Vignettes and Cameos
Vignette 6

On at least five solemn occasions our Blessed Founder and nineteenth century apostle of Mary announced Mary's apostolic triumph in modern times and foretold the Age of Mary. Noted writers of our times have been impressed by his far-reaching vision and by the apostolic orientation of his doctrine.

We cite Capuchin Father James O'Mahony as an example.
[More than] a hundred years ago it was prophesied by a great client of Mary, Father William Chaminade, that a new era of devotion to the Mother of God was about to dawn on the world. In a letter to the supreme pontiff of the time, dated September 16, 1838, this holy man went further. He foretold that the new era, this age of Mary, would hearld a signal triumph for Christ and His Church.

Cameo 6

In his inspiring letter of August 24, 1839, to the Marianist retreat preachers of that summer, Father Chaminade waxes eloquent on anticipating a new era of Mary.

This sad picture of our times [faithlessness of the period], so unfortunately exact, does not by any means discourage us. Mary's power has not been weakened. It is our firm belief that she will vanquish this heresy as she did all others, for today she is, as she always has been, the incomparable Woman, the Woman of promise who is to crush the head of the infernal serpent. Jesus himself by always addressing her in his public utterances with this great name, would teach us that she is the hope, the joy, the life of the Church, and the terror of hell. To her, therefore, is reserved the great victory in our day, for to her belongs the glory of saving the faith from the destruction with which it is threatened.

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