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Vignette 5

Father Chaminade's doctrine of apostolic filial piety is not an act or series of acts of devotion to Mary, but a dynamic way of life -- a participation in the state of Jesus, Son of Mary, to aid her in multiplying Christians. As Jesus was nursed and reared by Mary, so should Christians be formed in His likeness by her care. As Jesus associated Mary in all the mysteries of His life, so Christians should associate her in all their works, for their apostolate is but a participation in hers as Mother of all persons.

Cameo 5

Blessed Father Chaminade reminds Marianist religious and laity that Mary's maternal role is essential in bringing us into conformity with Christ, in assisting us to participate in the state of Jesus, Son of Mary. In his own words:

"We belong to the Virgin as a child to its mother. Our dependence on her is universal. If we could be independent of her in any manner, her maternity would be contradicted on this point."
"What is proper to the Christian is to clothe oneself . . . with the inclinations, the habits, and the virtues of Jesus Christ."

"We all have the same purpose and the same interests, to labor with all our strength at the maintenance and propagation of our faith, each in the station in which one lives and works."

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