Sidney Matias
With the Eyes of the Heart

Marian Art from Brazil
September 17 - November 17, 2007

Artist Sidney Matias visited the University of Dayton when the Marian Library showcased his vibrant, intricate work, which is infused by a strong Marianist spirituality.

Matias, a member of the lay Marianist community in Campinas, Brazil since 1999, said he practices his dedication by exploring Mary as an educator, protector, and role model. He said he begins his work by meditating on a Scripture passage for inspiration. Each piece shows how the love we have for our faith can find expression.

A strong sense of Brazilian culture infuses Matiasís work and contributes to his style, demonstrated by his vivid color choices and use of intricate shapes. Matiasís art has been used on Christmas cards, chapels, murals, mosaics and illustrations. He said he feels ďlike a missionary, an evangelist using my art to try to inspire people to live like Mary.Ē

The Rev. Johann Roten, S.M., director of the International Marian Research Institute at UD, said Matiasís work reveals a "new look at religious art that brings it to our level." [Adapted from a UD press release.]

Angel Gabriel


Jesus at the Temple with Simon

Running to Egypt

Jesus Playing in Nazareth

The First Miracle

The Holy Family

The Three Marias


Pause on the Way to Egypt

World Savior

Jesus at Twelve

Post Partum Virgo Inviolata Permansisti

The Apocalyptic Woman





Mary Visiting Elizabeth


The Beloved Disciple



The exhibit has been partially subsidized by Fundo Nacional de Cultura and Federal Government of Brazil.

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