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May 17, 2001

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News from the ML/IMRI


It is with great sadness that we inform you that Fr. Theodore A. Koehler, S.M., director emeritus of the Marian Library, died peacefully and in the grace of the Lord on Tuesday evening, May 15, 2001, in Miami Valley Hospital.  His funeral will be held on the University of Dayton campus, at the Immaculate Conception Chapel, on Friday, May 18.

Personal thoughts and reflections about Mary from our readers 

We've added a section to our Research and Publications section showing selected personal comments from our readers about the Virgin Mary.  Click here to see comments received within the past month.  From this page, feel free to submit your own personal thoughts on Mary.  

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The Mariological Society of America's 52nd Annual Program        

May 30-June 2, 2001
        University of Dayton
        Dayton, Ohio

WEDNESDAY, May 30, 2001

4:00 p.m.

    Board of Trustees Meeting

7:30 p.m.

    Mary of Nazareth: From Icon to Woman"--Premiere Showing 
            (Holy Cross Family Ministries, Family Theater Production)

    Panel Discussion
Moderators:    Fr. Sam Maranto, C.Ss.R. and Fr. John Phalen, C.S.C.

 THURSDAY, May 31, 2001

7:15 a.m.


9:00 a.m. 

    Opening Registration

9:15 a.m.

    Biblical Perspectives on Marian Mediation
Fr. Francois Rossier, S.M.
        Moderator:    Fr. Thomas A. Thompson, S.M.

10:15 a.m.

    Conceiving the Word:
    Patristic and Early Medieval Sources for Franciscan Discussion of Mary's Active Motherhood

        Mr. James Bell
        Moderator:    Fr. James McCurry, O.F.M. Conv.

2:00 p.m.

    Forming Her Only-begotten Sons by Adoption: The Marian Spirituality of Bl. Guerric of Igny (+1157)
Deyanira Flores, S.T.D.
        Moderator:    Bro. John Samaha, S.M.

3:15 p.m.

    Theotokos as Mediatrix in Eastern Church Hymns
Virginia Kimball
        Moderator:    Sr. Jean Frisk

FRIDAY, June 1, 2001

9:15 a.m.

    The Marian Spirituality of the Medieval Religious Orders
Fr. Eamon R. Carroll, O.Carm. - The Carmelites
        Fr. Conrad Borntrager, O.S.M. - The Servites
        Fr. James McCurry, O.F.M. Conv. - The Franciscans
        Fr. Denis Vincent Wiseman, O.P. - The Dominicans
                Moderator:    Fr. Sam Maranto, C.Ss.R.

1:30 p.m.

    Patristic Intuitions of Mary's Role as Mediatrix and Advocate: The Invocation of the Faithful for Her Help
Fr. Luigi Gambero, S.M.
        Moderator:    Fr. Louis Bonacci, S.J.

3:00 p.m.

    Business Meeting – Elections

3:30 p.m.

    Reports on Dissertations - Works in Progress

5:00 p.m.

Banquet (reservations necessary)

 SATURDAY, June 2, 2001

7:15 a.m.


9:00 a.m.

    How Can Spirituality Be Marian?
Fr. Johannes G. Roten, S.M.
    Moderator:    Fr. Myles Murphy

10:30 a.m.
    Survey of Recent Mariology
        Fr. Eamon R. Carroll, O.Carm.
        Moderator: Fr. Louis Bonacci, S.J.


Attendance is open to all.  You need not be a member to register.  For more information, contact the MSA Secretariat at (937) 229-4294 (If no answer, leave message on Voice Mail).

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 Marian Events

This section which lists all of the current Marian Events by geographical position.

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Mary in the Secular Press

The director and editors of Mary Page under the auspices of the International Marian Research Institute do not necessarily endorse or agree with the events and ideas expressed in this feature. Our sole purpose is to report on items about Mary gleaned from a myriad of papers representing the secular press.

Commentary on Mary in various news articles from May 2 through May 14, 2001.

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News from Around the World



It is well known that the Holy Father is devoted to the Virgin Mary, and it is thus fitting that the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center has, because of this, two very prominent exhibits dealing with the Virgin Mary.

The Mother of God exhibit in the center is a temporary exhibit with paintings and sculptures on loan from the Vatican. The paintings include among others, Madonna and Child (1650) by Giovanni Battista Salvi and the Visitation by Ippolito Scarella (1550-1620). The Mother of God exhibit also includes quotations from Pope John Paul II on the various roles of the Virgin Mary as the Mother of God, as the Way that leads to Christ, as a sign of divine presence, as a protectress, and as a sign of tenderness.

The second major exhibit on the Virgin Mary deals with her as a symbol of national unity and/or with her apparitions and interventions. This exhibit features Our Lady of Czestochowa (Poland), Our Lady of Akita (Japan, 1973), Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexico, 1531), Our Lady of Fatima (Portugal, May 1917), Our Lady of Lourdes (France, 1858), and Our Lady of Africa.

