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June 6, 2001

Mary Page News items give insight into our interest areas, our outreach, and the myriad ways people honor Our Lady. We welcome your input and your comments.

News from the ML/IMRI

Personal thoughts and reflections about Mary from our readers 

We've added a section to our Research and Publications section showing selected personal comments from our readers about the Virgin Mary.  Click here to see comments received within the past month.  From this page, feel free to submit your own personal thoughts on Mary.  

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New Exhibit: Janet McKenzie

A new exhibit, Mary and Women: Images From the Heart, featuring works by Janet McKenzie, will be on display through July 27, 2001.  The works can be seen on-line by clicking into the Gallery section of the Mary Page and then choosing 'Current Exhibit'.

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International Marian Research Institute Summer Courses

Summer courses begin on June 11.  See the course offerings for the summer academic session of The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute at: Summer Schedule.

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 Marian Events

This section lists all of the current Marian Events by geographical position. Marian Events by geographical position.

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Mary in the Secular Press

The director and editors of Mary Page under the auspices of the International Marian Research Institute do not necessarily endorse or agree with the events and ideas expressed in this feature. Our sole purpose is to report on items about Mary gleaned from a myriad of papers representing the secular press.

Commentary on Mary in various news articles from May 17 through June 4, 2001.

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News from Around the World



MARIA by Guido Dettoni della Grazia [Santa Maria delle Rose - Assisi]

MARIA is a sculptural and sensory installation of an image of the Mother of Jesus.  The original shape moulded by Guido Dettoni della Grazia grew out of an encounter between hands and wax.  From this original hand sized version he replicated the form in special editions of thirty three different types of wood from all over the world.  In each exhibition you see featured on the website ( the visitor is invited to become fully involved by touching, smelling, looking closely and feeling the shape and its subtleties.

                                                                                                            Rosa Maria Falvo

From Zenit

Conclusion of the Pope's Address Before Praying "Regina Caeli" on May 27, 2001

Among all creatures, Most Holy Mary was associated more than any other to this mystery (of the Ascension of Christ).  As the new Eve, from whom the new Adam was born, she points out the way for our endeavor on earth; at the same time, having been assumed into heaven in soul and body, She invites us to be directed to our real homeland, where the fullness of the life of love of God, One and Triune awaits us.

As the Church embarks on the ocean of the new millennium, she does not lose sight of the polar star that guides her navigation.  That star is Christ, Lord of the centuries.  Next to Him is his and our Mother, who does not cease to accompany her children in their earthly pilgrimage.  We look to her with sincere hope.  We entrust to her the hopes and plans of the Church, as they emerged from the extraordinary consistory that just ended.  As we sing the "Regina Caeli" with renewed confidence, we ask her for the gift of peace for the whole world.

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New Resources

We've added the answers to three new questions submitted by readers. 

We have also updated our Search engine.  Feel free to inform us on how you think it compares to the previous version.

We have also revised the navigation index at the far left of each page.  Let us know what you think.

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Documents, Pronouncements (Magisterial, doctrinal)

This section contains full-text official documents from the Catholic Church on matters related to the Virgin Mary and other points of Catholic Doctrine. Having just celebrated Pentecost [June 3], this week's selection is "The Holy Spirit and Mary", Letter of Pope Paul VI to Cardinal Léon Josef Suenens on the Occasion of the International Marian Congress May 13, 1975

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Marian Themes in Magisterial Documents

This section contains an index to Marian references within various official documents from the Catholic Church. This week's topic is Pentecost in the Life of Mary.  Among the document references, this from Behold Your Mother:

There are striking likenesses between the Annunciation and Pentecost. Mary, the great mother figure for the Church, is present not only at the Annunciation, but praying with her Son's disciples before Pentecost. 79
After Christ's Resurrection, surrounded by His disciples, Mary prayed for the coming of that same Spirit, in order that the Church, the Body of her Son, might be born on Pentecost. 115 
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News Archive

This section contains excerpts from past editions of the Mary Page news.

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Our Mary Page web site is updated frequently. Please stop in again and see what's new. 



Prayer Corner Requests

You are invited to help us pray for our Prayer Corner intentions.  Please take a look!  This site has been updated and enhanced and now allows users to directly submit prayer requests or to volunteer as a prayer partner for these intentions!

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