Mary Resources Page


The Mary Page offers resources covering a wide range of materials.  We provide information on recent bibliography, references to Mary on magisterial documents, and attempt, as a general rule, to give access to our data files on all aspects of Marian studies, 
from Scriptural themes to Marian customs.



  1. Marian Magisterial Documents
  2. Marian Bibliography
  3. Marian Book Reviews
  4. Marian Prayers
  5. Marian Devotions and Paraliturgical Celebrations
  6. Mary in the Liturgy
  7. Mary in the Bible
  8. Marian Dogmas
  9. Mary in History
  10. Mary and Women


  11. Mary in Ecumenism and World Religions
  12. Marian Titles and Invocations
  13. Marian Apparitions
  14. Marian Shrines
  15. Marian Customs
  16. Marian Poetry
  17. Marian Images
  18. Marian Music
  19. Marian Film and Videos
  20. Mary and Justice
  21.  Mary on Stamps
  22. Marian Organizations
  23. Various Marian Documents   (resolutions, declarations, administrative documents, guidelines)
  24. Marian Publications and Newsletters
  25. Meditations
  26. Marian and Related Links
  27. Spanish Features
  28. French Features
  29. Children's Resources
  30. Marian Spiritualities


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