Artist's Statement

For over forty years I have ministered in African-American Parishes.  The people also minister to me.  When I do my art I am surrounded by beautiful faces and souls.   Friends, neighbors, and parishioners are both my inspiration and models.

I believe that we are all God's Work of Art, the Body of Christ, living Gospel, walking, singing, dancing Sacraments.  My paintings are an attempt to give visual expression to these realities.  Scripture furnishes my subject matter; the people furnish the soul and beauty, I furnish the craftsmanship.

All of my paintings of Mary depict her in relationships.  The primary relationship is to her Son, but also included are angels, friends, even me, and especially Eve.  Eve and Mary together symbolize for me all women in their struggles, pain and beauty.

Mary influences every painting I do of a woman, even nudes.  Sin makes us hide ourselves.  Grace frees us; returns us to Eden.  Being full of grace Mary can dance as freely as David while her entire being Magnifies the Lord.  Filled with grace and gracefulness is how I desire to paint Mary and all women.  That is what I hope to exhibit in Dark and Beautiful.  I thank the dark and beautiful women of prayer who reflect Mary to me.