Marian Icons

An Exhibition of ICONS

by Isabel Creixell

Exhibited at the Marian Library: July 6 - August 28, 1992

Isabel Creixell developed and perfected her own technique of painting icons over the last nineteen years. During that time she has created over eight hundred pieces. Born in Mexico City, Ms. Creixell's work generated intense interest there and from that interest a following of artists has grown in Mexico City.

The icons are hand painted in oil on specially prepared wood. They are then covered with hand-embossed laminate of Spanish pewter-alloy. Some are inlaid with decorative stones and pearls. Ms. Creixell's work is inspired by the classic Greek and Russian icons of Our Lady and the Saints. She has produced many originals depicting Mexican saints. All her icons are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, signed, numbered, with a certificate of authenticity.

[Virgin of Tenderness, Eleousa]
Virgin of Tenderness, Eleousa

[Virgin of the Sign, Platytera]
Virgin of the Sign, Platytera
Originally, the metal overlay on icons served to protect the underlying painting from deterioration and damage. Gradually, it became a special way to venerate the holy image and served, for example, to crown the icons of Our Lady. The metal work on Ms. Creixell's icons is an integral embellishment of the piece, artfully and creatively enhancing the oil painting underneath.

Ms. Creixell has exhibited extensively in Texas and Mexico. Galleries she has exhibited with include: "Proyectos y Desarrollos Plant-Art" Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela (1991); El Paso Museum of Art, El Paso, Texas (1991); All Saints Catholic Church, Dallas, Texas (1990); Brownsville National Bank (sponsored by the Mexican Cultural Committee and the Consulate of Mexico), Brownsville, Texas (1990).

In 1985, Ms. Creixell was a winner in the juried show sponsored by the City of Dallas "to select innovative and highly creative artists from Dallas." She also received the Texas Star Award in 1987 from an art jury in Houston. Isabel Creixell currently resides in Houston, Texas. [Saint Luke Painting Hodogetria]
Saint Luke's Madonna and Child

[Virgin of Montserrat Spain, Black Madonna]
Virgin of Montserrat

[All work is oil on wood with pewter, unless otherwise noted]

Annunciation, 9"x12"

St. Anne with Virgin, 9"x11"

Virgin and Child, 8 1/2"x11"

Virgin of Czestochowa, 6"x7-1/2"

Virgin of Guadalupe, 9"x11-1/2"

Virgin of Guadalupe, 15-1/2"x19"

Virgin of Kazan, 7"x 9", oil on wood

Virgin of Perpetual Help, 16 1/2"x17"

Virgin of Tenderness, 5"x7"

Virgin of Tenderness, 7"x 9"

Virgin of Tenderness, 7"x 9"

Virgin of Tenderness, 8"x11"

Virgin of the Don (triptych), bronze, 11"x16"

Virgin of the Sign, 11"x18"

Virgin of Three Hands, 11"x15"

Virgin of Vladimir, 7"x 9"

Virgin of Vladimir, 10"x10-1/2", oil on wood

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