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Vignette 24

In tracing the development of the notion of Mary's Apostolic Mission in the Mariology of W. Joseph Chaminade, and seeing its clarification in Church teaching, we may conclude that it is theologically certain. Sacred Scripture, the Tradition of the Church, reliable theologians, and the ordinary magisterium of the Church witness to the apostolic role of our Blessed Mother, to complete the Mystical Body of Christ by bringing the grace of Redemption to each person until the end of time.

Her Divine Maternity and Coredemption, her intimate role as Associate of Christ, are functions that lead to her Apostolic Mission. Her Spiritual Maternity and her role of Distributrix of all graces are functions that pertain to her Apostolic Mission. The Apostolic Mission of Mary is integrally related to her functions as Spiritual Mother, Co-redemptrix, and Distributrix of all graces – all of which are rooted in the Divine Maternity. Her Apostolic Mission is a particular, essential, and integral aspect of her social functions.

Cameo 24

Our Knowledge of Mary records this thought of our Founder:

Yet, Mary's exalted mission does not end on Calvary…. Is she not the New Eve, and as such, necessary to her children? …Her maternal solicitude must extend over the…Church to edify and to instruct the faithful, and to guide them aright along the rugged roads of a pagan world.

Nor does the sublime mission of Mary end with her entrance into glory. Even in heaven she continues to cooperate in the work of regeneration, for all things are done through Mary, and every good gift comes to us through her. Jesus proves to us by this fact that his Mother is the New Eve, as truly as He is the New Adam.

On this point the doctrine of the Church leaves no room for doubt. We have her testimony in the words of her accepted oracles.

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