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Liturgical Season

To celebrate the month of June with Mary:

Marian Commemoration Days

Mary Page offers a variety of resources inviting study, reflection and meditation.  We also list important Marian dates for each month of the year.  Please see Marian Commemoration Days for the month of June.

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New Resources

To help users locate The Mary Page, we have created an alternate web address, marypage.udayton.edu.

A section on Marian Spiritualities has been added to our Resources index.  The latest addition was a paper by Brother John Samaha on Mary in Byzantine Spirituality.  Expect more articles to follow.

A section on international stamps with images of Mary has also been added to our Resources index.  The latest added was Meditating the Passion of Our Lord with Stamps.  Expect more countries to follow.

A section on Mary and Women is now under construction in our Resources index.  The latest addition was John Paul II on Women.  Expect more articles to follow.

The Marian Library has received many valuable donations of religious art.  The most recent is a collection of the works of Alex Rapoport from his widow, Irina.  Many thanks to all our benefactors!

We have updated the following features: The Hail Mary in Foreign Languages; Marian Apparitions of the 20th Century; and What About Our Lady of Olives?

We have also added the following features: Shrine of Our Lady of Siluva; Sanctuary of Nam Yang; and Why is Mary Wearing Red?

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  News from the Marian Library

Alumni Update

Rev. Leonard Glavin, a graduate of IMRI, will celebrate fifty years of priestly ministry in the Capuchin Franciscan Order, with a Mass of Thanksgiving in the Church of St. John the Baptist, 210 West 31st St. Manhattan, NY, on June 13, 2004 at 3:00 P.M.  A reception will follow in the church hall.  Congratulations!

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Collaboration with Catholic.net

An important Catholic web site, www.catholic.net, has added a section on the Virgin Mary to the top of their list of 'channels.'  They plan to highlight particular items from The Mary Page and to encourage their audience to visit our site.  Please visit their site in return.  We expect more collaboration with them in the future.

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Current Exhibit

Messengers from God

An eclectic Marian Library exhibit showcasing works by internationally known Ukrainian artist Aka Pereyma and her daughter Christina opens June 7 in the Marian Library.  For more information click into, http://alumni.udayton.edu/campusreport/morenews.asp?storyID=1603.

New Crèches will also be on display in our museum through November 2004.

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International Marian Research Institute Course Schedule

IMRI courses for the Summer 2004 semester will begin on June 14!  The schedule is available online.

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Marian Events

Third Annual World Apostolate of Fatima Conference

June 18-20, 2004

Carson Civic Center
801 E. Carson St.
Carson, CA

For more information, call 310-830-9131 or click into www.bluearmylosangeles.com.

Marian Year Indulgence

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
400 Michigan Avenue NE
Washington, D.C. 20017-1566

Phone: 202-526-8300
FAX: 202-526-8313

Under the usual conditions, make a sacred pilgrimage to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, as designated by the Holy Father, and there assist devoutly in a liturgical celebration or other pious exercise, in a group or individually, and recite the Lord's Prayer and the Profession of Faith or the Apostle's Creed (in any approved form).

For more information, click into: Marian Year Inaugurated at National Shrine.

Click this link for a list of all of the current Marian Events by geographical position.

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Prayer Corner Requests

You are invited to help us pray for our Prayer Corner intentions.  Please take a look!  This site has been updated and enhanced and now allows users to directly submit prayer requests or to volunteer as a prayer partner for these intentions!

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News from Around the World

From Zenit

John Paul II Plans to Continue Traveling

VATICAN CITY, JUNE 7, 2004 (Zenit.org)

John Paul II's visit to Switzerland this past weekend proved his capacity to continue to travel despite his physical limitations.

Now it is expected that the Pope's next trip (Aug. 14-15) will be to Lourdes, France, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the proclamation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception.

This visit is yet to be confirmed officially by the Holy See. But representatives of the French government as well as those of the Catholic Church in the country have revealed that preparations are under way. It will be announced closer to the date, depending on John Paul II's state of health.

A few weeks ago, the Pope himself announced publicly his intention to travel Sept. 5 to the Marian shrine of Loreto, Italy, to beatify politician and engineer Alberto Marvelli (1918-1946).

