Vignettes and Cameos
Vignette 22

Father Emil Neubert masterfully summarized the broad outlines of Blessed Father Chaminade's Marian doctrine in several of his works. One such summary is digested in the following paragraphs.

To be really and completely our Mother, it was not sufficient that Mary conceive us all in general at the Incarnation and give birth to us on Calvary at the time of Christ's death. It is also necessary that to each one of us she communicate the life of grace at baptism and renew and intensify this "newness of life" until the end of time.

In union with her Son, Mary redeems all on Calvary in principle. To be our true Co-redemptrix, she must yet apply to each of us in fact the fruits of the Redemption by wresting us from sin.

Without this course of continued action, God would have made Mary an imperfect Mother and Co-redemptrix. Such an incomplete view regarding the divine plan for Mary may be likened to a man who began to build a tower and could not complete it. Jesus, therefore, entrusted to her the mission of our salvation until the consummation of the world.

Cameo 22

In Our Knowledge of Mary, Father Chaminade explains that a mother's first duty is to nourish her child, as her first natural impulse is to love it. Speaking of Mary's maternal dedication, the Founder explains:

Mary did not wish to withdraw herself from this sacred obligation. As the Mother of life and of grace, she has given us life and daily supplies our souls with the graces that must nourish them, strengthen them, and bring them to the fullness of perfect maturity. For it is from her bounty that we receive all the help we need for our salvation.
Jesus alone merited these graces. He asks Mary to help distribute them.

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