The Pope John Paul II Center is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 5 p.m., and on Sunday, noon to 5 p.m.

Robert L. Mauro

From Zenit

Conclusion of John Paul II's Prayer for Peace at Ruins of Quneitra, May 7, 2001

"To the Mother of Jesus, the ever blessed Virgin Mary, we entrust the men and women living in the land where Jesus once lived. Following her example, may they listen to the word of God, and have respect and compassion for others, especially those who differ from them.

May they be inspired to oneness of heart and mind, in working for a world that will be a true home for all its peoples!

Salam! Salam! Salam!


DAMASCUS, Syria, MAY 6, 2001: Here is the text of John Paul II's speech before praying the Regina Caeli at the end of Mass today in the Abbasid Stadium here.

Dear Brothers and Sisters from Damascus and all of Syria,

Before ending this Eucharistic Liturgy with a prayer to the Queen of Heaven, Mother of the Risen Christ, I wish to offer heartfelt thanks to all who have gathered here, around this altar, to offer the Lord our thanksgiving and to present to him our urgent petitions.

I know that all Christians in Syria have a great filial love and a profound veneration for the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, who is likewise respected by our Muslim brothers and sisters.

I deeply regret that my visit to you during these few short days does not permit me to make a pilgrimage of prayer in all the Churches dedicated to the Mother of God in this great and noble city of Damascus. I must limit myself to the two Patriarchal Cathedrals dedicated to the Dormition.

I would also have liked my pilgrimage in the footsteps of Saint Paul to have included a visit to some of the venerable Shrines of the Virgin Mother of God, such as those at nearby Seidnaya, or in Homs, Aleppo, Tartus and elsewhere. I have not forgotten that according to a pious tradition it was near Tartus that the Apostle Peter, on a journey from Jerusalem to Antioch along the Mediterranean coast, dedicated a chapel to the Virgin Mary, the first Marian shrine in Syria.

 As you know, in a few days time, when I leave this city and your country, I shall continue in the footsteps of Saint Paul to Malta, where a celebrated icon of Our Lady of Damascus is piously preserved and venerated in the Greek Catholic Church in Valletta, the capital of the Island. Kneeling before that image, I will remember all of you. I promise to take to Our Lady your prayers and hopes, and I promise to ask her, as I do now, to intercede with her Divine Son for all of you and your families.


Excerpt of John Paul II´s Address at Omayyad Mosque of Damascus [May 6, 2001]

Dear Muslim Friends, 

As-salámu ‘aláikum!

As we make our way through life towards our heavenly destiny, Christians feel the company of Mary, the Mother of Jesus; and Islam too pays tribute to Mary and hails her as "chosen above the women of the world" (Quran, III:42). The Virgin of Nazareth, the Lady of Saydnâya, has taught us that God protects the humble and "scatters the proud in the imagination of their hearts" (Lk 1:51). May the hearts of Christians and Muslims turn to one another with feelings of brotherhood and friendship, so that the Almighty may bless us with the peace which heaven alone can give. To the One, Merciful God be praise and glory for ever. Amen.


Excerpt of the Papal Homily during a Roman-rite Mass at Sports Palace in Athens on May 6, 2001

 The Virgin Mary, by her prayer and maternal presence, accompanied the life and mission of the first Christian community, gathered around the Apostles (cf. Acts 1:14). With them, she received the Spirit at Pentecost! May she watch over the path that we must now walk in order to move towards full unity with our brethren of the East and in order to fulfill with one another, in openness and enthusiasm, the mission that Christ has entrusted to his Church. May the Virgin Mary - so venerated in your country and most especially in her island shrines, such as the Virgin of the Annunciation on the island of Tinos, and under the title of Our Lady of Mercy at Faneromeni, on Syros -- lead us always to her Son Jesus (cf. Jn 2:5). He is the Christ, he is the Son of God, "the true light that enlightens every man" by coming into the world (cf. Jn 1:9).


John Paul II Marked 1981 Attack with a Mass

John Paul II marked the 20th anniversary of the attempt on his life, with a Thanksgiving Mass and the ordination of 34 new priests.

At the beginning of the rite, Cardinal Camillo Ruini, the Pope's vicar for Rome, greeted the Holy Father with a moving remembrance of May 13, 1981, the day that Turkish terrorist Mehmet Ali Agca shot and seriously wounded the Pontiff.

 "This May 13 is truly special: Your Holiness can understand its significance better than anyone can," the cardinal said. It was a warm afternoon on May 13, 1981, when Turk Mehmet Ali Agca fired at the white clad Pope, who was standing in an open convertible in St. Peter's Square.  The seriously wounded Pope was rushed to Rome's Gemelli Hospital. That fateful day was the feast of the Virgin of Fatima.