A possible papal trip in October to Guadalajara, Mexico, for the International Eucharistic Congress, remains undecided.


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Mary in the Secular Press

The director and editors of Mary Page under the auspices of the International Marian Research Institute do not necessarily endorse or agree with the events and ideas expressed in this feature. Our sole purpose is to report on items about Mary gleaned from a myriad of papers representing the secular press.

Statue's visit inspires area Catholics [Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri), 6/2/2004]

When Andrew Zivnuska was born on Oct. 13, 1985, his mother recognized something familiar about the date. Eventually it dawned on Anne Zivnuska. Her son's birthday was also the day when some Catholics celebrate a sighting of the Virgin Mary in the sky above rural Portugal in 1917. It was this connection to Fatima, one of Catholicism's most storied pilgrimage sites, that eventually helped Anne and the rest of the Zivnuska family come to terms with Andrew's Down syndrome.

"This was a big transition in our lives," she said. "We wanted to know why God would let this happen. The connection of Fatima and Andrew's birthday led us to pray more, and to finally understand that this was one of the best things that's happened to our family."

Zivnuska and her husband, Fred, felt so connected to Fatima that when they found out in March that the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima--a traveling version of a statue in Fatima--would be available for three weeks, they jumped at the chance to bring it to St. Louis. The statue had been scheduled to travel to Peru, but a last-minute change meant a cancellation of that trip and an opening for St. Louis.

After receiving permission from Archbishop Raymond Burke to bring the statue to the archdiocese, Zivnuska began setting up appointments for the tour. The statue's tour of the city began Tuesday at Our Lady of Fatima in Florissant and will include about 20 sites before ending June 21.

On May 13, 1917, three peasant children near the town of Fatima saw a white light above an oak tree. Believers say the light was an apparition of the Virgin Mary, who they say appeared to the three children five more times, on the 13th of each month.

By Oct. 13, the final day during which Mary would appear, word had spread about the children's visions, and a crowd gathered with the children underneath the oak tree. Though it was only the three "little shepherds" who could see the apparition, others who were there claimed to have witnessed an assortment of miracles that day.

"It's important to note that Catholics don't have to believe any of this," said Ron Modras, professor of theological studies at St. Louis University. "Catholics are perfectly free to believe that those kids had hallucinations."
Pope John Paul II is a big believer in the Virgin of Fatima. When he survived an assassination attempt on May 13, 1981 (the 64th anniversary of the children's first sighting), the pope credited the Fatima Virgin with saving his life. He later visited the basilica and donated the bullet that nearly killed him to the shrine there. The bullet was later placed in the crown of the permanent Fatima statue of Mary.

The traveling statue of Our Lady of Fatima was created in 1947 and has been on the road ever since. The last time the statue was in St. Louis was "about 10 years ago," according to its constant escort of the last 11 years, Carl Malburg. Before being in Missouri, the statue was recently in Canada, Brazil, Germany and India, where, Malburg estimates, 1.5 million people visited it over three months. After leaving St. Louis, the statue will go to New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the Philippines. When traveling, the statue gets its own plane ticket and, with extra seat belts securing it in place, is placed next to Malburg. "We can't take the chance of the airline losing her as luggage," he said.

Believers say the statue is associated with miracles, many medical in nature, and point to an instance in the 1970s in New Orleans when they say the statue "shed human tears."

The statue, which is about 3 1/2 feet tall and made of mahogany, was sculpted based on the description of the virgin by Sister Lucia, one of the three children who witnessed the apparitions and is now a Carmelite nun in her late 90s. (The other two children, Jacinta and Francisco, died in an influenza pandemic just a few years after the sightings and have been beatified by Pope John Paul II). At Our Lady of Fatima parish, where the statue was displayed on the altar Tuesday, a sign in front of the statue read, in English and Spanish, "Do Not Touch Her. She Will Touch You."

"She was beautiful," said Pat Harris, 57, of Florissant. "I didn't expect it to have such a glow."

Kitty Pavia, 55, of Lake Saint Louis, agreed.

"She's beautiful," she said. "Her eyes are brown and penetrating."

Pavia, her own eyes tearing as she left the church, said she brought her two grandchildren, Nicholas, 12, and Elaina, 8, to see the statue and was especially excited to bring Elaina, who, she said, looks like Mary.

