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We are accused of pompously eulogizing Mary and are blamed for the honor we render her. I do not refer to the impious, but rather to the poorly instructed Christians who do not know the gift of God in this miracle of His omnipotence. Can we really assert too much, do too much, provided we do not declare her equal to the Divinity, provided we make a distinction between her veneration and that of the Divinity? What has God said of Mary? What has He done for her? He is our Model!

– W. Joseph Chaminade

"We can preach Mary in our conversations, our correspondence, our classrooms, often by mere allusions. Father Chaminade said, 'I need not tell you that the holy name of Marv must be found naturally, as it were, everywhere. Whether you pray alone or in common, whether you encourage, instruct, or conduct a sodality meeting – do not be content unless the holy name of Mary is mentioned.' The closing words of the former text of the rule on stability come to mind: 'To propagate the knowledge of Mary and to perpetuate love and devotion to whatever circumstance of life it might be.' Commenting on this passage Father Simler adds, 'Piety is ingenious and strong enough to fit into this plan all the actions and all the decisions of our lives. '"

– Emil Neubert, S.M., OUR GIFT FROM GOD, p. 257
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