by Beverly Stoller

Exhibited at the Marian Library: January 20 - February 28, 1990

Beverly Stoller

Beverly Stoller's artistic creed is none other than to portray the beauty of God's creation. All of her art is designed to give praise to the Creator and to express the inner beauty of all creation. The "Studio of the Theotokos," as Beverly calls her art studio, is oriented toward creation spirituality, toward the spiritual nature of life on earth. The artist's vision is to share this beauty with as many people as possible, and thereby to proclaim the universal presence of Jesus Christ.

Tucked away in the peace-filled wooded hills of Western Connecticut, Beverly Stoller's "Theotokos Studio" is dedicated to the Mother of God, the God-bearer, who has participated in the humanity of Jesus. More than a studio, it bears the intimate touch of a sanctuary, in praise of art made prayer and prayer become palpable in art. Creativity deals in values and valuation. Each creation produced in the Theotokos studio represents therefore an original design. Stencils are especially printed from the artists's own drawings. All etching and woodcut prints are hand pulled and approved by the artist. Art is celebrated as a liturgy, whenever Bev creates an icon.

[Mary: Window Toward Eternal Spring]
Window Toward Eternal Spring

Beverly Stoller is a native of Bloomington, Indiana. Married to Ed, a career Air Force officer and aeronautical engineer for twenty-eight years, she has five children and at this time five grandchildren. A graduate of Purdue University, Bev has studied art with artists like Millard Sheets, Soltan Szabo, and Betty Lou Schlemm. Her professional experiences are as rich as the family's successive domiciles were numerous. Bev is a cover designer and book illustrator, a lecturer in the arts and consultant for interior design. To sum up her graphic activities in one well-rounded sentence: Bev is experienced in the printing process from concept to design and illustration to actual printing and binding of the final product.

Among her most recent art projects the following should be mentioned both because of their variety and originality: Bev designed the book cover for a book on Mary, written by Mother Teresa and Bro. Roger of Taize (Paulist Press); created a children's color book for the Maronite diocese; participated in a wearable art display and sale; painted miniature watercolors on handmade papers, and made airbrush artwork (a process enabling the artist to spray the canvas or paper with paint) for a Christmas sing-a-long video; designed one of the logos of The Marian Library, and excels in fiber arts designated for liturgical use, such as stoles, chasubles, and banners.

A Beverly Stoller poster design for the publicity of Synod 87 activity was presented to the Vatican from the Bridgeport Diocesan Office of the Laity. Bev has received local and regional awards for creative ideas in design and water media, including an annual Best of Show award. In 1989 she was designated "most creative" at the watercolor workshop competition in Maine. Her Genesis I: The Third Day won an award in the 1988 Connecticut Watercolor Society annual open competition.



1. Woman from Genesis to Apocalypse - icon watermedia on wood

2. Godbearer: Protectress of Pregnant Unwed Mother - icon watermedia on wood - airbrush technique

3. Solomon's Song: Mary's Fiat - airbrush watercolor on illustration board, [at right]

4. Window Toward Eternal Spring - airbrush watercolor on illustration board, [shown above]

[Solomon's Song: Mary's Fiat]
Solomon's Song: Mary's Fiat
airbrush watermedia on illustration board

5. Our Lady of Czestochowa - airbrush watercolor on rice paper

6. Women of the New Jerusalem: Three Views - watercolor on paper

7. Genesis Woman - ink drawing on paper

8. Godbearer: Mary Images I - graphite on paper

9. Godbearer: Mary Images II - graphite on paper

10. Godbearer: Mary Images I and II - framed print set

[The Holy Family of St Anne, St Joachim and
The Holy Family of
St Anne, St Joachim and Mary
woodcut on rice paper

[Icon: Mother and Child] 11. Godbearer: Container of the Seed of Life - graphite drawing

12. Godbearer: Mother and Child - stencil art

13. Godbearer: Mother and Child - woodcut print on rice paper

14. Godbearer: Mother of the Light - woodcut print on rice paper
(after ancient icon uncovered from several layers of paint)

15. Cana wedding stole - watermedia on silk

Icon: Mother and Child 9" x 12"
egg tempera on gesso wood panel

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