by St. Andrew's Abbey Ceramics

Exhibited at the Marian Library: September 5 - 20, 1995

St. Andrew's Abbey is located in Valyermo, California, in the high desert of Southern California. Founded in 1956 by nine Benedictine monks who were exiled from China, the monastery now accommodates over twenty members.

The monks support their mission by teaching, by assisting in pastoral ministry and by offering the hospitality of the monastery. In 1969, as another way to support themselves, the monks of St. Andrew's began to manufacture ceramic artifacts. All designs are by Father Maur van Doorslaer from the motherhouse in Brugge, Belgium. The ceramics are fired on the grounds of the Abbey.

[Our Lady of Lourdes]
Our Lady of Lourdes

[Flight into Egypt]
Flight into Egypt
The Abbey is a center of religious and professional seminars, workshops and retreats. If you would like more information about retreats and workshops held at the Abbey contact:
St. Andrews Abbey
PO Box 40
Valyermo, CA 93563-0040
Phone: 805/944-1047
Fax: 805/944-1076

[Christmas Creche]
Christmas Creche
Making the Ceramics

The painstaking process of creating these collectible ceramics starts with the design by Fr. Maur. The design is then incised into the plaster. The clay is pressed into the mold with a rolling pin, then separated from the mold. A stylus is used to excise the design. Then the clay is set aside to dry.

After the bisque firing, the tiles are glazed with natural desert tones, using a combination of sixteen glazes and slips - all but six made by the monks. The glazes are carefully applied by hand with a syringe. The final firing of 2350 degrees F changes the bisque into stoneware.

St. Andrew's Abbey sells its ceramic artifacts on its grounds as well as throughout the country in fine gift shops.



Christmas Creche (P41) [Shown above at left]

Flight into Egypt (PM12) [Shown above at left]

Flower Madonna (PM3)

Holy Family (PM11)

Immaculate Conception

Immaculate Heart

Madonna and Child (PM1)

Madonna-Child-Bird (PM4) [Shown above at right]

Madonna Wreath

Our Lady of Charity (PM78)

Our Lady of Fatima (PM149)

Our Lady of Flowers (PM6)

Our Lady of Guadalupe (PM9)

Our Lady of Lourdes (PM160) [Shown above at right]

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Our Lady of Protection

Our Lady of the Angels (PM48)

Our Lady of the Desert (PM150)

Pentecost (P12)

Pieta (PM8)

Queen of the Earth (PM2)

Queen of the Universe (PM7)

St. Luke Painting Mary and Jesus (P68B)

Wedding Feast at Cana (P21)

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