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September 15, 2000

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William Chaminade Beatified
New Marian Institute – Southern India
Friends of the Creche Society
20 Mariological Marian International Congress
New Exhibit:Peggy Stanton
Mary in the Secular Press

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The Life of Mary: New Testament Elements
William  Joseph Chaminade
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William Chaminade Beatitfied

* Celebrating Chaminade, Italian-style -- For photos of this week's pilgrimage to Rome for the beatification of Father William Joseph Chaminade, see

New Marian Institute – Southern India

AROKIA NIKETAN, Marian Centre for study and renewal, VAILANKANNI

This is the title of a new brochure, describing a new Marian Institute recently founded at the Shrine of Our Lady in Vailankanni. The institute accepts 20 students per year for a ten month intensive theological education, which primarily aims at personal theological research in an ecumenical context.

A brochure describing the program emphasizes the unique feature of this program in connection with the Marian shrine at Vailankanni. In addition, full scholarships are available.

An insert in the brochure states: "Vailankanni, the springboard of popular piety is on the shore of Bay of Bengal, in southeast of India. This sacred land is the abode of Marian apparitions and one of the most visted Shrines in the world."

See our Mary Page features:

For contact information:

Vailankanni - 611 111.
Nagain Dist., South India
Tel: (04365) - 63562, 63352
Fax: (04365) - 63517

Friends of the Creche Society


In August 2000 the Friends of the Creche Society was founded on the premise of The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute. The society, which honors and promotes the nativity of Jesus Christ through the nativity scene, will hold a convention from October 25-27, 2001 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The purpose of the society is to promote greater appreciation of the tradition of the creche, its history, and to stimulate artists and artisans to create creches through such means as encouraging creche exhibits and publicizing the work of the artists and artisans. The society will also establishes contact with creche associations in other countries in order to promote an exchange of traditions, history, and cultural expressions. If you are interested in this society and wish to obtain its newsletter see below:

Friends of the Creche Membership: $25/year (USA address); $35/year (non-USA address). Includes subscription to quarterly Creche Herald newsletter.

For more information, write or email:

Rita Bocher, Publisher, Creche Herald
117 Crosshill Road
Wynnewood, PA 19096-3511 (USA)

The creche to the right is from Slovakia and was created by Peter Palka. The setting was done by Marjorie Yefchak.

20 Mariological Marian International Congress

Beginning today, the 20th Mariological Marian International Congress begins in Rome at the St. Mary Major. The conference itself is being held at the shrine of Divine Love, Divina Amore. The theme of the conference is The mystery of Trinity and Mary.

Fr. Johnann G. Roten, Director of The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute, is a keynote speaker on September 16. Faculty and cooperators of the Institute are scheduled as presenters in the various language sessions.

To see the entire program, visit the website planned for the occasion:

New Exhibit: Peggy Stanton

Current Exhibit

Mary in the Secular Press

Commentary on Mary in various news articles from ???, 2000.

The director and editors of Mary Page under the auspices of the International Marian Research Institute do not necessarily endorse or agree with the events and ideas expressed in this feature. Our sole purpose is to report on items about Mary gleaned from a myriad of papers representing the secular press.

Mary in the secular news from August 9 through September 5

An estimated 10,000 persons lined up at Sacred Heart church in Austin, Texas, last month to view a statue of the Virgin Mary that some believe weeps tears of blood, before the statue was removed from display at the church. The statue's owner, Candy Gonzalez, noticed something red in the statue's eyes when she was rearranging the room of her young daughter. After she told neighbors, the crush of visitors created such traffic jams in her neighborhood that she asked the church to display the statue after weekend masses. Gonzalez said the tears come and go with no particular reason, but when the statue cries, "A miracle happens" for people who touch the fresh tears and they are healed. She cited a woman's healed back and another whose failing eyesight was restored. Gonzalez asked the church to return the statue after the weekend visitation because she felt more secure with the statue in her home. Reported by the Houston Chronicle, New York Post, Associated Press and Austin American-Statesman August 26-30.

The Virgin Mary has been making occasional appearances over a church in the central Egyptian city of Assyut since August 17, an Egyptian Orthodox priest said. She appears in a "spiritual atmosphere of bright light, very quietly, without a sound," Father Mina Hanna said. "Hovering groups of large white pigeons" have also been seen. A neighboring priest said he stayed up all night and didn't see anything but a few pigeons. Reported by Agence France Press August 31 and Associated Press September 5.

Derby Evening Telegraph photographer Martin Elliott on August 29 reports on his pilgrimage to Medjugorje, the village in Bosnia said to be the site of Marian appearances in 1981. He listens while Vicka Ivankovic, one of the two remaining visionaries who still have daily apparitions, speaks to the crowds with the help of interpreters. He cites some of the reported miracles and states, "It is difficult to explain, but I cannot deny that Medjugorje has had an effect on me."

