An Exhibition of Contemporary Marian Art

by Diane Thomas Lincoln

Exhibited at the Marian Library: November 8 - December 31, 1993

[Collage by Diane Thomas Lincoln] Diane Thomas Lincoln, a Wichita, Kansas artist, is an art professor, lecturer, art consultant, former gallery director, and writer. She is founder and past president of Women in the Arts, Inc., and the Phoenix Art Institute, an art consultant to the Diocese of Wichita, and has served other organizations as a consultant and community activist.

In 1984 she was given a grant from the Volkswagen Corporation to study at the Post-Graduate Research Center in Dubrovnik. She has spent additional time there lecturing and studying the art of that and surrounding regions.

The artist earned her B.A.E. from Kansas University, Lawrence, M.F.A., Wichita State University School of Art and Design, and attended Minnesota University, Kansas City Art Institute and Avila College, Kansas City, Missouri.

[Collage by Diane Thomas Lincoln]

[Collage by Diane Thomas Lincoln] ARTIST'S STATEMENT

"Many of the works of art in this exhibition are experimental. For the past several years I have explored Marian and other religious themes using the medium of collage and mixed media. I find collage to be a highly intuitive and spontaneous way to evoke new relationships and meaning from long-cherished cultural and religious images. Most of the pieces are narrative, metaphorical, symbolic and are based in the history of art and the traditions of sacred art."

Ms. Lincoln would like to thank her godchildren, Austin Mork and Hanae Higgins; her nephew, Shant Thomas; and her neighbor's son, Christopher Dexter, for their eager participation in making paper mosaic chips for some of her works. [Collage by Diane Thomas Lincoln]


[Our Lady of Guadalupe by Diane Thomas Lincoln]
Our Lady of Guadalupe
by Diane Thomas Lincoln
Abandoned Church at Stephano, 1988, 18"x24" - gouache, pencil, watercolor on paper

After the Revolution, 1991-92, 52"x52" - collage, acrylic, sand on birch wood ply

Bird Serenade to the Virgin and Child, 1993, 32"x42" - collage, photocopy, ink, acrylic, paper mosaic

Blue Virgin, after Duccio, 1990, 14"x18" - gouache and watercolor on paper
Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wells.

The Deposition, 30"x30" - gouache, plaster bandages, gesso on paper

An Easy Armchair, St. Stephano, 1988, 18"x24" - gouache, pencil, watercolor on paper

Gifts to the Virgin, 1993, 24"x24" - collage, acrylic, paper mosaic

Give Me Shelter, after Mantegna, 1993, 24"x50" - collage, gold, acrylic on paper

Lavender from Mostar, 1992, 30"x30" - collage, ribbon, acrylic, Japanese paper

Let Kind Compassion, 1993, 25"x50" - collage, acrylic, sand on birch wood ply
Collection of Drs. James and Mira Pajes Merriman

Madonna and Child, 30"x30" - Japanese paper, gouache, gesso on paper

Madonna and Child with Fruit Basket, 1993, paper mosaic, acrylic, sand, on circular paper

Madonna of Otter Creek, 1989, 18"x42" - watercolor, gouache, pencil on paper

Madonna of the Streets, 1991-92, 52"x52" - collage, acrylic, sand on birch wood ply

Mary, Queen of Hearts, 1991-92, 52"x52" - collage, acrylic, on birch wood ply

Mary's Sacred Garden, 1993, 24"x50" - collage, acrylic, paper mosaic

Pilgrimage Series: Madonna of Murano, 1990-91, 15"x17" - pastel on paper

Send My Roots Rain, after Madonna of the Barren Tree by P. Christus, 1993, 24"x24" - collage, gold trinkets, acrylic on paper

Stella Maris: Women's Holy Work, 1987, 52"x52" - mixed media, collage on paper

Virgin Hodegetria, 1988-89, 38"x38" - canvas, paper, mosaic, acrylic

The Visitation, after R. van der Weyden, 1993, 26"x29" - collage, acrylic, paper mosaic on paper

Wake Up America, 1993, 24"x50" - collage, acrylic, paper mosaic

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