 The Holy Father is convinced that the Blessed Virgin saved his life: "a maternal hand guided the bullet's path, and an agonizing Pope stood at the threshold of death," he said on May 13, 1994. John Paul II requested that the bullet removed from his body be placed in the Fatima shrine.

 At the end of the Mass, when he greeted thousands of pilgrims gathered in St. Peter's Square, he said of Mary's intercession: "I myself was able to experience her protection on May 13 twenty years ago." Sister Lucia, the surviving visionary of the 1917 apparitions at Fatima, Portugal, confirmed the Pope’s interpretation of that decisive event in his life. In May 2000 the Vatican revealed the "third secret" of Fatima. According to Sister Lucia, a figure "clothed in white" described in the account of the third part of the Fatima revelations referred to the Pope.

 Last May 13th, the Pontiff beatified the two little shepherds who witnessed Mary's apparitions in Portugal. On that occasion, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Vatican secretary of state, announced the revelation of the third secret of Fatima. The statement said, in part: "According to the interpretation of the 'little shepherds,' which was also recently confirmed by Sister Lucia, the 'Bishop clothed in white' who prays for all the faithful is the Pope. As he makes his way with great effort towards the Cross amid the corpses of those who were martyred (Bishops, priests, men and women religious and many lay persons), he too falls to the ground, apparently dead, under a burst of gunfire."

 Sister Lucia said she fully agrees with John Paul II's later affirmation that "a maternal hand guided the bullet's trajectory when the agonizing Pope stood on the threshold of death." The Pope forgave Agca in prison and later requested clemency for him, which was granted last year by Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. Ali Agca returned to Turkey and is in prison for other crimes.


Pope John Paul II's address, given at St. Peter's Square before the "Regina Caeli" – May13, 2001

Dearest Brothers and Sisters!

 1. Today, together with you, I wish to give thanks to God and to the Blessed Virgin for the pilgrimage in St. Paul's footsteps, which I had the joy of undertaking over the past days. Athens, Damascus, Malta: I carry those places imprinted in my soul, which the mission of the Apostle to the Gentiles has linked, indissolubly, to the history of Christianity. Next Wednesday, during the general audience, I will discuss at greater length this unforgettable journey, which was very significant from the ecumenical and inter-religious point of view.

 Unfortunately, it was saddened by the painful news that continued to arrive from the Holy Land. Indeed, we are faced with an absurd spiral of violence. To sow death every day does no more than exasperate spirits and delay the blessed day when all will be able to look at one another in the face and walk together as brothers! All, and in particular leaders of the international community, have the duty to help the parties in conflict to break this immoral chain of provocations and reprisals. It must be remembered,  moreover, as so often repeated, that the language and culture of peace must prevail over incitement to hatred and exclusion.

 2. Today, a reason for joy and praise comes to us from the priestly ordinations, which I celebrated this morning in St. Peter's Basilica. Thirty-four deacons from several Seminaries of the Diocese of Rome became priests, to serve the Church through preaching of the Gospel, the celebration of the Sacraments, and the pastoral care of the People of God. I embrace each one of them again in peace, assuring them of my prayerful support in their new ministry. I thank all those who are responsible for their formation and affectionately greet relatives and friends.

 3. We now invoke, on these new Priests of the Diocese of Rome, the help of Most Holy Mary, on the day in which we remember her apparitions in Fatima. I myself was able to experience her protection on May 13 twenty years ago. We renew our supplication to her for the Holy Land, that the hearts and intentions of all will be purified, so that the massacres will cease and the energies of one and all will be employed for the effective and lasting construction of peace.


600,000 present at the Anniversary of Fatima Apparitions [FATIMA, Portugal, MAY 13, 2001]

More than 600,000 people crowded the Marian shrine on the 84th anniversary of the first of the 1917 apparitions of the Blessed Virgin.

This day also marked the first anniversary of the beatification of Jacinta and Francisco Marto, two of the three young shepherds who saw the apparitions, and the revelation of the third part of the Fatima "secret."

The celebration was presided over by Cardinal Antonio María Rouco Varela, archbishop of Madrid and president of the Spanish bishops' conference.   

From L’Osservatore Romano April 18 - May 9

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Documents, Pronouncements (Magisterial, doctrinal)

This section contains full-text official documents from the Catholic Church on matters related to the Virgin Mary and other points of Catholic Doctrine. This week's selection is "The Holy Spirit and Mary", Letter of Pope Paul VI to Cardinal Léon Josef von Suenens on the Occasion of the International Marian Congress May 13, 1975

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Marian Themes in Magisterial Documents

This section contains an index to Marian references within various official documents from the Catholic Church. This week's topic is taken from a general audience given by John Paul II on May 14, 2001, a meditation on the role of Mary during the 'end times' entitled: An Oil Lamp on a Pedestal.

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