Artist's Statement

"For twelve years, Peace has been my passion, my mission.

"Since 1988, when I made my first pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Queen of Peace Medjugorje and later Lourdes I have made an effort in art, in writing, in video, in communication, to deliver her message peace in the heart leads to peace in the home, peace in the community, peace in the country, and finally, peace in the world.

"It was in that Bosnian-Herzagovinen village that one really came to understand that the Queen of Peace leads you to the Prince of Peace, who leads you to the Source of Peace, his Father.

"As this realization continued to work its way through my life and work, it began to occur to me that when God brings peace to the world, he will do it through the children.

"He began with a Child his own. Mother Teresa said she saw God in the eyes of every child. John Paul II said that children provide the most transparent view of God on earth.

"I began this statement saying peace became my passion my mission. For the Prince of Peace, the passion was his mission, his method of bringing peace to all of us. But he did not do it alone. His mother was with him every painful step of the way.

"Hers was the quiet passion. Mary suffered intensely when she stood by, unable to stop the violence being done to Jesus. In Medjugorie, she asks us not to "stand by" but to foster peace deep in our inner being. The Way of the Cross exhibited here is meant to be a tribute to Mary in an intensely quiet and subtle way. Her shadow, her presence is always there. By this act of quiet presence and sharing, she lives the words of Jesus. She understand the words of Ephesans: 'Through the Son, then, God decided to bring the whole universe back to himself. God made peace through his Son's sacrificial death on the cross and so brought back to himself all things, both on earth and in heaven.' (See 1.20 Eph 2.16. ) Mary's quiet but active presence embraces in love all and everything that has to do with her divine Son, and she wishes to bring all people and nations back to him and to his Father in unity and peace.

"My choice of medium is primarily prismacolor. The pencil with an oil base captures light and reflects it. In our demeanor toward Christ, may each of us capture the light of the Prince of Peace and reflect it."

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