Vignettes and Cameos
Vignette 11

Quite clearly, Father Chaminade did not speculate in theology for the sake of speculation. Learning, as he understood it, is not a sterile knowledge, for learning converts itself plainly to love. Father Chaminade's objective was an applied Mariology, a lived doctrine. For him doctrine leads to cult, to apostolic action. Though he is directing most of his teachings to the Society of Mary and the Daughters of Mary, he is not excluding the many lay apostles associated with him and his religious congregations.

The social and apostolic character of his Marian doctrine and cult is unmistakable, a trend not clearly evident in the spirituality of his predecessors. Solidly rooted in the Mystical Body of Christ, his teaching emphasizes participation and sharing in the mysteries of Jesus and Mary .

Cameo 11

Constantly Father Chaminade insisted on a sound doctrinal foundation for cult and service in a framework of Mystical Body consciousness. He explains:

No one can lay another foundation but that which is Christ Jesus (1 Cor 3:11). It is upon Jesus Christ also that I undertake to lay the foundations of our devotedness to Mary. It is an immovable foundation which the enemies of our faith vainly seek to undermine. Jesus Christ today, yesterday, and forever. Our dedication to Mary will be eternal.

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