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March 3, 2000

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Mary and the Celebration of the Lenten Season
Film Festival: On Mary in Film
60,000 Sick for Our Lady of Lourdes Prayer Service in Rome
Jubilee of Permanent Deacons
Our Lady of the Millennium
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New Catholic Internet Directory Marian Association in Germany
Prayers for the Jubilee Year 2000
Mary in the Secular Press
St. Joseph in the Mystery of the Incarnation 2000

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Mary and the Church
Mediation and Intercession
William  Joseph Chaminade
Vignette-20 / Cameo-20

The Season of Lent and the Blessed Virgin Mary

See our Lenten resources listed below.

The commentary in the Sacramentary of the Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the votive Mass, "Holy Mary, Disciple of the Lord," says about Lent:

Lent is a "journey" for the faithful, during which they "more diligently listen to the word of God and devote themselves to prayer with greater earnestness" [SC 109}, and during which they are ready to bear the cross with greater zeal, so that with minds and hearts renewed they may reach a more worthy celebration of the Easter festival. In this way they show themselves true disciples of Christ, hearing his words and seeking to make them their own (see Luke 8:15), following in his footsteps in self-denial (see Matthew 16:24), and striving to stand by his cross in faithful witness (see John 19:26).

The Blessed Virgin Mary was such a disciple. One of the prefaces in the Marian Mass, "The Commending of the Blessed Virgin Mary," sums up the Marian outlook for Lent:

Father, all-powerful and ever-living God,
we do well always and everywhere to give you thanks.

At the foot of the cross of Jesus,
by his solemn and dying wish,
a deep bond of love is fashioned
between the Blessed Virgin Mary
and his faithful disciples:
the Mother of God is entrusted to the disciples
as their own mother,
and they receive her
as a precious inheritance from their Master.

She is to be for ever
the mother of those who believe,
and they will look to her
with great confidence in her unfailing protection.
She loves her Son in loving her children,
and in heeding what she says
they keep the words of their Master.

Through him the angels of heaven
offer their prayer of adoration
as they rejoice in your presence for ever.
May our voice be one with theirs
in their triumphant hymn of praise.
(Preface 13)

Lenten Resources

Mary Page offers a variety of items to help you reflect on Christ's Passion and Death with Mary or in a Marian context. Below are listed major articles. Kindly use our Mary Page search engine for even greater detail.

On Mary in Film

[Nights of Cabiria]

The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute is sponsoring a film festival in conjunction with the University of Dayton's Sesquicentennial Celebration. Seven films spanning the history of film will be viewed during the festival which extends from February 17, to April 5, 2000. Multi-disciplinary talks by various professors of the university will place each film in its broader context.

Responsible for the sessions are Michael Duricy, Research Assistant, and Fr. Johann G. Roten, Director of the Institute. Duricy has studied the images and symbolism of the Blessed Virgin in Mary since the origin of cinema. According to Duricy, the Virgin Mary first appeared in film either in 1898 or 1899. The series will study how these representations express the currents of the time according to various perspectives.

In addition to the film/lecture series, Duricy has also taught courses on Mary in film at the International Marian Research Institute.

[Miracle of
Our Lady of
Fatima] The free program takes place at Sears Hall of the Humanities Building at the University of Dayton. Each evening opens at 7 pm with a 30 minute lecture followed by the showing of the film, and concludes with questions and refreshments.

The public is welcome.

60,000 Sick for Our Lady of Lourdes Prayer Service in Rome

"Mary, our most tender Mother, accompanies us in joy and in sorrow, in good times and in those of physical and spiritual trial, in order to help us in every circumstance to say our 'yes' to God's will," Pope John Paul II told more than 60,000 sick people in a prayer service in St. Peter's Square on the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. .Together with nurses, doctors and volunteers, they had accompanied a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes from Castel Sant'Angelo to St. Peter's Square. The torchlight procession, organized by the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Assistance to Health- Care Workers, also celebrated the Jubilee of the Sick and Health-Care Workers, L'Osservatore Romano reported on Feb. 16.

Jubilee of Permanent Deacons

Permanent deacons and their families from around the world celebrated their Jubilee in Rome Feb.18-20. They began by praying the Rosary and attending Eucharistic adoration at the Basilica of St. Mary Major, L'Osservatore Romano reported on Feb. 23. During his audience with them, Pope John Paul II said, "Faith must be passed on and communicated. It is also your task to share with the younger generation the one unchanging Gospel of salvation, so that the future will be filled with hope for everyone. May the Blessed Virgin sustain you in this mission."

Our Lady of the Millennium

We have been asked to provide this link to keep you informed about the journey of the large statue of Mary known at Our Lady of the Millennium.

