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From his apostolic Marian Sodalities established for young adults and married people, Father Chaminade founded the Marianists (the Daughters of Mary Immaculate and the Society of Mary) to be the "undying moderator" completely dedicated to perpetuate cooperation with Mary in the Apostolic Mission of her Spiritual Motherhood.

It was the intimate conviction of Father Chaminade that our relation to Mary must be a participation in that which exists between Jesus and Mary. For him devotion means devotedness -- an enduring attitude and disposition; not a single action, but a commitment. Because of our oneness with Christ in His Mystical Body, we are really but one child of Mary with Jesus Christ. The core of this child-like devotedness to Mary, generally termed filial piety to Mary, was Father Chaminade's insistence on her Spiritual Maternity.

From spiritual infancy to spiritual maturity, Father Chaminade intended the members of his religious families and their lay collaborators "to live and work by the spiritual help of Mary, that is, to have them brought up by her as Jesus was brought up by the care of this good Mother after having been formed in her womb." To become "another Christ" is the goal of every member of the Mystical Body. This is accomplished, taught Father Chaminade, not by becoming children of Mary, but by becoming "other children of Mary."

Cameo 3

This expression epitomizes the spiritual doctrine of our Founder and states the raison dietre of his religious families:

"... the most faithful imitation of Jesus Christ, Son of God., become Son of Mary for the salvation of mankind."
All Marianists,-- religious and lay -were to become one with the Son of Mary for the same reason that Christ became her Son: to work at the salvation of all her other children.

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