"She's been fascinated with Mary since she was tiny," Pavia said about her granddaughter. "She even gets dressed up in tablecloths to pretend she's Mary."

Dick and Kathleen Kellett, members of Our Lady of Fatima parish whose children attended the school there, said they wanted to see the statue to ask for "peace in the world."

"If we ever needed her help in that respect, it's now," said Dick.

Indeed, the goal of the statue, according to Malburg, is to spread the message of the Fatima virgin, which, he said, is world peace.
That is one reason Pat Harris wanted to see the statue. "I wanted to honor the Blessed Mother and ask her for peace in the world, which is in such terrible shape right now," she said.

Harris said she also wanted to make a connection to other Catholics around the world who had been visiting the statue for so many years. "Also, the miracles," she said.

Malburg hears about the miracles a lot in his travels with the statue, but he also knows the controversy that can come from mentioning miracles in association with inanimate objects.

"A statue can't do miracles," he said. "But God has done a lot of things to draw our attention to what that statue represents, and if we see remarkable things, we should pay attention to what it is she has to say."


- St. Ferdinand (Florissant) 7 p.m. Mass today, departs 7 p.m. Thursday - Regina Cleri (St. Louis) 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday - St. Elizabeth of Hungary (Crestwood) following 5 p.m. Mass Saturday (all-night vigil -- departs noon Sunday) - Immaculate Conception (Arnold) 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday - St. Joseph (Cottleville) 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday - St. Vincent de Paul (Perryville) 8 a.m. Tuesday, departs 8:30 a.m. June 9 - Immacolata (Richmond Heights) noon June 9, departs noon June 10 - St. James (Catawissa) 7 p.m. June 10, departs 7 p.m. June 11 - St. Louis Cathedral Basilica (Lindell) 8 a.m. Mass to 5 p.m. June 12 - St. Raymond Maronite Church (LaSalle) 8 a.m. to noon June 13 - St. Matthias (Mehlville) 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. June 13 - St. Anthony of Padua (High Ridge) 8 p.m. June 13, departs 7 p.m. June 14 - St. Michael the Archangel (Shrewsbury) 8 a.m. Mass to 7 p.m. June 15 - Our Lady of Lourdes (Washington) 5 p.m., 9 p.m. Mass June 16 - St. Agnes Home (Kirkwood) 4:30 p.m. June 17, departs 3 p.m. June 18 - St. Clement (Des Peres) 6 p.m. June 18, departs 3 p.m. June 19 - Passionist Monastery (Ellisville) 5 p.m. June 19 (programs at 5 p.m., 7 p.m., 9 p.m. and overnight), departs 5 a.m. June 20 - St. Agatha (St. Louis) 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. June 20, departs with street procession to St. Frances de Sales - St. Frances de Sales (Gravois and Ohio) 6 p.m. June 20, departs 8 p.m. June 21

Link to more information about the statue online at STLtoday.com/links.

Weeping Mary statue faces a rival from WA [Source: Courier Mail (Queensland, Australia) 6/1/2004]

A BRISBANE church which has 14 supernatural phenomena under investigation by the Vatican has renewed competition from a West Australian woman famous for her own weeping statue of the Virgin Mary.

A prayer card owned by Rockingham's Patty Powell, which features a picture of the Virgin Mary, reportedly started weeping oil on Saturday after a visit from a group, including a Redemptorist Brother.

"I took six of the prayer cards of the picture of Our Lady weeping out with me to give to them and placed them on the icon while I blessed the people with the tears," said Ms Powell on the Internet website: visionsofjesus.com

"When I went to pick them up the top card was covered with the perfumed oil."

Meanwhile, Dr Adrian Farrelly, appointed by Brisbane Archbishop John Bathersby to investigate reports of statues and crucifixes seeping blood and oil at Inala's Vietnamese Catholic Community Centre, said he would not turn his investigation into a witch-hunt if the supernatural events were found to not be of a divine origin.

'Pilgrims' turn wilderness trek into week of debauchery [Source: The Guardian (London), 5/31/2004]

Up to a million people were reportedly packed into the sandy streets of the small Spanish town of El Rocio last night as the country's biggest religious pilgrimage drew to a close amid accusations that it had turned into a week of debauchery that damaged one of Europe's largest national parks.

