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  Annotated Bibliography on Black Madonna
  Select Bibliography on the Festal Menaion
  Annotated Bibliography on Icons
  History of Mariology
  IMRI Dissertations
  Marian Bibliography in Brief
  Marian Works – 1994–1997 ( English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)
  Marian Works – 1997–1998 (Multilingual)
  Marian Works – 1999 (Multilingual)
  Marian Works – 2000–2005 (Multilingual)
  Marian Works – 2006 (Multilingual)
  Marian Works – 2007 (Multilingual)
  Marian Works – 2008 (Multilingual)
  Marian Works – 2009 (Multilingual)
  Marian Works – 2010 (Multilingual)
  Marian Works – 2011 (Multilingual)
  Marian Works – 2012 (Multilingual)
  Marian Works – 2013 (Multilingual)
  Articles in Marian Studies, 1950–2006: Summary List
  Marian Apparitions
  Our Lady of Guadalupe (Annotated)
  On Medjugorje
  Of and About Pope John Paul II
  The 'Life of Mary' in Contemporary Novels – A Selected Bibliography
  The Crèche – A Selected Bibliography
  Articles in Queen of All Hearts Magazine


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