The Marian Library recently received four handsome pieces of Marian art of varied origins and style.  Among them there are two metal-plated Marian icons, one a mid-sized bas-relief showing Our Lady surrounded by apostles.  The other is smaller, a Mother and Child representation of the Way, a Hodigitria.  The gift further comprised a pewter-covered Madonna and Child bas-relief, and a wood triptych featuring St. Nicholas.

It was with great joy and gratitude that we received these gifts, evaluated them and added them to The Marian Library art collection.  The artwork donated to The Marian Library, thanks to the generosity of Ms. Elizabeth Rea, has more than the customary run-of-the-mill devotional value.  The thematic, the materials used, and the execution reflect on the part of the artist, as well as on that of the collector a solid sense of what matters in Catholic tradition, and a fine artistic taste.  Take for example, the intarsia triptych featuring the "super saint" of Orthodox Christianity, St. Nicholas; or the metal-plated Marian icons, especially the Greek icon with its superb bas-relief covering. Similarly, the pewter-covered Madonna and Child representation in bas-relief with reminiscences of the Florentine school is a charming example of Renaissance beauty.  Once again, dear Ms. Rea, thank you for your generous and thoughtful gift.


Our Lady and Apostles


Madonna and Child (Florentine School)


Saint Nicholas Triptych

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