As thousands of horsemen and horse-drawn carriages made their way past groups of drinking, dancing and singing pilgrims wearing colourful dresses, the young men of El Rocio and nearby Almonte were last night preparing to parade a statue of the Virgin Mary around the town in the early hours of this morning.

But, while the statue known as the White Dove provokes devotion among some of the hundreds of thousands gathered here, critics complain that most are only here for a party driven by large quantities of alcohol.

"I don't suppose the truly religious account for more than 20% of those who go," said Eva Diaz, of the newspaper El Mundo.

"It is now, more than anything else, an outdoors orgy of limitless drinking, partying and, even, sex," she said.

Local legend talks of a sudden leap in the birth rate nine months after El Rocio and some "pilgrims" now come equipped with cocaine to fuel the days of partying, according to Ms Diaz.

Some 102 "hermandades", or brotherhoods, from across Spain descend on El Rocio, including a dozen that get there by crossing the Donana national park, a vast area of sand dunes, pine forest and wetlands along Spain's south-west Atlantic coast.

The 200 square mile park is home to the endangered Iberian lynx and imperial eagle, as well as wild boars, deer and a wide range of birdlife, and the sudden appearance of so many people, in a place where access is normally restricted to a handful, does considerable damage, according to Spain's Ecologists in Action group.

As Miguel Mendez and his wife, Rosa, rested from their week-long journey from Granada on the Ajoli bridge that marks the entrance to El Rocio, there were tears and hugs among those who had made the long trek with them.

"There is a lot of praying along the way," said Rosa, inviting foreign visitors to be their guests. "But El Rocio attracts all sorts of people."

While the elaborate silver carriage that represents their brotherhood was pulled by oxen and dozens of members were horsemen, many with wives or girlfriends riding side-saddle behind them, a long queue of sand-churning tractors pulled the caravans they sleep in into town.

Ecologists complain that, as most pilgrims now travel in tractors and four-wheel drives, the damage being done to Donana was increasing while the effort put in by pilgrims was decreasing.

"If people still travelled on horseback, by foot or in carriages then they wouldn't do so much harm," said Juan Romero, of Ecologists in Action.

Park workers now follow each brotherhood, picking up the rubbish that has not been put in specially provided containers.

Mr Romero said pilgrims provoke fires and horses die each year. "The owners are often too drunk to look after them properly and they are not fed, rested or watered properly," Mr Romero said.

The pilgrimage, which dates from the 15th century "discovery" of the White Dove by a shepherd on the spot where El Rocio was later built, remained a local affair until the early 20th century. Authorities say that, given the numbers packed into El Rocio, the problems police and paramedics face were remarkably small. Few are treated for alcohol poisoning.

The wilder side of El Rocio has been criticised by clergy since the early 20th century and even the Pope, when he visited, warned pilgrims not to let partying overshadow the worship of the Virgin.

Rafael Martinez, swigging rum and coke with well-oiled locals outside the headquarters of Almonte's "hermandad", was unworried. "Everybody is welcome here," he said. "Can I invite you to a drink?"

Opinions divided on icons [Source: The Mercury (Australia), 5/31/2004]

TRUE believers think God has granted a miracle in troubled times. But the experts remain unconvinced.

Nine religious icons, including four crucifixes and a statue of the Virgin Mary, have apparently either bled or leaked rose oil at a Brisbane church in the past fortnight.

While sceptics are suggesting the phenomena is a scam to get bums onto church seats, thousands of people have flocked to the small Catholic community church at the centre of the religious furore to make up their own minds.

Most have been gripped by religious ecstasy, prompting some to break into prayer and song, and others to bring in their own statues in the hope the blessings will be passed on.

But Griffith University social scientist Dr Martin Bridgstock, who specialises in paranormal studies, believes there could be more forces at work in the Vietnamese Community Hall, in the Brisbane south western suburb of Inala, than a divine intervention.

He said the current worldwide climate of instability and fear could be wreaking havoc with people's emotions and reactions.

"When you get to a time where there's low-grade insecurity, such as we don't know where terrorists are going to strike next, we don't know whether we're going to have a job to go to tomorrow ... our anxiety levels are jacked up somewhat," he said.

