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We are accused of pompously eulogizing Mary and are blamed for the honor we render her. I do not refer to the impious, but rather to the poorly instructed Christians who do not know the gift of God in this miracle of His omnipotence. Can we really assert too much, do too much, provided we do not declare her equal to the Divinity, provided we make a distinction between her veneration and that of the Divinity? What has God said of Mary? What has He done for her? He is our Model!

– W. Joseph Chaminade

"Marianists should participate actively in national and international Marian congresses. Other religious societies use these occasions to explain their special doctrines. The holy slavery, for instance, was hardly known until the beginning of the twentieth century, when it was explained in great detail at the Marian Congress of Einsiedeln in 1906. Thereafter it spread throughout the world with giant strides. At the International Marian Congress in Rome, 1950, nine religious societies discussed their doctrines, each in a special section. The Montfort Father had five such sections. [At the first Marian Congress held at Lyons, France, in 1910, Father Henri Rousseau, S.M., read a paper on our Marianist doctrine.]

"When Father Chaminade in 1840 was planning a new edition of the Manual of the Servant of Mary, he welcomed the suggestion made by Father Jean-Baptiste Fontaine to preface the prayer book with a treatise on our knowledge of Mary. Even before that work was completed he promised a copy to Brother Enderlin in Fribourg, asking him to pass it on to Canon Aeby, parish priest of the city, to let him know 'what we think of Mary.' He added, 'We are not afraid of publishing the profound sentiments we have for the August Mary, Mother of Our Lord and our own Mother.'
"For many years no other work on the Blessed Virgin was written [by the Founder or the early Marianists because of various obstacles]. Those obstacles no longer exist, and it is most desirable that priests and Brothers publish books, pamphlets, and magazine articles, perhaps in collaboration with others, in order to spread the Marian message of Father Chaminade throughout the world.

"There will always be a need to explain and to adapt our teaching according to the times, places, and different classes of readers and clients. We must find ways of putting our treasured doctrine into the widest circulation. There will be a demand, it is hoped, for the publication in various countries of a review concerned with filial and apostolic devotion to Mary. Such a publication might contain articles on some phase or application of our doctrine, serious reviews of books or articles treating of filial and apostolic piety, biographies of servants of Mary, as well as a summary report on the varied Marian publications and movements throughout the world.

"All this supposes that religious be directly assigned to that type of Marian apostolate. Religious specialize as teachers of literature, history, and science. With all the more reason should some Marianists specialize as 'doctors of devotion to Mary."'

– Emil Neubert, S.M., OUR GIFT FROM GOD, p. 262-263
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