by Sister Evangeline Doyle, O.P.

Exhibited at the Marian Library: September 4 - October 31, 1990

Sister Evangeline Doyle, O.P. has been an artist in residence at Our Lady of the Elms in Akron, Ohio, since 1976. She taught from 1947 to 1976 at elementary and high schools in Ohio. Her teaching continues today; as she works outside her studio, Sister Doyle welcomes interaction with passersby.

She earned her master in fine arts in 1972 from The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. and continues to learn through refresher courses at the University of Akron. She has exhibited and participated in juried shows throughout Ohio. Her commissions include porcelain castings for the Akron Women of the Year Awards (1990), a gingko wood sculpture of the "Risen Christ" for St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Cleveland, Ohio (1989), and a "Madonna and Child" sculpture from sycamore commemorating the Marian Year for St. Elizabeth Seton Parish, Fort Collins, Colorado (1987).

Sister Evangeline writes of her artistic intent: "I have always had a vivid imagination that is best expressed in sculptural form, communicating to others my innermost sensitivity towards life, the majesty of creation, the delicacy of human relationships, and the deepening need for social justice to all people throughout the world."

She expresses her feelings for sculpture in stone: "There is a certain mystery of life in stone; it is so strong and enduring. Externally it is hard, solid, unyielding. But once its inner surface is penetrated, it becomes cooperative, sensitive, full of a life of its own, almost independent of the sculptor, gently suggesting what it wants to become, prophetically aware of its own potential and destiny. The sculptor cannot resist it, for to do so would produce less noble results. Within the stone the artist comes into contact with the mystery of God's own creation, endowing the artist and the onlooker alike with the courage and endurance to overcome all obstacles encountered along the way."


Magnificat, firwood

The Cry of Liberation, stained cottonwood

Son Behold Your Mother, limestone

Oval Madonna, limestome

African Madonna, walnut

Loving Mother, pink alabaster

Madonna of Refugees, spalted cherry

Mary Seat of Wisdom, sycamore

Mary Queen of Peace, sycamore

Water Bearer, sycamore

Mary Our Refuge, walnut

Lullaby, gingko

Woman of Courage, white alabaster

Mater Admirabilis, porcelain

Linear Madonna, white pine

Ceramic Madonna, stoneware clay

Beholding Her Newborn, oil

Seated Madonna #1, porcelain

Seated Madonna #2, porcelain

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