Vignettes and Cameos
Vignette 23

Our Blessed Mother's universal mediation was a doctrine especially dear to Father Chaminade. Certain terms were employed to specify that Mary exercises her Apostolic Mission by means of her function of Distributrix, that is, her Spiritual Maternity. If, in fact, all graces come to us through her, it will be through her that we receive all graces of conversion and sanctification. And isn't all apostolic action reduced to these two-traces?

Therefore, Mary's actual mission in the world is more than a consequence a priori, more than a logical right deduced from her function as Mother and Coredemptrix. It is a fact, a constant and universal fact for anyone who admits the doctrine of her universal mediation.

These concepts are detailed in Chaminade's Our Knowledge of Mary and in Neubert's La Doctrine Mariale de M. Chaminade.

The Virgin Mother of God pursues her apostolic role by inspiring our consciences. In the vision of our Founder the work of the apostolate reflects the temper of his times and appears as a battle, as conquering souls and snatching them from Satan to present them to Christ. A battle, a warfare – this is above all Mary's Apostolic Mission in the world. Recall the vivid lines of the letter to the 1839 retreatmasters.

Cameo 23

Through Jesus Christ, the Father…has abundantly provided all that was necessary for the life of our soul, for its growth in strength, for the cure of all its ills, for the development of faith and of every virtue. But as He did not intend to exercise the rights that pertain to maternity, he has placed the treasury of graces…into the hands of Mary, who, as Mother of a great family, distributes them according to our needs, our circumstances, and our fidelity. Thus, nothing comes to us from heaven except through the mediation of the Blessed Virgin. She is the channel that receives and transmits to us the beneficent waters of divine grace.

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