Spirituality-A Different View

Spirituality ... A Different View

An Art Exhibition by Fr. John B. Giuliani andNorthwest Coast Native Artists

Exhibited at the Marian Library: September 19 - November 23, 1994

The secular and theological approaches taken to represent spiritual themes are displayed at The Marian Library in two groups of art. The art of the Northwest Coast Native Artists portrays the spiritual through themes from nature. The Native American icons by Fr. John B. Giuliani depict the spiritual essence in a more traditional, yet unique, form.

The artists of the Northwest Coast Native group often portray village experiences in a storytelling manner. Themes based on animals and birds play a central role in their art.

Robert Sebastian explains his work Hummingbird: "Long ago one of the signals for good luck was the sight of a hummingbird. When hunters prepared for a hunt, they sang Indian songs that would ask the hummingbird to appear to inspire a successful hunt and healthy game."

Flowers and a hummingbird in Sebastian's work convey a complex, animated quality - a spirit within.

The prints on display are courtesy of Bro. C. M. Simon, S.J., of the Heritage Center, Red Cloud Indian School, Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

[Aymara Virgin Mother and Child]
Aymara Virgin Mother and Child
by Fr. John B. Giuliani
Fr. John B. Giuliani was ordained in 1960, after studying at St. John Seminary in Brighton, Massachusetts. In addition, he holds master's degrees in theology, classical studies and American intellectual history. Fr. John resumed an early interest in art at the Benedictine Grange, a small monastic community which he established in 1977 in West Redding, Connecticut.

He studied icon painting under a master in the Russian Orthodox style in New York in 1989, before he began the Native American icons which are on display at The Marian Library. Fr. John's work is meant to "celebrate the soul of the Native American as the original spiritual presence on this continent, thus rendering his images with another dimension of the Christian faith."

[Sioux Assumption]
Sioux Assumption
by Fr. John B. Giuliani


Posters by Fr. John B. Giuliani

The Baptist
Blessed Kateri Tekawitha
Cheyenne Virgin & Child
Comanche Virgin and Child
The Holy Family
Hopi Virgin and Child
Lakota Virgin Mother
Navajo Christ
Navajo Virgin and Child
The Trinity

[Hopi Virgin of the Annunciation]
Hopi Virgin of the Annunciation
by Fr. John B. Giuliani 1997
Limited Edition Prints by Northwest Coast Native Artists

Feeding the Fire by Roy Thomas, 1980
Hummingbird by Danny Dennis, 1990
Hummingbird by Robert Sebastian, 1985
The Hunt - B.C. Owls by Robert Sebastian, 1985
Raven Stealing the Sun by Stan Green, 1979
Salmon Cycle by Eugene Hunt, 1991
Spirit of Spahath by Clarence Dick, 1982
Trickster by Danny Dennis, 1991
Turtle Island by Roy Thomas, 1989
Two Medicine Men with Powers by John Laford, 1982
Wolf Spirit by Charles Everett, 1982

[Blackfoot Triptich of the Annunciation, Virgin and Child,

Blackfoot Triptich of the Annunciation, Virgin and Child,
Assumption by Fr. John B. Giuliani 1997

Fr. Giuliani's work is available as posters, plaques, and notecards from Bridge Building Images, Inc., P.O. Box 1048, Burlington, VT 05402. To order or request a catalog, call 1-800-325-6263. Their online catalog is at ssl.wowpages.com/bridgebuilding/catalog/jg1.html.

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