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Mary Page often receives requests for prayer. These intentions will be listed below as they are received (last received are at the top of the list) and will be honored on the web for one month. Mary Page prayer requests are also included in the prayers of the Marianists and other communities of consecrated life.

Mary, Seat of Wisdom and Consoler of the Afflicted, pray for us!

Please add for prayers for my 18 year old bi-polar son ... who will not take his medicine and after many years of praying for a healing, he has given up on God. He is adopted and does not know why God gave him to us, but should have left him to die. He wants to die, but does not want to commit suicide. He has begun to listen to hate groups and white supremacists. He truly needs prayers for his illness and his heart. Thank you.

Praying for the unborn by name

The Pastoral Plan of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops calls for "a public information and education effort to deepen understanding of the humanity of the unborn". In order to foster society's understanding of the humanity of the unborn, we should do everything we can to encourage Christian women to give temporary, prenatal names to their CHILDREN IN THE WOMB. Then, in the same way that we pray for other members of the congregation when they are ill or otherwise in need, the church would pray for its unborn children BY NAME. This would be a powerful way for us to demonstrate that we believe that a fetus is an individual human being who deserves the right to life.

There is a psychology behind this, call it the "psychology of a name". A name forges our identity as individuals distinct from others and is central to the formation of the bonds we make between us. Understand that every member of every human society has a name and if we want society to think of an unborn child as one of its members, we need to take the lead in giving names to the unborn.

The idea that an unborn child would have a name is not foreign to Judeo/Christian thought. God called Isaiah BY NAME from his mother's womb (Isaiah 49:1) and both John the Baptist (Luke 1:13) and Our Lord Jesus (Luke 2:21) were named before they were even conceived.

Since the prenatal name is temporary and can be changed at birth, the sex of the child need not be considered even if an engendered name is chosen. Of course there are many names that are not gender specific and even nonsense names would be perfectly acceptable. The idea that one's name can be changed has been embraced by both God the Father (Abram to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah) and Jesus (Simon to Peter).

If giving a name to her unborn child helps a mother understand the humanity of that child then she will not likely seek an abortion. Although we might try to prevent an abortion by attempting to convince someone who is about to enter an abortion clinic that she should stop and give her child a pre-natal name, it seems that earlier exposure to this concept would be a more effective way of preventing the abortion. We need to make prenatal names such a part of society's fabric that a women who would never consider going to church would embrace the idea of giving a prenatal name to the baby in her womb simply because it has become common to give unborn children the dignity and benefit of a name.

Naming the child is even beneficial if there should be a miscarriage or the child is stillborn because it is an important step in the grieving process. In fact it is an integral part of Project Rachel and other programs aimed healing after the loss of an unborn child.

If this idea makes sense to you then I ask you to do three things.

First, pray about. If it still makes sense to you then proceed.

Second, implement it in your church. Put a notice in your church bulletin. Talk about it to expectant mothers. And if even one of them so wishes, pray for her unborn child by name when you as a church bring your petitions before the Lord.

Third, disseminate the idea to others. Send this idea to others who in turn can pray, implement, and disseminate. If you have editorial skills or can otherwise express this idea better, feel free to make whatever changes you see fit. Print it out for those who don't have e-mail and forward it to those who do.

Prayers are requested for bi-polar son, that he will go back on medication and cease his suicidal thoughts, and that his siblings will understand this awful disease and stop hating their brother and begin to love him for what he is again. I ask for this in God's name - Thank you.

Could you please pray for my special intention of marriage and family. All seems hopeless at the moment and I really need a miracle. Thank you and I will keep you in my prayers.

My father (John) has everything except Jesus. Could you pray that he accepts Jesus as Lord and Saviour? Also, personally, before coming to the Lord I was steeped in new age, pornography and rock music. Sometimes I get 'flashbacks' which are quite disturbing. Could you pray for deliverace and a cleansing of my past through the Blood of Jesus?

Please pray that my father will get well soon.

Dear Friends, I greet you in the precious name of Jesus our Lord. I am Fr.Tom Mangattuthazhe writing to you from India. May I briefly introduce to you the place of my work, people and some of my concerns in this missionary region. My diocese, Diphu, was erected on 5th December,1983 detaching the District of Karbi Anglong of Assam from the Archdiocese of Shillong-Guwahati and the District of North Cachar Hills from the diocese of Silchar. The people of the region are among the poorest of the poor, and most backward among the backward. Both men and women wear minimum of clothes, they live in small huts all made of bamboo and thatched roofing. They are engaged in the cultivation of paddy, however irrigation and mechanization has not reached anywhere. Adding to that Assam has floods every year. It is a common sight here to see the men and women digging the fields themselves to soften the land for sowing. Those who have the buffaloes use them to soften the land. They rely totally on the clemency of weather for a good crop, and when it fails they starve. Food is very scarce in this region. People are driven by hunger to search wild eatable roots.

