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August 25, 2000

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Pope John Mary Speaks About Mary
Moderator of the Mariological Society of America Dies
Senior Group Sponsors "Mary Week"
"In the Blessed Mother Business"
Searching for A Poem
ZENIT- The World Seen From Rome
Mary in the Secular Press

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Exhibit: Constance Pierce

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This week's themes:
The Life of Mary: Sacred Scripture: Old Testament Typologies (Daughter of Zion, et al)
William  Joseph Chaminade
Make Mary Known, Loved, and Served


Pope John Paul II Speaks About Mary

Moderator of the Mariological Society of America Dies

The Most Reverend Austin B. Vaughan D.D. Auxiliary Bishop of New York, Titular Bishop of Cluain Iraird, die on June 27, 2000. Bishop Vaughan was a longtime member of the mariological Society and served as its president, 1970-72. As president, he delivered a memorable and trenchant address analyzing the points of convergence and divergence between post-conciliar currents and traditional Mariology. After becoming a bishop, he serbved as the Mariological Society's episcopal moderator, 1976-2000, succeeding Cardinal John Wright who had served in that capacity, 1951-1969.

Bishop Vaughan was noted for his courageous and inspiriting conferences and actions on behalf of the unborn. He was arrested several times during pro-like demonstrations and rescues in the `1980s and 1990s. He was known for his extraordinary gentleness , natural humility, and goodness not normally associated with an outspoken activitist. (Article: T. Thompson, SM, The Marian Library Newsletter, Summer 2000.)

Senior Group Sponsors "Mary Week"

The director of The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute recently received the following email. Perhaps others will imitate as successfully.

Last year our senior group, THE TWILIGHTERS, sponsored a very successful "Mary Week" event at St. Benedict's church in Stamford CT and more than 500 people representing 15 different parishes attended throughout the week.

This year due to some different circumstances, we were deferred from May to October to hold our week long event. It is now planned for the week of October 2, appropriately ending on October 7, the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.

We have merged with another parish, OUR LADY OF MONTSERRAT, increasing not only our membership but energizing our diminishing parishioners.

Among the programs planned for the week are

1. HEAVENLY MUSIC, a harpist in concert
2. Honoring OUR LADY with flowers
3. The lessons of the apparitions
4. Mary and the right to life
5. Making rosaries and singing the living rosary by children of the parish
6. Youth group in theater

Mary Page will gladly share your ideas and marian projects, if you submit them to us.

"In the Blessed Mother Business"

Mary Page received the following notification. True, we don't usually promote products, although we will make links and list items. However, this time, we couldn't resist the uniqueness of the story and the request, so we share it with you:

Hello my wife and I are in the Blessed Mother business. Our mission in life is to provide all individuals with a beautiful symbol of Mary, the Mother of God. Our hope is that each time the wind chimes sway gently in the breeze, the chimes will serve as a reminder to all people around the world to devote their lives to peace with God and their fellow men. My web site is We were told our web site should be up by August 25th. We would appreciate it very much if you get a chance to visit our site and give us your comments. It's amazing how I went form publishing Casino Games Magazine to Blessed Mother wind chimes business. I hope you enjoy reading this story. God Bless.

The Story of the Blessed Mother Wind Chimes: Sometimes things happen for a reason. Call it fate, luck, divine intervention, or whatever you choose. We may not like or understand what's going on as it's happening, but eventually the reasons and answers become clear. The inspiration for the Blessed Mother Wind Chimes encompasses all of the above. It's a true story of love, commitment, sadness, humor, ingenuity, and divine intervention.

On a beautiful August morning in 1997, a beloved mother of eight peacefully passed from this world into the next. Earlier that day, the first Friday of the month, she had been visited by her priest who administered what became her final Holy Communion. Her long life had been full of family, friends and a deep spiritual devotion, especially to the Blessed Mother. The circle was now complete. Upon hearing of his mother's passing, Sam, the youngest son flew home to attend the funeral and visit his sister, Joan, who was dying of brain cancer. The time spent with his sister was especially poignant because their mother never knew of the terminal illness that plagued her daughter.

During his visit, Sam walked sadly through his mother's home, gently touching the religious statues and other spiritual reminders of her passionate devotion to God and the Blessed Mother. As he came to the back porch he heard the delicate music of his mother's wind chimes hanging from the porch's ceiling. Suddenly, an idea sprang into his mind. Sam retrieved one of the wind chimes and drove to the family gravesite where both his parents now rested. He propped a long extension ladder against a tall tree only a few yards from where they lay. With wind chime in hand, Sam climbed the ladder to the first branch. From there he left the ladder behind and ascended even higher until he found just the right spot to hang the chime. The wind caught the silvery tubes, making them sway and gently produce wonderful, melodic sounds. Sam felt good and sensed that his mother was there in spirit and everything was okay.

Just 99 days after Sam's mother had passed on, his sister, the monarch of the family, finally lost her battle with cancer. Sam returned for her funeral. While at the cemetery, he looked up and was saddened to see that the wind chime had broken. He silently vowed to replace them as he watched his sister's coffin be lowered into the ground next to his mother.

