Images of Creation Rendered in Copper, Enamels and Stoneware

Images of Creation Rendered in Copper Enamels and Stoneware

by Joan and Louis Weber

Exhibited at the Marian Library: September 7 - October 29, 1993

Joan Weber, a Dayton resident, attended the Dayton Art Institute, the University of Dayton, and the Benedictine School of Spiritual Directors in Pecos, New Mexico.


[Creation Series]

Creation Series

"Reverence for clay as sacred space is the philosophy, spirit and purpose integrated into my pottery. Each work conveys its own message and the message becomes an ongoing residual of creation as it is absorbed into the eye of the beholder. The message sparks about with flashes and flares on through extending eons of providential existence in the neuronal and psychic pathways contained in clay. From ancient beginnings, 'clayness' and creation continue on through the eyes, minds and hearts of the viewers of this exhibit.

"The clay that I am is the clay that works on and on.... The viewer is invited to experience 'clayness' as it is here represented in this exhibit.

"I credit my awe of nature to my early years as a child growing up in a rural setting. I was also strongly influenced by my three lengthy trips to the Southwest."

Louis Weber, married to Joan, is a part-time art instructor at the University of Dayton. He teaches jewelry construction, jewelry casting, copper enameling, stained glass construction and calligraphy. In addition to teaching, he accepts commissions for jewelry design.

Mr. Weber was head of the art division at the University of Dayton from 1983 to 1990. He acquired his art education and skills at the University of Dayton, the Dayton Art Institute, Ohio State University, Catholic University of America (Washington, D.C.), Hobart Welding School and Miami University (Oxford, Ohio).


"My Marianist background was a fertile inspirational source for many of my enameling themes. Over the years, I have developed a deep reverence and respect for all of creation. I enjoy contemplating natural beauty, its ever-changing light and shadow, and the beauty of its color. I find the textural changes and contrasts found in natural objects very stimulating. The ever-developing forms and shapes one is continually exposed to is an infinite source of material for the imagination.

"I feel fortunate to be blessed as part of this creation."


by Joan Weber


Creation series

I Am the Vine, You Are the Branches, plate

Icon of the Beholder, plate

Icon of the Earth Mother

Images of Mary series

Insignificant Significance Paradox, jar

Isaiah, jar

Jerusalem, jar

Memories of O'Keefe

Lilies of the Field series

Woman at the Well, jar

Womb Wisdom Dialogue, sculpture

by Louis Weber

Antiphon (4), champleve enamels mounted on walnut

Creation series (6), framed palette knife enamels

Mother and Child, champleve enamel mounted on walnut

Mother and Child, framed palette knife enamel

Mother and Child, champleve enamel mounted on walnut

Our Lady of Guadalupe, champleve enamel mounted on walnut

Pentecost, framed champleve enamel

Woman and Child, palette knife enamel

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