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Vignette 13

Father Emil Neubert observes that Father Chaminade attached great importance to the Spiritual Maternity because of the intrinsic consequence of this function. Prior to our Founder's time, many Mariological treatises gave only summary treatment of the Spiritual Maternity in the fashion of an appended corollary. Chaminade realized that Mary's Spiritual Maternity should not be placed at the end of the study of Mary's grandeurs but very close to the beginning; that is, immediately following the Divine Maternity, which it complements. Other prerogatives of the Virgin he recognized as requirements or consequences of her two fold Maternity.

The two overriding motives prompting his spirituality of dedication to Mary and determination to assist her in her apostolic role are her relations to the Incarnation and Redemption.

Cameo 13

Mary's role in the divine plan is clearly focused by Father Chaminade in a balanced manner devoid of extremism or sentimentality. Our Founder sanely and frequently indicated that not to recognize Mary in the whole economy of salvation is to betray ignorance of the mystery of Jesus Christ. He emphasized:

We do not go to Mary as our God, but we go to God through Mary, as faith tells us He came to us through her.

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