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Vignette 7

Blessed William Joseph Chaminade's deep conviction of the conquering role of the Virgin Mary in these latter times was expressed often and energetically, and in a manner which bears striking resemblance to St. Louis de Monfort's Treatise on True Devotion to Mary. The similarity of their teachings and of their foretelling Mary's role in our times, doubtlessly drawn from common sources, indicates, however, no dependence of Father Charninade on his predecessor. In fact, comparative study of the two doctrines reveals real differences. Father Chaminade could not have been influenced by the prophetic teaching of St. Louis de Monfort's presaging the Age of Mary because the Treatise on True Devotion to Marv was not discovered until 1842. The doctrine and declarations of Father Chaminade, then eighty-one years old, all antedate 1842. Furthermore, de Montfort's prediction of the Age of Mary speaks of unknown times; Father Chaminade's, or current times. Father Chaminade's inspiration regarding Mary's apostolic role in our time was from Our Lady of the Pillar at Saragossa, not from any predecessor or contemporary.

St. Louis de Montfort 1673-1716

Ven. William Joseph Chaminade 1761-1850

Cameo 7

In his letter to the retreat preachers of 1839 Blessed Father Chaminade expressed the apostolic vision that must imbue the life and channel the energies of each Marianist in words now very familiar.

Our work is far-reaching; it is magnificent. If it is universal, the reason is that we are missionaries of Mary, who has said to us: "Do whatever he tells you!" Indeed, everyone of us is a missionary. To each of us the Blessed Virgin has given a mandate to work at salvation of all in the world.

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