From Our Readers -- Links

Mary Page is frequently asked to provide links regarding Marian events, sites and reflections. Mary Page will provide these resources when possible, however, this does not indicate that Mary Page agrees with the contents of the particular Marian site. Mary Page asks in return that the site link back to Mary Page as well. The following request is one example of many:

Dear Friend:

I have enjoyed your WEB page very much and commend you on your work. In addition I would like to ask you to look at our page at by The Workers of Our Lady. It is mainly a site about Our Lady's apparition in Garabandal and also includes many stories of recent healings including the story of my own healing while I was on a pilgrimage to Garabandal 6 years ago. Our site has been approved by a Bishop and I ask you to take a look at it. We constantly update it and provide stories about the visionaries, the testimonies, new recent graces or healings etc. If you find that this would be beneficial to add as a link then please let me know at either this e-mail address or In addition we would like to add your site to our list of links. I await your reply. God Bless you.

New Catholic Internet Directory

Mary Page found itself linked substantially at a very large website resource announced by the Rome news service, ZENIT, on February 14.
ZENIT writes, launched its Catholic Start Directory on the Internet. This index has over 16,000 links to web sites, articles, documents and audio and video archives. Paul McLachlan, Webmaster, commented, "There is such a wealth of information on the Internet for Catholics if only they knew it was there!" ... McLachlan describes it as like a library, where your attention may be caught by a book you never would have looked at otherwise. ...

The Catholic Start Directory, however, unlike most directories, offers direct contacts to every article in other sites, so that the users can go directly to what they need....

The "Catholic Start Directory" is found in


Marian Association in Germany

Several nations or continental regions have their own Marian studies societies and associations. In Germany, the Fuldaer Arbeitsgemeinschaft Marianischer Vereinigung (FMV) [Fulda Committee of Marian Associations] will meet four times in the year, 2000, for open discussions on the guiding theme, "With Mary Be Involved in the New Evangelization" [Mit Maria zur Neuevangelisierung beitragen!] Primary consideration will be given to topics relating to signs of hope and of grace in society as it seeks peace and unity. Mary's significance as a model for new missionary initiative will be key to the discussions.

On September 16 & 17, 2000, the Fulda Marian Days [Marientage in Fulda] will be celebrated under the motto: "With Mary into the Third Millennium."

Prayers for the Jubilee Year 2000

A booklet to recommend:

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has produced an excellent booklet entitled, Prayers for the Jubilee Year. The booklet is divided into sections preparing for the jubilee, celebrating the jubilee, litanies, meal prayers, praying with the scriptures, suggestion for prayer before the reserved sacrament, some appropriate hymns, and other prayers. One sample:

Prayer to Walk with Mary

Jesus, our brother and our Lord,
you have come to save us
because God loves us with a deep and unending love.
You have given us Mary, your mother,
to be our mother too
and invite us to follow her example.
On earth she was a woman of faith and prayer,
always ready to serve in any way.
In heaven she continues to pray for us
so that we may serve God faithfully in our daily living.

Jesus, help us to ponder in our hearts
over the many ways you show your love in our lives
and lead us to walk with your mother
as we follow you each day.

Jesus, we praise you,
For you are our Lord and our God
for ever and ever. Amen.

Obtain through:

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
90 Parent Avenue
Ottawa, Ontarios
K1N 7B1

Mary in the Secular Press

Commentary on Mary in various news articles from February 16 to 27, 2000. The director and editors of Mary Page under the auspices of the International Marian Research Institute do not necessarily endorse or agree with the events and ideas expressed in this feature. Our sole purpose is to report on items about Mary gleaned from a myriad of papers representing the secular press.

St. Joseph in the Mystery of the Incarnation 2000


Are you familiar with the precious little periodical entitled, Guardian of the Redeemer? We would like to recommend this periodical to you. It is published quarterly by the California Province of the Oblates of Saint Joseph and fosters devotion to the foster father of Jesus Christ and husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

As a sample, the March - May 2000 issue contains the following features:


Guardian of the Redeemer Magazine
544 West Cliff Drive
Santa Cruz, CA 95060-6147
Tel: 831 457 1868
Fax: 831 457 1317
or: Attn: Susan Marlou Vega

"O Glorious Saint Joseph, after the Blessed Virgin, you were the first to hold in your arms the Redeemer. ... May you teach us; may you assist us, may you make us worthy members of the Holy Family" (Blessed Marello).

New Exhibit: Love and Passion: Man of Sorrows - Mother of Compassion by Ioana Datcu

[Datcu Annunciation]

The works of Rumanian artist, Ioana Datcu, are now on exhibit at The Marian Library. Her works for the exhibit are mixed media icons on glass. See the virtual exhibit on Mary Page at:

Love and Passion: Man of Sorrows - Mother of Compassion

Mary and the Church: Mediation and Intercession

This section offers direct quotes from magisterial documents on the theme of Mary's mediation and intercession. Some examples:

Mary and the Church: Mediation and Intercession

Prayer Corner Requests

You are invited to help us pray for our prayer corner intentions.

Prayer Corner

The intentions of the Holy Father for March 2000:

A lovely site which fosters daily prayer by the Jesuits of Ireland can be found at Sacred Space.

For more information on these intentions, see: Apostleship of Prayer

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