The unhygienic conditions in which they live combined with the presence of thick forests in the region make this region infected with all kinds of diseases. Chronic diseases like goiter, TB and Leprosy are rampant in this region. The World Health Organization has marked Karbi Anglong as a Malaria infested area. My priests friends, sisters and catechists are doing our best in educating our people. They regularly travel the different villages, instructing, caring, healing etc.They teach not only about our faith and make them Christians, but also teach about the basics of a decent human life.

I would like to share with you my present priestly ministry. I am now working as the Secretary to Bishop, stationed at Bishop's House. Besides the secretarial works I am also engaged in Diocesan youth commission as its director, as secretary to Jubilee 2000 celebrations etc. Week days are spend for the office work and on Saturdays and Sundays I go out to different mission stations to help the priest there in his evangelization. I feel lot of joy and fulfilment after the visit of catholic and non-christian villages. Although the week days are spend in the office I also arrange my time to animate and guide the youth of various parishes.

It is in this context I would like to place in front of you my humble petition to help this missionary diocese with your prayers, material and financial support. I reach out to as many as I can with limited means. I would like to continue this work of ministering to these least developed of tribals, aiming at their empowerment and spiritual nourishment. I need your assistance!. Any small help you can give us will be gratefully received and scrupulously used for the really poor of this diocese.

If there is a Marian prayer group I request that my daughter Lara be added. Lara is an alcoholic and I'm fairly certain there is spiritual warfare complicating her recovery. ... I have two nieces who also suffer from similar addictions but with drugs. Their names are Both are mothers so their children also can benefit from any blessings received. ...

Please pray for my poor soul to the Lord through Our Blessed Mother's merciful care? For all my intentions are contained should be contained therein...

I am a non-Catholic who has a devotion and relationship with the Holy Mary.

I am a paraplegic and have had kidney problems most of my life. In the last year, my blood levels have dropped, for no reason, that the doctors can decipher. No treatment has worked to raise them. I am currently in my last day of a Novena to the Sacred Mother and believe she led me to your site.

My father who is 83 years old is addicted to a prescribed sedative, Xanax. He has severe anxiety disorder w/panic attacks and depression. He fears death so much that he cannot live. ...It's a condition known as agoraphobia. He's been on this drug for 6 years and in the last 8 months, has put my mom and me through so much. ... The detoxing can be so severe, he may stroke out or die. ... Thank you to all who pray for them and I in turn will pray for you. God Bless You.

The Holy Father's prayer intentions for this month:

To read a meditation on these intentions, see Apostleship of Prayer

Please pray for my daughter-in-law Dianne and her unborn baby because Downs Syndrome is a possibility. Thank You

Please pray for my church so that it may better serve the Lord. Please pray for the children in the city where I live and the children of the world. Please help me praise God as I work and live and help me to be a worthy instrument of love.

I appreciate your adding my father to your page of intentions. My cousin is now over 6 months pregnant. The father of the child is in prison. It is also an interracial relationship, which has made it even more difficult for my cousin. Thank you for your prayers!

Please pray for the health of a benefactor of the Marian Library who has recently been ill. Share us with our gratitude by remembering and praising God for his goodness and asking Our Lady to restore his health.

I would like to request that you add a prayer request to the Prayer Corner. I would like prayers said for the repose of my father's soul. He is John Massey; he died March 25. I would also like prayers said for my pregnant cousin, her unborn baby, the baby's father, and that whole situation.

My girlfriend, under family pressure had to meet another boy as a proposal for marriage. It's real tough on her (I too have gone through a tough time). Could you please please pray that the Lord gives us strength and wisdom. We want to accept His will, whatever it is.

I also should be doing a genetic mapping for muscular atrophy shortly. Through this the doctors will give their indications on whether the illness will be passed on to future generations.

A brother who really needs your prayers,

I would like a prayer for mothers. Today would have been my mother's 60th birthday; she was 37 years old when she left this world, I was 12. I miss her so very much. I would really appreciate a prayer I could recite for her and for other mothers who left this world too soon.

Please help me pray that my life will be better soon. I need companionship desperately. Thank you. 6/26/2000

I'm a Roman Catholic from India. I would be approaching my girlfriend's family shortly to ask for her hand in marriage. The last time (around 8 months back) they refused on grounds that I have muscular atrophy.

Could you and your church pray that the Lord Jesus strengthens my girlfriend and intervenes powerfully on our behalf. And that the marriage goes through. God bless you, 6/26/2000

Please pray for a cure soon for deafness.

Please pray for healing for son, Daniel, and his three children. His wife and their mother left for other relationships. Their son needs healing from ADD. Healing for my husband, continuing of his health and wisdom. For my healing for brain injury resulting from a car accident. We need financial help. I am a registered nurse and now have no income because of my disability. I was the main source of income as we are farmers. For my daughter to return to Church and the Sacraments. For my son who became unemployed because of a medial problem. He needs to get back his job as they have six little boys. 5/10/2000

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