Mary," and she directs us to "Do whatever He [i.e. Jesus] tells you" (John 2:5). Chaminade is recognized as the nineteenth-century apostle of Mary.

For more information, click into The Marianist Corner.  Also, note that the University of Dayton is celebrating its Marianist Heritage through February 28, 2008.

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Alumni Update

Brother Bede Ahn, S.M., an IMRI graduate, is being reassigned from his position at a secondary school in Inchon, Korea, to become the Director of the Korean Marian Library on March 1, 2008.  He also hopes to visit The Marian Library in Dayton in the near future.

Also, Dr. Virginia M. Kimball, IMRI graduate and current Vice-President of the ESBVM-USA informs us of the following exciting news:

ESBVM - USA, the Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virginb Mary U.S.A., is now a member of Pontifica Academia Mariana Internationalis(PAMI.) [ESBVM-UK has been a long-standing member, also] See under the category of "ecumenical societies." Br. Cecchi there has told me how excited they are to have us come to PAMI's international congress in Lourdes, 2008. The theme is a broad consideration of the topic of "apparitions," since it is the 150th anniversary of Lourdes. I have been given the task to assemble a small conclave of ESBVM members who can give a half-hour presentation at the congress. On the PAMI site, click on the scrolling news line to see the description of the congress. I need to submit the names and titles of presentations to them by the end of January.

Those interested should email Virginia right away.

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Current Exhibit

When Words Become Pictures: Our Lady Calligraphed

The Marian Library gallery is showing the works of Dayton Artist, Ann Bain, from January 15 - March 30, 2008.  A Valentine Reception will be held for the artist in The Marian Library at 7 pm on February 14.  Click here for virtual exhibit.

Visit also our year-long Creche exhibit featuring paper nativities of Bill and Annie Baker and works of Malaika Favorite.

The Marian Library Gallery is located on the seventh floor of Roesch Library.  Free and open to the public, hours are Mon-Fri, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm or by appointment.  Call 937-229-4214 or 4254.

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Additional Web Addresses for The Mary Page

In order to make our web site more accessible, The Mary Page may now be reached at the following URLs:;;;;;; and  The original address on the University of Dayton site,, remains active as well.

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Web Collaborators

Two important Catholic websites have added The Mary Page to their list of Media Partners. highlights items from The Mary Page in their section on Catholic News. includes a Mary Channel on their navbar with articles from The Mary Page. Please visit these sites in return.  We expect continued collaboration with them in the future.

Radio Maria broadcasts from Milan Italy, heard in forty-nine countries; WHJM broadcasts out of Louisiana across USA, including FM 88.7, an affiliate station in Anna, Ohio (north of Dayton) which airs regular Marian talks from UD's Marian Library every Wednesday at 11:30 am EST.

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We have updated our Korean-language material (e.g. News through January 29, 2008) as well as our material on Our Lady of America and on Our Lady of Walsingham.  We have also posted a new poem commemorating the upcoming 150th anniversary of the Lourdes apparition written by Dr. Virginia M. Kimball, as well as a Memorial to John S. Stokes, Jr. written by Vincenzina Krymow.

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World's Most Famous Shrine Celebrates 150 Years of Healing
Pope Benedict Announces Visit for May 2008; Website Launched for Media Inquiries
Source: Melinda Henson (, November 5, 2007

The Grotto of Lourdes, located in southern France, is the most visited Christian shrine in the world, attracting over six million pilgrims each year.  The spot where Catholics believe that the Virgin Mary appeared to St. Bernadette Soubirous, a French peasant girl, will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2008.   Lourdes attracts visitors from all faiths seeking healing and spiritual peace. Here visitors bathe in the famous healing waters, uncovered by St. Bernadette during her apparitions.  More than sixty-seven medical cures have been documented by medical experts over the last 150 years.

The principal event for the Lourdes Jubilee Year, running from December 8, 2007 to December 8, 2008, will be the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the shrine at Lourdes at the end of May 2008.  In the United States, the main event will be the celebration of Mass by Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington, on February 11, 2008 (the date of the first apparition of the Virgin Mary to St. Bernadette).  This Mass, to be held at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., will also mark the World Day of the Sick.

A new website,, has been established to help others learn more about the shrine in Lourdes as well as the Virgin Maryís apparitions to St. Bernadette.   The website is also designed to help national and international media prepare for the popeís trip and answer basic questions about the shrine and local celebrations to be held within the United States.  The website is sponsored by Friends of Lourdes USA. Cardinal Francis George, O.M.I., Archbishop of Chicago, is the organizationís Honorary Chairman.

To find out more about Lourdes 150th Anniversary Celebration, go to

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The director and editors of The Mary Page under the auspices of the International Marian Research Institute do not necessarily endorse or agree with the events and ideas expressed in this feature. Our sole purpose is to report on items about Mary gleaned from a myriad of papers representing the secular press.

Bobby McFerrin Inspires Crowd to Sing Ave Maria
Source: Saint Gabriel Communications International (Leipzig Market Square, Germany), January 23, 2008

Bobby McFerrin, vocalist and composer, conducted the audience in a stirring rendition of the Ave Maria by Charles Gounod. After a timid first try, the milling crowds ignored the rain and threw themselves into a song in praise of the Mother of God.

As a viewer commented, 'Mary is not only an indelible part of the Catholic spirit, she is also attractive to non-Catholics.' The concept of the Heavenly Mother appeals to every Christian mind.

Take a moment and follow this link to enjoy this amazing performance: [Requires Windows Media Player]

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You are invited to help us pray for our Prayer Corner intentions.  Please take a look! This site has been updated and enhanced and now allows users to directly submit prayer requests or to volunteer as a prayer partner for these intentions!

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Liturgical Season

Marian Commemoration Days

To celebrate the month of February with Mary:

The Mary Page offers a variety of resources inviting study, reflection and meditation.  We also list important Marian dates for each month of the year.  Please see Marian Commemoration Days for the month of February.

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Marian Events

Symposium Sponsored by The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute

Title: Mary in the Life of the Parish

Date: July 21-23, 2008

A compelling Symposium for Priests and Pastoral Ministers will be held at The University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio (overnight accommodations on campus).  Topics will include Catechesis, Liturgy, Outreach, Shrines, Apparitions, and Devotions.  The program will include a concert of contemporary and traditional music, a banquet, and fellowship with parishes from across the Midwest.

For more information please email Father Francois Rossier, S.M. at or phone him or Michelle Foley at 937-229-4214 or click here.

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The Mary Page web site is updated frequently. Please stop in again and see What's New.

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