About the Artist

Tatiana Romanova-Grant is among a small number of select and highly trained artists who continue to create masterpieces in the ancient Byzantine, European and Russian art forms of iconography, miniatures, paintings on wood and eggs developed since the twelfth century. She uses materials discovered in ancient times throughout Europe: cedar, birch, linden, poplar and lime wood; handmade glue from sturgeon fish and 23-karat gold. Tatiana's works range widely from landscapes and wildlife to sophisticated impressions. Her art is really spiritual.

Tatiana-Romanova's work is immediately recognizable. Her artistry includes two unique aspects: she extensively uses 23 karat gold leaf as background and she may be the only artist creating masterpiece eggs.

Since 1974 Tatiana Romanova-Grant has been commissioned to create new works by collectors and churches throughout Russia, France, England and North and South America. She has also performed restoration on tempera icons and frescoes for the Church and private collectors.

To order, call or write:

Tatiana Romanova-Grant
PO Box 210194
San Francisco, Ca 94121
(831) 458-2231
Email: tatiana_rg@yahoo.com

Web site: http://www.occdo.org/tatiana

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