Visual Prayers
by Sr. Mary Grace Thul, O.P.

On display September 1 - October 23, 1998.

The Marian Library Gallery
Seventh floor of Roesch Library
University of Dayton
8:30 to 4:30 M-F
Tel.: 937-229-4214

All works displayed are
copyrighted by the artist.

The Artist

Sister Mary Grace Thul, O.P., graduated from the University of Cincinnati, Applied Arts College, taught art and began a custom art business with two friends before entering the monastery of Cloistered Dominican Nuns, Cincinnati, 1962, and relocating to the monastery in Washington, D.C., in 1989. Her thirty-six years of monastic life have provided opportunities in various media, including sculpture, painting, and printmaking. She has exhibited locally and has been commissioned for various liturgical events, recently for the Archdiocese of Washington's "Convocation 2000."

Artist's Statement

"Visual Prayers" began with the writing of a new litany to Mary compiled of invocations used by Pope John Paul II which invited visual imaging. I have tried to express and echo something of our Holy Father's reverence and trust in Mary, who is the supreme exemplar of our response to her Son.
The inspiration for the woodcut "Vigil/Virgin" series was the readings for the Easter Vigil Mass, each Old Testament event in which Mary's supporting role is central and illuminative for our own journey.


[Seven Days]
 Seven Days
woodblock print, 15"x32"
[Eighth Day]
Eighth Day
woodblock print, 15"x32"
[Abraham! Abraham!]
Abraham! Abraham!
woodblock print, 15"x32"


[Mother of God Wadymirsk]
Now I Know How Devoted You Are to God
woodblock print, 15"x32"
[Let us sing to the Lord]
Let Us Sing to the Lord
woodblock print, 15"x32"
[He is gloriously triumphant]
He Is Gloriously Triumphant
woodblock print, 15"x32"
[With great love I will take you back]
With Great Love I Will Take You Back
woodblock print, 15"x32"
[My love shall never leave you]
My Love Shall Never Leave You
woodblock print, 15"x32"
[As from the heavens]
< As from the Heavens the Rain Makes the Earth Fruitful
woodblock print, 15"x32"
[So my word shall not return to me void]
So My Word Shall Not Return to Me Void
woodblock print, 15"x32"
[The stars at their posts]
< The Stars at Their posts Shine and Rejoice
woodblock print, 15"x32"
[When he calls them]
When He Calls Them, They Answer "here we are."
woodblock print, 15"x32"
[I will sprinkle clean water upon you]
< I will Sprinkle Clean Water upon You
woodblock print, 15"x32"
[I will place a new spirit within you]
I Will Place a New Spirit Within You, Mother of God of Vilnius
woodblock print, 15"x32"
[Ark of the New Covenant]
< Ark of the New Covenant
[Morning Star]
< Morning Star
soapstone sculpture, 27" high
[Mother of Unity]
Mother of Unity
monograph, 23"x27"
[Virgin of Pentecost]
< Virgin of Pentecost
monograph, 15"x32"
[Splendor of Beauty]
Splendor of Beauty >
monograph, 23"x27"
[Golden Dawn]
< Golden Dawn
oil, 36"x48"
[Mediatrix of Grace]
Mediatrix of Grace >
monograph, 23"x27"
[Queen Assumed into Heaven]
< Queen Assumed into Heaven
monograph, 23"x27"
[Mother of the Author of Life]
Mother of the Author of Life
monograph, 23"x27"
[Teacher of Life]
< Teacher of Life
monograph, 23"x27" 
[Mother of the Holy Family]
Mother of the Holy Family
monograph, 23"x27"
[Mary, New Eve]
< Mary, New Eve
monograph, 23"x27"
[Ark of the New Covenant]
Ark of the New Covenant
monograph, 23"x27"
For more information, please contact:

University of Dayton
Dayton, Ohio
Telephone: 937 - 229-4214

See also: Our Lady of the New Millennium


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