"Therefore it's a normal human reaction to turn to some source of reassurance."

University of Queensland religious studies lecturer Professor Philip Almond said people wanted to believe that despite the chaos plaguing the world, a benevolent deity was still in control and everything was all right.

"Why a benevolent deity would do that (make statues weep) rather than do something useful like intervene in Iraq and sort things out there is quite beyond me," he said.

Almond said there were three possible causes for the phenomena: a divine intervention, an explainable natural reaction or a hoax. He said he was more inclined to believe the latter two.

Almond said the dramatic increase in the number of church attendees thanks to the phenomena would be a huge money-spinner but was quick to point out that if it was a hoax he was not suggesting priests were responsible.

But after witnessing the phenomena for himself, Mike Hill, from the suburb of Gailes, said: "We need this--we need something positive to believe in with everything that's happening in the world at the moment."

Bill White, of Logan in Brisbane's south, agreed, saying he had come to the church feeling sceptical but, after feeling the atmospheric buzz within the church, had soon changed his mind.

"It's quite an awesome feeling--I've seen things on TV like this before where they had things injected with a slow release but I can't see anything like that," he said.

But Bridgstock said people just wanted to believe in something, regardless of whether or not it was true.

Catholic Church authorities are scrambling to get to the bottom of the matter, with Brisbane Archbishop John Bathersby convening a team of experts to solve the paranormal mystery.

Father Adrian Farrelly, who will be directing the investigation, said he had never dealt with anything remotely like this before and could not imagine how long the investigation would take.

"These people see something happening with the statue, there's a harmony in it all, but in terms of whether anything of divine origin is happening or whether it's something of human intervention--well we'll have a look at it and see what's what," he said.

Farrelly said some people would not care what the church's official decision was, because they had already made up their own minds. "If people want to believe it's a miracle, they will."

Who's to blame for angry teens? We all are. [Source: St. Petersburg Times (Florida), 5/23/2004]

Two young boys in as many weeks have been in the news who harbor so much anger toward the world that they acted to commit crimes against society, something quite common these days.

One was the 18-year-old Clearwater boy who admitted breaking out the window with the image of the Virgin Mary. The other was the 14-year-old Largo boy who police say threatened to blow up Largo Middle School in a re-enactment of the Columbine massacre.

How can such young people muster up so much anger toward the world? What has happened in their short lives that could possibly trigger this sinister mentality?

I don't think one has to be a rocket scientist to come to grips with the fact that all of society is somewhat to blame for allowing it to come to this. The moral fiber of our nation has come under attack through a steady decline in morals and godly standards due to complacency and apathy. Our liberal outlook on sexuality; the dismantling of the family unit through divorce; the loss of trust and confidence in leaders due to scandals in government, corporations and churches all have forced each to turn to his own way and do what is right according to his own eyes, as the self-indulgent pursuit of pleasure has become the main focus in life.

I echo the words of Macbeth: "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves that we are underlings." Thus society reaps what it has sown. The planting of good seeds in bad soil.

Len Vivolo, Clearwater

To err is human; to forgive, divine

Re: A test of two faiths, story, May 16.

I will admit that it broke my heart when I heard the news about the destruction of the image of "Our Lady of Clearwater." Nevertheless, "Love one another" and "Forgive and you will be forgiven" are the immutable principles by which Christians live.

People are more important than things. My heart goes out to this young man, and he will be in my prayers.

Susan Kruger, North Palm Beach
Breaking of window was "a supernatural event"

Re: A test of two faiths, story, May 16.

Early on when I read the news of the desecrated image of the Virgin Mary, I was devastated. Then I thought, this has happened to alert us Catholics who do not practice our faith sincerely. If it is an awakening, I thank God.

Later, reading of the fate of the boy who broke the window depicting the face of the virgin, I concluded that it was a supernatural event. The window was replaced with plain glass, almost an affront to we who cherished this vision, this icon. The mystery of faith is revealed in this horrible yet symbolic event. The virgin is remembered again - perhaps even greater than by the original vision.

The boy needs instruction. I pray he will adhere to the law at all times.

Enes Chianese, Clearwater

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