Etchings on Biblical Themes by Joan Bohlig

Exhibited at the Marian Library: June 24 - August 7, 1991

About the Artist

A native of Appleton, Wisconsin, Joan Bohlig received a bachelor of science degree in Arts Education from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, a master of fine arts degree from Alfred University, Alfred, New York, and has taken various classes at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and Atelier Aghib in Brussels, Belgium.

In 1961, Joan moved to Minneapolis to teach in the Minneapolis Public Schools. There she met and married George Bohlig. Joan and George currently live in Eagan, Minneapolis, with their sons, Alan and Mark.

Joan has maintained her own studio/gallery since 1961. Her work has been exhibited in forty-nine one-woman shows in the United States and abroad. She has been working on her biblical themes series since 1974.

[Shepards Find Him]
Shepherds Find Him

From the Artist

"I began this series at a time when personally I was not getting much satisfaction out of life as a mother, wife and homemaker with art degrees. I began taking evening classes and earnestly praying, asking God to show me something to do to make my life seem worthwhile. With praying came watching for possibilities. The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing was sketched on my church bulletin during a sermon on that theme. It was used in my etching class for the first of these biblical etchings. The second was a different size and shape. With the third etching using a biblical theme, the possibility of a unified series became apparent. Shortly thereafter, all etcher's materials and an ancient press became available through an artist's estate sale. Since then we have built a home with an art studio between the house and garage. The antique press is gone and two modern presses serve well. The prayer has been upgraded to ask God to work through me and use me. I believe that He is doing this and that His hand is also in this work."


Artist's Statement

"These etchings are an attempt to make something which might have a positive effect on the lives of those who live with them. This is my nonverbal witness. They also allow owners to make a statement of the importance of God's work in their homes. I like to think they have a life and work of their own as they go forth being honored by carrying God's Word."

About the Exhibit

The etchings in the exhibit are not so much pictures of events in the Bible, but rather illustrated happenings that speak directly to the viewer. The techniques and colors used to create the etchings are intentionally traditional. There is an attempt to capture the flavor of some of the literary styles and techniques used in biblical writings: naivety, mirror images, directness, analogy, parallelism, repetition. Each piece in the series is consistent in size and scale so that individual etchings can be combined in any number to make a larger visual statement.


Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Mt 7:13-15

Scapegoat, Lv 16:21

Adam and Eve, Gen 3:11

Lion, 1 Pt 5:8

Parable of the Sower, Mt 13:3-23

Flight to Egypt, Mt 2:13-14

Thy Wonderful Works, 1 Chr 16:8-9

Spider's Web, Jb 8:13-14

Behemoth, Jb 40:15

Annunciation, Lk 1:18

Whatsoever a Man Soweth, Gal 6:7

Bear and Doves, Is 59:11-12

Rushes and Flags, Jb 8:11-13

Sparrows in the Snow, Mt 10:29-31

Great and Terrible Wilderness, Dt 8:12-18

Vine with Foxes, Jn 15:4

Sheep Among Wolves, Mt 10:16

Fully Interlocking Puzzle, Rom 8:28

Tree of Life, Rv 22:14-15

His Yoke Is Easy, Mt 11:29-30

Cock, Mk 13:35

Peaceable Kingdom, Is 11:6-9

Corn, Mk 4:26-28

Grass and Flowers of the Field, Ps 103:15-18

Good News Shoes, Is 52:7

Full Tithes, Mal 3:10-11

He is Risen, Mt 28:5

Vine with Birds, Jn 15:5

Noah's Ark, Gn 9:12

Lost Sheep, Ps 119:176

Chosen, Jn 15:16-17

Nativity, Lk 2:7

Going Somewhere, Jos 1:9

Treasure, Mt 6:20-21

Love, Jn 13:34

Heart, Soul, and Might, Dt 6:4-5

Houses, Jos 24:14-15

Heavens, Ps 19:1-2

Circle of the Earth, Is 40:21-22

Ends of the Earth, Is 40:28

Stars, Is 40:26

Ask, Seek, Knock, Lk 11:9-10

The Measure, Mt 7:1-2

Milkweed, Is 6:8

Double Treasure, Mt 6:19-21

The Earth Is the Lord's, Ps 24:1-6

Wise Men Seek Him, Mt 2:1-11

Flowers of the Field, Is 40:6-8

Tree Planted by Water, Jer 17:7-8

Frogs for Pharaoh, Ex 10:1-2

Words of My Mouth, Ps 19:14

Prodigal Son, Lk 15:11-15

Farm Garden, Jas 5:7-8

Shepherds Find Him, Lk 2:12-16

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