Vignettes and Cameos
Vignette 16

"On this point" [Mary's continuing role in salvation], explains Father Chaminade, "the doctrine of the Church leaves no room for doubt. We have the testimony of her accepted oracles – Sacred Scripture, the Fathers, selections in the Divine Liturgy, and in the public prayer and song of the faithful, the solemn pronouncement of general council presenting her to us as the New Eve and exclaiming with filial love, 'Rejoice, O Virgin Mother, for you alone have destroyed all heresies.' ''

The mission of making us live the life of Christ belongs to her who gave Christ to us. In becoming the Mother of Jesus she became our Mother. It is precisely her maternal mission, then, to continue our education by fashioning our mentality according to our Model, Christ. Evidently the Virgin Mother must exercise a primary influence in our spiritual transformation.

Father Chaminade affirms this when he says:

In the womb of Mary was Christ conceived by the operation of the Holy Spirit. Jesus was born of the virginal womb of Mary.

The life of Jesus Chrict in us originates through Baptism and faith. Thus we are conceived of the Holy Spirit. But, like the Savior, we must be born of the Virgin Mary.

Cameo 16

Blessed Father Chaminade instructed the first Marianists that Mary conforms us to Christ. This is his testimony:

It was in the virginal womb of Mary that Jesus Christ willed to be formed to our likeness, and there too should we form ourselves to His likeness. There we should form our habits and inclinations upon His, conform our life to His.
Whatever Mary bears in her womb can only be Jesus Christ or live the life of Christ. With inconceivable love Mary always bears us as little children in her chaste womb, until having formed in us the first traits of her Son, she brings us forth as she did Him. She unceasingly repeats to us the beautiful saying of St. Paul: "My dear children, with whom I am in labor again, until Christ is formed in You" (Gal 4:19).

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