After an exhaustive search, Sam was ready to give up looking for wind chimes that reflected his family's Christian faith. There were none to be found! So Sam decided to take a simple hummingbird wind chime to a local priest (and family friend) for a blessing. The priest expressed surprise at Sam's request. He had blessed many other items in the past, but never a wind chime! He eventually agreed to the blessing after hearing Sam's story. The priest also suggested that Sam place a cross on the wind chime.

Sam had a great idea. His best friend, a 97-year-old Franciscan priest, Brother Nick, who lived in New York City, had previously given Sam his own Rosary. Brother Nick and Sam's mother had also been the best of friends, so it seemed appropriate that Brother Nick's Rosary be place on the wind chime.

Sam, the newly blessed wind chime, and the Rosary were soon on their way back to the cemetery. As Sam climbed the tall tree once again, his nephew Jimmy, Joan's son steadied the ladder. After securely fastening the wind chimes and rosary, Jimmy made a remark that Sam would never forget, "You know, Uncle Sammy, every time you hear the chimes, it's like hearing a "Hail Mary"." Sam had now found his purpose! He would create Christian wind chimes for others to enjoy, too.

With the love and support of his wife, Maryanne, Sam created five beautiful wind chimes: Our Lady of Grace, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Our Lady of Medjugorje. Each uniquely designed wind chime features a wind-catching, teardrop-shaped disk hanging from the center under the chimes. On one side is the "Hail Mary" and on the other side is the prayer the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima requested all believers to say after each mystery of the Rosary.

May these wonderful symbols of Mary, the Mother of God, serve as a spiritual reminder to honor Our Lady and bring you and your loved ones comfort, hope and peace.

Searching for A Poem

We received the following request. After an extensive search, we did not locate the poem. Can anyone help?

The request: A colleague with a special needs child is looking for a Christmas poem about a Little Lame Lamb at the Nativity scene; it was once narrated on an LP by Mary Martin. We are looking for both the poem and the LP. Can you be of help to us?

ZENIT, August 15, 2000 - DAILY DISPATCH - The World Seen From Rome

Be sure to avail yourself of this wonderful news service. It contains features under, VATICAN DOSSIER, WORLD FEATURES, DOCUMENTS. You will find this most valuable service at Internet! .

Zenit asks for a donation to keep up its services. See excerpts from the following two articles which contain Marian content:

Pontiff Thanks Families and Volunteers
CASTEL GANDOLFO, AUGUST 15 ( "Rome will be the capital of the world's youth' for a week, John Paul II promised at noon today, when he met several thousand pilgrims, just hours before the opening of World Youth Day, which will end on August 20. ...

John Paul II entrusted the success and fruitfulness of these days of youthful meetings to the Virgin Mary, whose Assumption into heaven was being celebrated by the world's billion Catholics. He recalled that, 49 years ago, on the eve of this feast, Maximilian Kolbe was killed in Auschwitz, and said: "May the Queen of Heaven, so loved by him, continue to follow us on the earthly road as a caring Mother of her children, especially of the new generations, and remind all of the glorious end, where she has preceded us and awaits us." ZE00081507

Thousands of Muslims Participate in Early Harvest Blessing

EPHESUS, AUGUST 15 ( The feast of the Assumption, which for centuries has been celebrated with great solemnity in Ephesus, the shrine next to the house in which, according to one branch of the tradition, Mary spent the last years of her life, has taken on special importance during this Jubilee year.

The Church in Ephesus has been declared a Jubilee Church by the Turkish Episcopal Conference. More than 2,000 people attended Mass there today, celebrated by Archbishop Luigi Conti, Apostolic Nuncio in Turkey. Among the faithful were pilgrims from the United States, France, and Italy.

A liturgy of the Word was also celebrated, under the direction of diocesan Archbishop Giuseppe Bernardini, during which the first fruits of the harvest were blessed. It is interesting to note that Turkish Muslims, who are a majority in the country, attach great importance to this blessing. Consequently, thousands of them went up to Meryem Ana to pray to the Virgin, for whom they have a special devotion.

The Qu'ran mentions Mary 44 times in delicate poetic terms. The Ephesus shrine is one of the few where Muslims and Christians pray together daily. Devotees arrive from all over the world, numbering over one million annually. ZE00081502

Mary in the Secular Press

Commentary on Mary in various news articles from August 2 - 22, 2000.

The director and editors of Mary Page under the auspices of the International Marian Research Institute do not necessarily endorse or agree with the events and ideas expressed in this feature. Our sole purpose is to report on items about Mary gleaned from a myriad of papers representing the secular press.

Items Revisited

Exhibit: Constance Pierce

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The Life of Mary: Sacred Scripture: Old Testament Typologies (Daughter of Zion, et al)

The Mary Page theme for this news brief about the Blessed Mother is culled from magisterial documents since Vatican II. This theme covers various aspects of Mary's life. Mary is a real, historical person who lived in Nazareth 2000.

The example from magisterial writings below is derived from the document Lumen Gentium, Chapter 8.

The Life of Mary: Old Testament Typologies

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You are invited to help us pray for our prayer corner intentions.

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The intentions of the Holy Father for August 2000:

For more information on these intentions, see: Apostleship of Prayer

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