An Exhibition of Contemporary Art by Henry Setter

Exhibited at the Marian Library: January 7--February 28, 1991

Henry Setter, a Cincinnati native and former University of Dayton professor, was a water color painter until 1962. At that time he switched to sculpture to fulfill a boyhood dream. Studying under Professor William Thompson at Ohio State University and later at the University of Georgia, he earned the M.F.A in Sculpture in 1972.

Among those who have had the greatest influence on his way of thinking are John XXIII, Pierre Teilard de Chardin and Carl Jung. Some of his thoughts on sculpture reflect this inspiration: "Sculpture today needs to be integrated with architecture; or, in the absence of the latter needs to assume architectonic attributes. Architectonic means monumentality, if not in size, then at least in scale. Where geometric planes and forms are relieved architecturally by recesses and cast shadows, the accompanying sculpture may assume architectonically organic features... Sculpture needs a soul, an expressed spirit. Maudlin and trite themes are a contradiction of monumentality. [Holy Family]
Holy Family

"A sculptor may commit himself to engender through his sculptures a sense of the cosmic evolutionary process. The past and present dictate the evolutionary process toward omega point. A people, a city, a nation, a global citizenry admire the past to aspire to future magnanimity."

Henry Setter does sculpture in bronze, aluminum castings, stone, and wood carvings. Most of the work is designed for a specific location, such as churches, ecumenical centers, public buildings (libraries, art galleries, banks), and private homes or gardens. The human figure and animal figures are rendered abstractly. Some major commissions have been entirely imaginative forms.

[Mother and
Mother and Child
Omega Point a cast aluminum sculpture, is located in front of the Roesch Library on the University of Dayton campus, Dayton, Ohio. Mary, Seat of Wisdom, a laminated wood sculpture of cherry, mahogany and walnut, was donated by the artist to The Marian Library at the University of Dayton, and is currently on display in the lobby of the Roesch Library.

Besides the two University of Dayton works, Mr. Setter's work may be seen in Dayton, Ohio, at St. Elizabeth Medical Center (Holy Family --1990); Marianist Novitiate (Christ the Measure of All Things--1979); Bergamo Center (Pacem in Terris--1970 and Altar--1968). In Cincinnati his Noosphere (1975) is an aluminum casting at the Drew Gallery.

Mr. Setter's work has included a number of major art commissions in Europe and the United States. He is currently a professor of art at West Georgia College in Carrollton, Georgia, where he resides with his wife, Martha.


  1. Seat of Wisdom
    Bronze (study for wood carving)
    Limited edition of seven

  2. Mother of the Whole Christ
    Limited edition of seven

  3. Madonna and Child
    Plaster study

  4. Mary--The New Eve

  5. Holy Family
    Woodblock print--artist's proof

  6. Mary--The New Eve
    Linocut print

  7. Holy Family
    Plexiglas engraving--mounted

  8. The Jesus Dance
    Pen and ink sketches for sculpture

  9. Mother and Child
    Woodblock print

  10. The Visitation
    Woodblock print

  11. Notre Dame de Paris

  12. Her Womb--A Heap of Wheat Encircled with Lilies
    Pen and ink drawing

  13. They Have No Wine
    Pen and ink drawing

  • Mary Stood at the Cross
    Pen and ink drawing

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