Mary Shadow of the Savior

Mary, Shadow of the Savior: An Exhibition of Paper Cuttings

by Sr. Mary Jean Dorcy, O.P. and Daniel Thomas Paulos

Exhibited at the Marian Library: September 3 - November 1, 1996.

About the Art

Daniel Thomas Paulos, an Albuquerque, New Mexico, resident, was a student and friend of Sr. Mary Jean Dorcy, O.P., for twenty years. We are pleased that he offers this first ever joint exhibit of their work at the Marian Library. Mr. Paulos also exhibited his work at the Marian Library in 1990 and 1991.

A nine-thousand-year-old art form, paper cutting has been the medium which Dan Paulos uses to portray the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus, and the Holy Family. His artistic rendering of Mary expresses not only delicacy and joy, but focuses on Our Lady's strength of presence and her spiritual power.

Sr. Mary Jean Dorcy attended the University of Washington for one year before entering the Dominican convent in Seattle, where she eventually refined her paper-cutting talent, a long-time fascination for her.

Her designs appeared in newspapers, magazines, books and as card illustrations for over fifty years. By the 1960s her work was known throughout the world. She published twenty-six books, many of them dedicated to children.

Although crippled by arthritis, she passed on her knowledge to Daniel Paulos before her death in 1988. For the first ten years they collaborated, Daniel Paulos painted the silhouettes instead of cutting them.

In the 1980s Daniel Paulos was asked to be Sr. Mary Jean's agent. As a result of that joint venture, one of her original cuttings is part of the Smithsonian Institute's collection.

The Marian Library has in its collection several books which contain the paper cuttings of Sr. Mary Jean and Daniel Paulos, two of which are: He's Put the Whole World in Her Hands and Spring Comes to the Hill Country.

You may contact Daniel Paulos at St. Bernadette Institute of Sacred Art, 302 Chama Street, Northeast, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108-2023.


by the late Sr. Mary Jean Dorcy, O.P.:

Now and at the Hour of our Death
Fairest Flower of Paradise
Our Lady, Shepherdess
Behold Thy Mother
Causa Nostrae Laetitiae
Come to the Waters
Clear Star of the Morning
Gate of the Sunrise
He Came Down
The New High Chair
Starry Path

by Daniel Thomas Paulos:

Mary's Cross
But Who Will Take Care of It?
Mary's Last Autumn
True Devotion to Mary Began with Jesus
Our Lady of the Snows
Apache Madonna
Our Lady of the Light
Assumption into Heaven
Mother of Peace
Mater Dolorosa

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