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Vignette 12

Blessed Father Chaminade's frame of reference is a Christocentric, or Christological, theocentrism woven into the context of salvation history. At all times his approach is intrinsically, primarily, and essentially; apostolic. For his the most salient point in following Christ is the mystery of the Son of God, become Son of Mary for the salvation of all. This is the mystery of Christ which includes all other mysteries, which presents the Christus totus.

Father William Cole identifies five related working principles of Mariology evident in the doctrine of Father Chaminade:

1) Mary's supreme dignity is the Divine Maternity;

2) an unsurpassed intimacy exists in the spiritual union between Jesus and Mary;

3) inseparably united with Christ, Mary is associated in all his mysteries;

4) Mary is to the Mystical Body what she is to Christ;

5) Mary must be known in order to be loved and served.

The fourth principle, Mary's relation to the Whole Christ, is of key importance in understanding Mary's Apostolic Mission and our Participation with her.

Cameo 12

Father Chaminade bases his doctrine of Mary's Apostolic Mission on the related doctrines of Mary's Spiritual Maternity, Coredemption, and Distribution of All Graces. He elucidates in these words:

Christ has so ordained all concerns of religion that Mary participated and cooperated in all of them. If other proof were wanted, we need only mention that Mary is the Mother of Jesus and of all those born of Jesus…. The best and richest of fathers prepares the means of our salvation…and through the hands of the most tender Mother he applies, these means to us…. Having thus placed all the treasures of his grace in the hands of Mary, he thus evidences his intention of having us ever apply for them to her.

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