S o n g  of  S o n g s


  Mary and the Song of Songs?  

Some of the texts of the Song of Songs have been accommodated to signify Mary, her intimate relationship with God in Christ, and some of her personal characteristics.

1. 2:8-14 expresses the love that Christ holds for Mary, his beloved one, and how his love is perceived by her.  It is an invitation to follow him into spring-time, a symbol of new life and resurrection .

2. 4:6-7 is an allusion to Mary's immaculate beauty and sinless being.  There is no flaw in you, proclaims Jesus Christ, her lover.

3. 4:9 The God-human relation is one of love.  It is love extended by God to the human race, but it is also love of Mary in response to God's love.  Mary's loving response fills the heart of her lover with joy.

4. 4:12-15 The "garden locked," the "fountain sealed" are classical symbols of Mary's virginity. Her whole being is turned toward God. She knows no other love but that of Christ.