Vignettes and Cameos
Vignette 17

In the designs of Blessed Father Chaminade devotion to Mary was not merely a matter of the heart, of a refuge in time of need. It was to be the offensive and defensive weapon of his followers in their combats. Their watchword would be Maria duce!

In confiding to the young Jean-Philippe Auguste Lalanne his plan of action for the Society of Mary, he exclaimed with clear determination, "Let us entrust all to…Mary to whom her Divine Son reserved the last victories over hell. Let us, in all humility,…be the heel of the Woman."

The apostolate was to be exercised entirely under the auspices of Mary, "the key of our success." And for the Marianist Family, participation in her Apostolic Mission is the very reason for its existence.

Cameo 17

With unmistakable evidence Father Chaminade was convinced that Mary Immaculate was the irreconcilable enemy of Satan to the end of time. This supernatural indication was always uppermost in his mind.

An unidentified disciple left this written observation about the Founder's conviction:

Not only once did the Woman crush the head of the serpent when she gave the world its Redeemer, but the enmity foretold from the beginning signifies combat to continue unceasingly to the end of time. . Mary appeared to Father Chaminade as the living symbol of the triumph of truth over error, of faith over incredulity. The conviction grew upon him that this privileged creature of sweet and maternal mien personified the idea of apostolic combats throughout the ages, but more particularly in that period dawning with the French Revolution.

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