Seminars on the Vatican Art Exhibit

A series of ten seminars is offered to those interested in  exploring the many themes of the exhibit, "The Mother of God: Art Celebrates Mary."

§        Entry:              Free

§        Location:     Roesch Library  -  LTC Studio, ground floor

§        Time:               7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Thursdays (see dates below)

Sept. 18            A Short History of Marian Art -  Johann G. Roten

This seminar puts the artworks of the Vatican exhibit in context with art history   (styles, elements, periods)

Sept. 25           Portraits of Mary in the Bible - Bertrand Buby

 What does the Bible Tell Us About Mary?

 Oct. 2              The Madonna in Italian Art - Dr. Roger Crum

Many pieces of this exhibit are of Italian origin. What does Italian art tell us about the representations of Mary?

Oct. 9                Marian Devotion: Meaning and Milestones - Thomas A. Thompson

A number of paintings depict and illustrate Marian devotions.  Why and how did and  do Catholics venerate Mary?

Oct. 16            The Nativity in Art - Johann G. Roten

 The Vatican exhibit shows a number of representations of the Nativity.  This seminar explores some of the artistic and cultural expressions of Christmas.

 Oct. 23           Windows unto Eternity:  The Art of Icons -  Johann G. Roten

What are some of the pictorial and theological characteristics of icons?

 Oct. 30           Art and Prayer:   The Book of Hours - Bro. William Fackovec

Witness of the unity between art and religion, the Book of Hours was the prayer book of  lay people in medieval times.

 Nov. 6            “I Am Black But Beautiful” - Mrs. Vincenzina Krymow

Black Madonnas enjoy special interest  and popularity in the present.  What is their meaning and mystery?

Nov. 13             The Seventh Art:  The Life of Mary in Film - Michael Duricy, M.A., S.T.L

Film is one of the most influential forms of art.  What do recent films on Mary’s life tell  us?

Nov. 20           The Thousand Faces of Mary - Dr. Judith Huacuja

This exhibit shows a strongly cultural image of Mary.  The seminar highlights the  importance of culture for art and religion. 

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