"When Yaphet Kotto speaks of Virgin Mary sightings, he can appear very convincing," MacLean's wrote on August 28. The American actor and his wife recently built a house in Marmora, Ont., near a farm famous for spiritual occurrences. Despite is better judgment, he is now a believer. Once, he says, he saw the sun come whipping down from the sky as if it was the end of the world. "I'm a Jew, I didn't expect to be caught up in any of this," he said.

Two hundred residents of the southern Italian village of Palmi pulled a 20-ton wooden structure with a 16-meter high obelisk, called a "Varia," during a religious festival in honor of the Virgin Mary, on August 27, the Saigon Times Daily reported on August 29. On top of the obelisk sat a 10-year-old girl playing the part of the Virgin Mary, a man playing the role of God and 30 young girls dresses as angels. The traditional festival started five centuries ago, after a cholera epidemic in the region.

A candlelight rosary procession honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary was planned for September 8, the feast day of the Birth of Mary, the Times-Picayune said on September 3. The procession was to feature the St. Bernard Deanery Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima and was to be followed by a Mass and reception.

Beverly Donofrio, author of "Looking for Mary," talks with National Public Radio August 24 and the Boston Herald August 27 about her "tale of adventure, both outwardly, into the world, and inwardly, into the soul." Images of the Virgin she collected are transformed from a kind of kitsch into emblems of a presence that comes into her life. Her quest takes her to Bosnia and Guadalupe and into her own heart. What began as a documentary turned into a book "I still think I had my miracle, although it's really hard to believe," she said of an incident in Medjugorje when a statue of Mary stopped crying and the sun shot through a cloud.

Katie Schneider's debut novel, "All We Know of Love," tells of Jo, a quiet child who as an adult has a vision of the Virgin Mary that later inspires her to move to Italy. Telling of her vision, Jo says, "Later that night, The Virgin Mary appeared to me in the kitchen. First came the smell, an overpowering scent of lilacs and the hint of yellow linden blossoms The color explored, a lush jungle green as if the world had just been created...and then I heard the voice, which sounded like my own. 'Do not be afraid,' is what I heard." Reviewed in the Plain Dealer August 27.

Vincenzo Martino prayed to St. Anthony, the Blessed Mother, any saint he could think of, for the return of the stolen crown that once graced his religious club's beloved statue of the Virgin Mary. On August 24, he found it, The Bergen County (NJ) Record said. His neighbor found it stuffed in a black plastic garbage bag outside his garage, next door to the club. Since 1986 members of the Societa Cattolica Maria S.S. delle Grazie have paraded behind the statue during the festival of Santa Maria S.S. delle Grazie, held in June. The traditional procession dates back to the 17th century in Martino's native Alia in Sicily.

A good crowd turned out for a concert by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra during the Edinburgh Festival, the London Times wrote on August 31. However, "if the sopranos and altos in Laudi alla Vergine Maria (from Verdi's Quattro pezzi sacri) were not actually squally, they were on the turn."

Pope John Paul II entrusted "the fruits of the World Youth Day and the success of the forthcoming Jubilee of Universities to Our Lady, Mother of the Church and Virgin of the total and generous 'yes' to the Lord's call" during his reflection August 27 on the recent World Youth Day, L'Osservatore Romano said on August 30.

The Pope reflected on the meaning of Mary's Assumption into heaven on August 15 during his meditation that day at Castel Gandolfo. Noting that the feast coincides with the "Ferragosto," which is synonymous with the summer holidays, he urged "everyone, especially those on holiday, to rediscover the Christian meaning of the feast by participating in the Eucharistic celebration and by praying with devotion to our heavenly Mother." To pilgrims from German- speaking countries he said, "Today is her feast day, the 'Great Women's Day'! What in salvation history happened to the 'great woman' is also our hope: at the end of time, to live with Christ entirely - in body and soul." L'Osservatore Romano August 23.

"Make a virtual pilgrimage to a Marian shrine," reads a headline in the August 9/16 issue of L'Osservatore Romano. Written by brother John Samaha, S.M., the article reports that the University of Dayton's Marian Library offers a Web site devoted to Our Lady and describes the Mary Page and the Marian Library.

Several apparitions of the Virgin Mary have been reported since August 17th in the south of Egypt above St. Marc Church of Assiout, a church which had been destroyed and was rebuilt last Occtober. Mary appeared "in a bright light, very softly and without a noise." The Virgin Mary had already appeared a few years ago in the mountains close to Assiout, reported the Agence France Presse.

Lessineo will commemorate a XVIth century victory against Northern mercenaries, for which the military leader thanked Our Lady by laying his sword at the feet of her statue set at one of the city's doors. The yearly celebration is both religious and cultural festival. Reported in L'Echo.

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The Life of Mary: New Testament Elements

The Mary Page theme for this news brief about the Blessed Mother is culled from magisterial documents since Vatican II. The theme will covers various aspects of Mary's personhood. Mary is significant person of Sacred Scripture

The example from magisterial writings below is derived from the document Signum Magnum (SM).

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